Bernie Sanders Has Bright Plans For Future

Bernie Sanders has been attacked pretty harshly by his former supporters. John Iadarola, host of ThinkTank, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: John Iadarola

Cast: John Iadarola


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  1. I’ve supported Bernie since before 98% of his supports even knew who he
    was, I’ll continue to support Bernie Sanders positions, that said I’m in a
    deep-blue state so I’m voting Jill Stein.

    • He wouldn’t have been given a speaking position at the convention if he
      hadn’t endorsed her now. He want’s leverage to force her to change her

    • +Chandler Thornton Studios
      I consider the belief that she will actually change her policies because of
      Bernie to be dubious at best. Being given a speaking position could have
      been a condition of his support. In short, his supporters are disappointed
      because he wasn’t tough enough.

    • +NaziGOPBallmer
      I think being tougher on Hillary would have helped the movement and still
      allowed him to throw support to her at a more strategically opportune time.
      Looks like a blunder to me.

    • +Peter Sepall
      I think the only blunder may be that Bernie might have underestimated how
      really pissed his supporters are when it came to endorsing Hillary Clinton.
      Obviously, he’s not licking her balls at all despite what the troll-tards
      are saying, but his decision was only because he doesn’t want a Trump
      Administration to happen.

    • +NaziGOPBallmer
      I’ll grant that it wasn’t an easy decision for him, but it wasn’t an either
      or situation. He didn’t need to oppose Trump there and then or not. He
      could have dragged it out longer while still planning to get behind Hillary
      in the end. I think that’s what his supporters were hoping for and why they
      feel so let down. To not make that calculation I consider to be an error in
      his political judgement.

  2. did you guys hear about the new Bernie Sanders action figures?!?!!???…..I
    went to get one but they all sold out.

    • +Xavi Fu She has no chance period. The politics of this years election is
      in 2 candidates only. over the course of the history of the United States
      there has realistically been 2 parties and only 2 parties. The only way
      that this can change is a total reform of the election process so that all
      candidates have a fair shot not just Dems and Repubs that is why Bernie
      Sanders went for a democratic ticket in the first place because he knew he
      would not be heard by people like you if he ran on an independent ticket.
      Reality is reality and there is nothing we can do in this election cycle. I
      don’t like hillary or trump but I know Jill has no chance in hell to even
      get 12% of the vote come Nov.
      I believe we first must get rid of the systemic problem by removing and no
      longer electing local and state politicians that do not have the peoples
      best interest first that way we can send a very loud message that America
      is no longer for sale.

    • +Wendell Parrish Jr. the best way to get the message out is by voting 3rd
      party now.

    • +Xavi Fu This election cycle is already done. She is an unknown among most
      Americans. She has no chance period. This is a reality that sucks.

    • +Xavi Fu We as Americans need to start the purge of politicians at the
      bottom and work our way to the top then maybe we will have an America we
      all can be proud of.

  3. I’m voting for myself. Why should I compromise my values and vote for
    somebody that disagrees with me on anything?

    • because we have such a disenfranchise voting system called the electoral
      college. if we did not have the delegate scam bernie sanders would be the
      next president and yeah we would not have this democan party. or is it the

    • everyone is his own king.
      the man u vote is just a public servant, u never compromise.
      if it appears not, it’s not your problem

    • +Some Guy your comment needs to go viral. i swear i thought i was reading
      one of my comments. i imagine we are not alone. yes you are right-trump is
      a lot of things but at least with him you know where he stands. even if you
      do not like it. and you know wht- first debate–i see trump wiping the
      floor without her. he can’t help but do. she hasn’t any kind of leg to
      stand on. zero zilch nothing wht can she say? whtever she says you can’t
      believe it.

    • #imnotwithher

      peace out

  4. Everyone who thinks my man bernie sanders is a traitor is an uneducated
    bandwagon fucktard
    no lie…..

    • +bittercottoncandy he never said he hated her. in fact he actually played
      too nice with her. he only got nasty (and truthful) with her a couple three
      times. tht was one thing ppl was pissed abt. they said he was too nice. he
      finally got a bit testy with her. ppl were saying something abt it. but
      corporatism–yes he hates them bastard scum.

    • +sharon anderson ” a couple three times” <---phil Leotardo over here. Anyway, he built is whole campaign around the idea of breaking big banks and ending plutocracy, eliminating lobbies, etc. which were clear shots at Hillary's campaign that resonated with a lot of people, especially the youth. By supporting her he shows he has no pulse and his convictions were more like slogans than anything else.

    • +bittercottoncandy no i do not believe tht. his voting record with
      corporations puts tht to rest. he would have had nothing to of gained by
      doing any of it. he had no idea he how would resonate with the young. so he
      could not have planned tht.

    • +sharon anderson His voting record is useless because it accomplished
      nothing. This was his big shot at actually changing this in D.C.. And he
      just threw it all away. I’m absolutely sure he that, even being rejected as
      a demo. candidate, he had enough support to create a new party. He chose
      the conventional support the status quo candidate.

  5. Him endorsing Hillary was strategic. For him to make Hillary adopt some of
    his policies just so she can have him endorse her shows just how much she
    needs bernie and his supporters to win the election. Whether or not she
    will abandon those policies or apply them in the future, only time will
    tell. But there’s only so much bernie can do so ofcourse this was his best
    route. Instead of blaming bernie blame all the morons that voted for Trump
    and Hillary in the first place.

    • I probably have been to hard on Bernie, but as you stated the fools who
      voted for Hillary and Trump are to blame. I will concede that Hillary is
      worse than Trump; yet they are both part of the establishment.

      Many Trump supporters I have challenged do not understand that to be
      associated in the Real Estate business or investors business is a surefire
      way of proving you are part of the establishment. There are sane investors
      I’ll admit and know of them; yet I do now of the Trump and Hillary kind.
      They have bribed and have been bribed in the past. This is their track
      record. On another aside, Bernie is about to count on his delegates to
      count “Roll Call” at the convention as part of his strategy.

      That part is genius, but I am not sure of her approval of Hillary. We
      cannot assume and presume issues, but I think what Bernie is doing is a
      tactic I have used against Banks in State and Federal court.

      Because courts are adversarial, you have to come in peace, have decorum and
      most importantly settle your issues with your adversary privately before
      any confrontation can take place publicly. Fortunately for Bernie there are
      a couple of lawsuits on election process fraud and then there is Guccifer
      2.0 and Wikileaks who will provide some leverage before the Occupy DNC.

  6. Why does Berny think that Donald Trump is such a threat, he would be the
    most impeachable president in US history?

  7. I still support Sanders but I will not vote for Hillary. Only way I vote
    Democrat is if Sanders is the nominee. No way no how am I voting for a
    corporate shill.

    • +the great papyrus Lesser of two evils is still evil. You Democrats have
      fun being grabbed by the balls. I am under no obligation to vote for
      Hillary at all. I am not voting for a party, I am voting for the person. I
      am not voting to prevent someone from getting elected because my vote means
      more to me than that. In a perfect world it would be Gary Johnson vs Jill

    • Clear the record has spent all its money. Please leave the internet
      Hillbot. If Hillary wants Bernies supporters she better swing hard left.
      Problem is even if she says she will I doubt anyone would belive her. She
      is a vapid soulless cow who would say or do anything for power.

    • +the great papyrus No, you the problem. Hillary doesnt no deserve or should
      she be president. Take a stand. Dont vote hillary vote for the green party

  8. TYT you’re such sellouts. You’re doing the pivot too. Shameful. Did you
    fire the only true die-hard progressive there, Jimmy Dore? How come he’s
    not on anymore? Too progressive for your now pivoting-to-the-center
    propaganda? And to think I was this close to becoming a paying member.

    • Its not selling out, Bernie and TYT have chosen a path they think is best.
      I’m sure many are cringed by the idea of Hilary being president including
      myself, but at the very least Bernie has bargained with Hilary and the
      party to make sure he can transform the party for your sakes. The
      alternative would be Donald Trump who hasn’t said he would take on Bernie’s

      Perhaps there are other paths, but understandably they see this the most
      constructive way to do so and I respect that. Bernie and TYT are still
      fighting for you.

    • “This close to becoming a paying member” We’re you really and how close is
      this close?

    • Sanders didn’t sell out, you just put unrealistic expectations on him.
      Politics is a game of chess and he is an expert player. Give the man some

    • +Andrew Mendiola actually it was the Democratic party and their gear and
      hate mongering tactics of false information that caused it…or helped
      cause it. It started with the issue of “ILLEGAL” immigration that the left
      led people to believe he wanted “ALL” immigrants kept out. “ALL” immigrants
      kicked out and someone eventually included wanting to remove blacks as
      well? So the left helped fuel that fire…now in concerns to banning all
      Muslims…yeah that one’s squarely on Trumps shoulders so I give you that
      one. Now as far as the racists bigots go. some actually are, others are a
      product of a backlash that has been the result of the near decade of
      politically correctness and double standards that has unjustly affected a
      certain group who themselves kind of deserve due to the history of
      unfairness that some caused against others, (although many from that group
      helped others as well)…but two wrongs don’t make a right, it obviously
      makes a “left”.

  9. “Bernie Sanders Has Bright Five Year Plans For Future”

    Fixed the title for you guys.

    • +Seto Kaiba LMAO! XD Did you just reference a fictional character as a
      source? Kid, no. That’s. Not. Real.

      And then you’ll turn around and say that Bernie fans are living in fantasy
      Oh irony…

    • Anime, game of thrones wow you’re different. I sure there is a production
      line where they make millions of people exactly like you. Wake up Get up Go
      out Science bless America.

    • He’s not even using the right picture, he’s using the picture of the
      shadow/ghost/fake kaiba from series 1. Oh btw mr screw the rules i have
      money I have your blue eyes

    • Seto Kaiba says:
      “No. Bolsheviks loved the things Bernie talks about…….”
      It’s more like FDR New Deal.

      Seto Kaiba says:
      “expense of the successful, hatred of the rich, and violence towards his
      What kind of violence he talked about?
      Some examples?

      Don’t make up a fantasy story.

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