Passing of Marie Dechausay Neé Corriette

We regret to announce the death of Marie Dechausay Neé Corriette who died September 27, 2010 at 12:15pm. She left behind   five children: Richard (Pablo) Letang living in Dominica; Jacqueline Johnson, Patsy Fisher and Ann-Marie Dechausay living in Toronto; and Beryl Ifill in New York. Fifteen grandchildren and several grandchildren.

Relatives: Zilla Francis and family, Francis Popponn and family, Madonis Doctrove and family, Rosemund Elie and family, Stephan Corriette in Alberta, and numerous other relatives and friends. The funeral of the late Maire Dechausay will take place in Dominica on Friday, October the 8th 2010.

 Our condolences go out to her  family and friends.  May the soul of Ma Desh rest in peace.

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