Do Black People “Celebrate” When Racism Is Exposed?

When systemic racism is revealed, do black people celebrate? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Jayar Jackson hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Gawker has posted an audio recording provided to them by an NYPD officer that seems to be an exchange in which the officer is being pressured to profile black men.

The recording was made in August 2012 during a performance evaluation of New York transit officer Michael Birch. He was expecting a routine evaluation, but instead he told Gawker, “the conversation just turned completely weird to me. Because he’s basically telling me it’s OK to racially profile.”

In the recording, his supervising captain can be heard criticizing him for only stopping two black men out of 54 people.

“Two male blacks,” the man’s voice can be heard saying. “So you’re telling me you only saw two male blacks jump the turnstile?”

Birch is currently suing the department, claiming he has been retaliated against for being a whistleblower on an illegal quota system. While his original case was dismissed, he’s filed an appeal with a higher court, Gawker reports. The New York Daily News reported on the tape but didn’t publish it at the time. The Daily News says the supervisor in the tape is NYPD Capt. Constantin Tsachas.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson


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  1. Why is someone talking about real issues between races called race baiting
    and seen as a bad thing? I really don’t get it.

  2. Is Cenk going to apologise for misquoting Sarah Palin! She didn’t say ‘the
    BLM protestors wern’t people’…..she said ‘they wern’t peaceful’ ……
    video is removed!

    • +DerrenBrown100 TYT is right up there with MTV News.

      Can you imagine Cenk and Franchesca working side by side?

    • Or perhaps they have genuine complaints about tyt and their agenda.
      Dismissing all critics of tyt as trolls is the purview of retards.

    • Saying cuck is the quickest way to get people to stop taking you seriously,
      thanks for speeding up the process

  3. Did YTY delete the video on where Cenk can’t read peaceful and sees people?
    Hell, even I who has dyslexia can’t make such a mistake. (~Shivers~)

    • They made it private so that only their die hard fans could see it. Those
      fans will of course commend Cenk on his “destruction” of Palin.

  4. We don’t segregate mangoes based on their color. But we do the same with
    human beings.

    There are no Blacks or Whites, there are just Humans..

  5. White folk need to wake up. It’s time to address *White Privilege* in

    • You’re right. These white progressives are priviliged enough to be able to
      spout out bullshit, and they won’t be called on it.

    • I went shopping today spent $201.00 my white privilege discount brought it
      down to $201.00. Great to be white.

  6. I wonder what these people think this race baiting will bring, do you think
    that if police start treating black criminals with velvet gloves then the
    racial tensions in America will decrease? I will tell you what will happen,
    if this race baiting narrative is kept being pushed down people’s throats
    something will snap in still (thankfully) majority white America and these
    Negroes will be sorry they ever tried this racket on honest, hardworking
    white Americans that have been supporting this human trash for at least 50
    years with their hard earned money.

    • Ok, it seems like you simply don’t know about the history of Africa, North
      America, Europe, and their roles in the slave trade. The country of Gabon
      has innumerable natural resources: Coal, oil, diamonds, etc.. Most of its
      population lives in poverty and has very very poor access to healthcare.
      And yet, the ruling family has been in power for 50 years and lives
      luxuriously. Do you know why? Because they sell ALL of their natural
      resources to France. Then all of the profits of the country get channeled
      to this one family while everyone else in the country is left to starve and
      die. France is literally holding up a dictatorship that oppresses its
      people in order to get their natural resources. But go on again about how
      white people have no role to play in the oppression of black people.

  7. Honestly racist comments should carry a permanent ban on comments for all
    of YouTube

    • +TehBrackShiip idk about all that. I just commented so that I get a
      notification every time a Stormfront/4chan reject like yourself leaves a
      butt hurt reply and then make you all invisible.

  8. I’m not even black and I celebrate as if white people have all decided to
    go back to the honky motherland.

  9. I am so happy that most of TYT members are finally turning on them and
    realizing how bias this channel has become … too bad once upon a time
    they were so rational i use to be a huge fan

    • +Geostrategic Insights Alot of the dislikes from people who are obviously
      right wingers and just come here for arguments.

    • Well, chew on this. Whether TYT is losing fans. Or whether trolls are
      getting attracted to the videos. You seem to demonstrate whoever disagrees
      with them has little in the way of facts and logic because not once did you
      rebut anything said in this video and such is the case in every such video.
      Sorry to say, but it’s usually just a bunch of butthurt people who are
      crying because reality doesn’t match with their silly preconceived notions.

  10. I go celebrate when it is exposed. the same way I know whites celebrate
    when a black person is killed.

    • Actually stupidity is not the reason, I used to think it was an inside job
      as well. Our extremely self-serving and untrustworthy government is the
      reason why many anti-authoritarians believe they did it. Considering gulf
      of tonkin and the other lies, I don’t blame’em. Although I don’t think they
      did it.

    • Not trying to “fix” police culture. Let politicians do that. I, speaking
      only for me, just want to survive it long enough to right my own house.

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