Islamaphobic Trump Supporter May Have Hots for Jordan Chariton

See if you notice the homoerotic subtext in this hot/heated discussion between Jordan Chariton ( ) of TYT Politics and Islamaphobia advocate "Brother" Dean Saxton. SUBSCRIBE to TYT Politics:

The setting could not have been more conducive for romance. The Westboro Baptist Church, America's second most famous radical Christian extremist group, was staging a rally and being shouted at by counter-protesters at the public square 2 blocks from the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Saxton interrupted Chariton's interview with a local African American man named Will Cooper to voice his objection to Cooper's Malcolm X t-shirt and silver skull necklace. When Chariton asked Saxton why he was so upset about Cooper's appearance, Saxton launched into a wild rant against Muslim people and the Muslim faith.

"Are you gay?" Saxton asked, as the two parted ways. Chariton said no but seemed to leave the door open to a future rendezvous. All of this was viewed live on The Young Turks YouTube page by 60,000 people, and, rumors began to fly when a NY Daily News reporter Shaun King tweeted that he saw the two men exchanging phone numbers under the shade of a nearby monument.


    • +Ali Khan He thinks he knows you because your name is “Ali”, probably a
      friend of brother Dean. Nothing to worry about lol

    • +Ali Khan Islam isn’t a race. Also, a phobia is an irrational fear, people
      have legitimate fear of Muslims.

    • +1lookkey he and you both know what you are talking about. Don’t get stuck
      on words. You are a bigot and xenophobe.

  1. This man needs mental help. There is clearly something wrong with the way
    his brain functions.

  2. Worried about people molesting kids, try deporting all the Catholic priests

    • Technically parts of the New Testament like Corinthians also forbids pork
      consumption by Christians but guys like these don’t care.

    • Such Holy Books are applied generally according to the cultural norms of a
      region. That’s why Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork. There are some Jews in
      Europe and in the US who will consume pork due to the cultural norms of the
      aforementioned regions — as such regions use more secularism to interpret
      the world rather than religion/tribalism.

  3. Raped and annihilated Native Americans, Dropped an atomic bomb on Japan,
    Enslaved Africans and yet he thinks we Muslims are so bad))) America was
    built on blood and bones of native and africans but nay that doesn’t count
    maaaaaiiislims are bad and we ottta bomb them yeee haaa!!!

    • America was right to Nuke Japan. Are you trying to say Muslims don’t rape
      and colonise?

    • +Greg Torrez Yeah they also enslaved a lot of Africans and Europeans but
      when people make out like slavery was only done by whites.

  4. I think brother Dean is confusing all Muslims with the European settlers
    that rape, killed, and destroyed the way of life of the natives of America.

    • +drofydoc Centuries ago? The U.S just killed over 70 Syrian civilians in a
      bombing today! The West has been warmongering for centuries and the
      creation of Islamists is one of the product of the West’s imperialism.

  5. I honestly don’t see a difference between this dude and any extremist out
    there. They both have so much hate towards a certain group of people
    (people that do not live according to their exact values) and they want
    them killed. The only difference between him and ISIS is that he is not
    physically hurting others (as far as we now), but their mindset is the
    exact same.

    • IPT-984 SAAB in downtown Rochester, N.Y. is to be investigated by N.S.A.,
      D.E.A., F.B.I., etc…

    • +Rashid Ali I agree with you- but wouldn’t the world be a safer/ more
      peaceful place if there was no hate/fear towards billions of people- may it
      be Muslims or non-Muslims

    • look at you babbling on, YouTube is your life. Do yourself a favour and go
      for a walk and stop trying to be a politician. You sound like an extremist
      yourself. Peasant

  6. If we follow that guy’s plan in deporting everyone not willing to eat a
    bacon-sandwich, meaning all vegans, vegetarians, Muslims, Jews, Christians
    who actually follow the bible, people watching their weight, people
    watching their sodium intake, people allergic to animal protein and people
    not in the mood for a bacon sammy, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be very many
    people left.

    • Christians are not supposed to follow the Bible. That’s what Bibleians are
      supposed to do. Christians are followers of CHRIST. That being said, the
      man in this video is clearly not a follower of Christ…… he’s a follower
      of Satan…. because his heart is filled with hatred. Even if all Muslims
      were rapists and killers, true followers of Christ would still open up
      their arms to them in love…. True followers of Christ love their enemies
      let alone people that have no effect in their lives.

      “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.” 27If an unbeliever
      invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat anything set before you
      without raising questions of conscience. “

    • How does one follow Christ and not the Bible, when most of what Christ said
      was to follow the Old Testament while changing it slightly here and there?

    • +RancidWraith no a trailer trash like you is more qualified to talk about
      morality. is richard ramirez your idol. does he make you feel tough

  7. That guy represents the modern day Republican party perfectly. Full of
    hatred, void of knowledge.

  8. I love how this guy just refused to even address the other massive crimes
    done by white people who shoot up schools and churches but keeps rambling
    on about how Muslims are the ruining this great crime free and evil free
    society. I think these kind of people truly believe that Muslims are the
    source of all crimes in the world.

    • +Timmy Tom I agree that Christian terrorism exists too. But I thought his
      original point was that it was out of proportion (i.e. the percentage of
      any given demographic should correlate with the percentage of terrorism).
      Are there any examples of Jains or Sikhs committing terrorist acts?

  9. If you think islam is barbaric, go meet a muslim. Get off your computer and
    go have some real life interaction, its clear you have social problems.
    Side note; great job Jordan

  10. “They shouldn’t be here ever.” The first mosque opened in 1929. They’ve
    been here ever since and probably long before that. And isn’t 1929 the
    golden age they long to return to?

    “If you’re not willing to eat some bacon, you need to be deported” So Jews
    too? Vegans? Vegetarians?

    “They’ll molest your children.” Yeah. Like Catholics. And evangelicals. And
    pretty much any religion that gives it’s leaders easy access to children.

    “They don’t assimilate.” Generally it’s the children of immigrants who
    assimilate. And American muslims tend to assimilate better than they do in

    • +oren So you think Scientology should be allowed as a religion? What about
      The Family International? The Family International practiced(and might
      still practice today) pedophilia. Branch of Davidson’s did the same

  11. Religion poisons everything, we humans must get rid of religion, that is
    the biggest step mankind can take.

    • +Michael Jones Thank you then fact they’re trying to generalize billions of
      ppl is beyond smart

    • +kasra khatir see you smart the best example are Europeans in the Middle
      Ages and colonial era they fought for every piece of land they could find
      and would attack each other civilizations for power

    • Humans started of as “pagans” or simply atheist, then we resort to
      religion, now going back to where we began. You people are just too blind
      to see that you are living in a loop. Religion has once played a major role
      in history, people tend to forget that and I blame not of it because we
      don’t get to live through all the centuries to remind ourselves over and
      over again. Now I’m not saying you should embrace religion tho, do what you
      want because whatever we postulate or belief, it matters not in the end or
      after some time when we are gone thousands of years from now.

  12. hahhahaa, tooo funny to me..
    because, according to the bible , a real Christian doesn’t eat

    • +zamosa
      If you are Christian then you are no better than Muslim. You all worship

    • +scotaloo7 7g7 so do half the hard-line Christian sects in the world.

      The fella above is quite correct: statistically speaking, Muslim citizens
      are less likely to be involved in crime or civil unrest than white,
      “Christian” folk. By that standard, they’re doing exactly as you say they

    • +Easternodyssey There were plenty of people in danger of being blown up for
      not practicing quite the right form of Christianity in Northern Ireland in
      my own lifetime. Perspective.

    • +Easternodyssey I disagree. The root causes to atrocities were similar:
      people of one belief were repressed by people of another. The other belief,
      filled with self righteous religious anger and a general lack of hope or
      education or empathy (not to mention issues of mental health, in some
      areas), took it out on innocent people to make a political point.

      The parallels are apt.

    • +Tim Austin Rubbish the IRA despite it’s evils was a nationalist
      organization with clear geostrategic goal’s in their own homeland. The only
      clear comparison I can draw would be the religious division between the
      Catholic IRA and Protestant Ulster loyalist’s is not much different than
      that of the Sunni and Shia terrorist groups throughout the Middle East.
      Something we also wouldn’t want to bring to Europe.

  13. TYT stooping down to childish titles for their videos it seems. I pity
    anyone who goes to this channel as an actual news source.

    • +firespinnr What makes it childish is that the title is simply a straw-man
      argument to give the protester a name he doesn’t deserve. Speaking out
      against Islam isn’t “Islamaphobic”, its just criticism of a hateful
      ideology. Simply naming the title “Islamaphobic Trump supporter may have
      hots for Jordan Chariton” shows an incredible amount of immaturity and
      dismissal of someone’s opposing views.

    • +Tony Crony – He deserves it very much, because it’s making a statement
      about how ridiculous the conversation is; satirical and commentary-style
      comedy is, and always has, been part of what makes this news outlet as
      fantastic as it is.

    • +Tony Crony Coming from the guy who began with a insult against TYT and
      those who subscribe to their “news”, Talk about a double standard. Then
      some kind of twisted logic saying he was just criticizing a hateful
      ideology. Say last time I checked when someone criticizes a ideology it is
      because they are fearful of said ideology doing bad things. That is nothing
      less than text book *______* phobia.

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