Conventional Wisdom: Day 1 At RNC 2016 In Cleveland 1

Conventional Wisdom: Day 1 At RNC 2016 In Cleveland

Michael Shure and Ben Mankiewicz of The Young Turks sat down with reporters Michael Isikoff, and Ryan Grim from Day 1 of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland to discuss this election cycle. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. President Obama didn’t cave on the Stimulus, TYT!!!in which the stimulus
    stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall nor Dodd Frank in which you
    “all or nothing whiny babies” also belittle. He didn’t cave on Obamacare
    during the 15 day government shut down and all of this despite never having
    a “REAL” SUPER MAJORITY and a gerrymandered congress. Keep in mind that
    Obama kept fluctuating from 58 to 60 seats in congress thanks to old
    democrats who kept getting sick and or dying. Despite Republicans
    gerrymandering the elections and the fact that Obama never had a majority
    in Congress, Obama still got healthcare reform passed something that
    Presidents from the 50’s to Bill Clinton couldn’t pass, killed Osama Bin
    laden, Obama’s stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall
    which added 70 months straight of consecutive job growth 14 million jobs
    created in all, Wall Street reform, Student Loan reform, Credit Card
    reform, Fair Act Reform, Raised Taxes on the Rich on Jan 2013, Ordered 65
    executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back
    all bailout money. Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order
    ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse.
    Oversaw the creation of more jobs in 2010 alone than Bush did in his whole
    eight years. You should really read the book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do”
    by Robert Draper. We got divided government which means sometimes you have
    to compromise. And I am a Bernie Supporter.

    The strike on Libya was France, Lebanon’s and the U.K.’s idea they were the
    ones that proposed the resolution to the U.N. even the Arab League of
    Nations supported it and Obama only joined in. Why don’t TYT talk about
    them instead of putting it all on President Obama. I am also fed up with
    TYT’s “All or nothing attitude” knowing that lazy Americans, particularly
    Democrats, didn’t vote in the 2010 midterms. Why don’t you Arab Muslims
    talk smack about the Arab League of Nations intervening in Libya?!! The
    goal wasn’t to stop a dictator and do a regime change that is a lie. The
    dictator in Libya lied to the U.N. promising to stop their assault and
    advancement on the town. The dictator agreed, but the rapes and killing of
    innocent people continued and that’s when the U.N acted. If the U.N. isn’t
    allowed to step in during an assault like that, THEN WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY
    USED FOR THEN?!!!! Obama is no more guilty than the Arab League of nations
    joining in. Clinton shot back, “With all due respect, senator, you voted
    for regime change with respect to Libya. You joined the Senate in voting to
    get rid of Gaddafi, and you asked that there be a Security Council
    validation of that with a resolution.” that Sanders previously wanted the
    Libyan leader gone, even though he now views Gaddafi’s ousting as a
    cautionary tale. P.S. Obama signed for Guantonomo to be closed the first
    day in office and Republicans and Democrats refused to fund it.

    P.S. President Obama has taken 21 Trade Enforcement cases to world trade
    organization, including 12 against China. The U.S has won every case that
    has been decided.

  2. Damn TYT is really using the conventions to push themselves into the
    mainstream of American media, and it looks like it’s working…


  3. Why would you leave those ugly magazines on the table during the
    discussion? They were very distracting. Very bad.

  4. A lot of voters are still on the fence. Or in this case, on the wall.

    1. And shamelessly justifying it by citing the “other” connotation of Young
      THE YOUNG TURDS it is.

  5. In case you missed the RNC, here is a summary: Fear, Fear, Fear. Hate,
    Hate, Hate. Unintelligible noises.

  6. I don’t see RT as the propaganda arm of Moscow. Sorry. I subscribe to
    all the RT channels on Youtube, because they present news with sources.

    And I see the Ukraine mess as another failure of the Hillary Clinton State

    1. I have always valued having RT on tap/demand when contrasting with its
      American counterparts primarily because of scoops involving the conflict in
      Ukraine and elsewhere. And I recommend it to others as well.

    1. Your saying #JillStein2016 is the same as saying #DonaldTrump2016. A vote
      for Jill’s a vote for Donald. I know my generation seem to think they’re
      entitled to a six-figure salary with their liberal arts degree, but either
      go and look for a job at BuzzFeed or start being a productive member of
      society like the rest of us.

    2. That sounds like the sort of insult Donald Trump would use. Well, okay,
      maybe Mitt Romney too.

    3. +mariekemichiels I love history, but I did an economics degree because I
      didn’t want to turn into an idealistic socialist, who organises mass
      protest and complains about “the establishment”.

  7. First I ever heard any pundits discussing Manafort’s ties to Putin!
    the guy is probably a russian agent

    1. Don’t worry, there’s already 10 videos of race-baiting, straw grasping
      nonsense in the pipeline to balance it out.

    2. when you watch TYT you get the TYT. if you want something else the change
      the video.

    3. +RevLaLa nolastname But that’s silly because some of us started watching
      TYT before it became what you seem to consider to be TYT. It used to be a
      liberal perspective, it didn’t use to a parody of liberal values, catering
      to perpetuating the deepening schism between political opinions and sadly
      races, where both sides just shout abuse at each other and make up names
      for each other with ‘tard’ tacked on the end. Sadly the old TYT has gone
      the way of moderate republicans.

  8. Yes it is true that RT is arm of the Russian propaganda but on the other
    side the whole corporate media is an arm of US propaganda. They are always
    cheering for the home team no matter what.

  9. The talk about how Michael Flinn is somehow suspicious because he was
    present in a celebration of RT’s anniversary, the company that gives jobs
    to many Americans and exposes corruption in both USA’s politics and media,
    is ridiculous. *Especially since no one in the MSM is too bothered with
    Hillary Clinton being bribed by the Kindgom of Saudi Arabia, Israel,
    Ukraine (that officially employs neo-Nazis, google for their Azov
    regiment’s Waffen SS insignia).*

    And the notion that RT is “Putin’s propaganda” is ridiculous when it comes
    from USA’s media since RT is by far less propagandistic than, say, CNN or
    BBC as RT always cites what corporate media/StateDep claim before offering
    information to counter it, information that is censored in the
    establishment media.

    Yanukovich was never really “pro-Putin guy”, he was elected in 2010 with
    assistance of USA’s consultancy companies and was negotiating Ukraine to
    join the EU. If Yanukovich would be “pro-Putin guy”, he would make Ukraine
    join Eurasian Customs Union, not the EU. Putin has saved Yanukovich from
    neo-Nazis during Obama/Clinton/Biden/Kerry/Brennan/Nuland coup in 2014, but
    it was a humanitarian mission, there was nothing much Putin would gain from
    doing it, nor Putin had a lot to thank Yanukovich for (who never even made
    Russian as secondary state language in Ukraine, even though the majority of
    the country speaks in it).

    The fact that Republicans want to collaborate with Russia on the fight with
    global terrorism rather than to use Wahhabi/Salafist terrorists as regime
    change tools in the Middle east as Clinton/Obama is highly commendable,

    Whole tone of this panel reminds me McCarthyism, it is just another

    1. It’s not ridiculous it’s a strategy to smear ones enemies. RT is where
      everyone banned from MSM has a voice. Including many of the ones sacked
      from MSM: Ed Shultz, Dylan Ratigan, Olberman… well Cenk. Even Larry King
      jumped to shed some light on them (Carlos Slim started a business with him).

  10. I love how people use the term “Race Baiters” like black people aren’t
    capable of deciding what’s racist and what’s not. Why the hell would we let
    a bunch of people who have never experienced racism tell us what’s racist
    and whether or not we should be upset about it? The unconscious racism of
    some people is what disturbs me the most.

    1. Race “bait” is for the powerful hence white men in general i.e. the
      southern strategy. So they wuld recognize it faster becuz its for them not
      for black ppl in general

  11. Prediction for today’s speeches: more teabaggers, more fearmongering, and
    more BENGHAZI

    1. Hope they don’t “shroom” anyone.

      We should run a book on how many times Benghazi gets mentioned today.

    2. Then we’d still be working on that by the time of the next convention
      (unless Trump will have already destroyed the world of course)

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