Bachman Desperately Tries Selling Trump To Evangelicals

Many Christian conservatives are trying to figure out how they can spin Donald Trump to their followers given the fact he has never had any interest in their religion. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"One of the weirdest stories of the 2016 presidential race has been evangelical Christians’ embrace of the thrice-married vulgarian Donald Trump as a savior figure.

Via Right Wing Watch, former GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann made a pitch for Trump to evangelical voters during an interview with Christian broadcaster Jan Markell where she praised Trump for having “1950s sensibilities” and said he longed for the days when people of all religions said “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.”

“He gets and understands religious liberty,” Bachmann gushed about Trump while describing his recent meeting with evangelical leaders in New York. “He even said… ‘When I was growing up everybody said Merry Christmas. Even my Jews would say Merry Christmas.'”

It’s not exactly clear how getting “his Jews” to start saying “Merry Christmas” again would enhance religious liberty, but then again, the “religious liberty” agenda doesn’t really seem to be about religious liberty.

She also speculated that Trump may have been hand-picked by God to save the United States from Hillary Clinton, whom she claimed would “bring us into a certain destruction for the United States.””*

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  1. Wow. I never realized I belonged to Trump and his ilk? That’s a tad

    • I want a Jew as well. 🙁 But I don’t think they added them in Pokemon Go

      Jew and Jewtwo are my favorite Pokemon.

    • +stevers17
      Well, you can borrow me, but demand is apparently pretty high so I have to
      keep me open to others.

  2. This woman is so stupid she doesn’t even realize she is married to a gay

  3. I love how Donald Trump says “I support religious freedom”, and then tries
    to ban all muslims just because they were born into a religion. Wake up
    Christians, your not the only religion.

    • +Richard isdorky
      If he did manage to stay erect, as soon as he breached her vag, he’d start
      singing show tunes and pull out gay.

    • Actually it all Started 313 AD – Constantine the Great – first Roman
      emperor to claim conversion to Christianity above all else of Rome, Which
      split the empire in half ( Christian side vs Future Muslim & Other Faiths)
      . Which then every emperor there after attempted reclaim Rome to Former
      Glory. AKA The Crusades …. Dark Ages

    • One for AJ – “If religion had died out 300 years ago, there would be cities
      on Mars.” Isaac Asimov

    • Medieval Europe lasted for 10 centuries before the Renaissance, so I think
      4 centuries is a pretty generous estimation.

  4. Oh Michelle, you truly are the MVP of WTF. Which begs the question; If
    Michelle Bachman were to suffer a stroke, how would we know?

    • + RoughneckMP
      Legitimate LOL!

      “The MVP of WTF”! Bwahahaha!

      Followed by,:

      “If Michelle Bachman were to suffer a stroke, how would we know?”!

      Right hook followed by an upper cut ! Well played! Thank you!

  5. Oh please, any actual Christians would never vote for Trump, since all
    Christians are supposed to love all

    • and be truthful. Trump with his constant exaggeration and embellishment, is
      a liar.

  6. 1950’s sensibility? You mean whites and blacks drinking from different

    • Yes, and when preachers were screaming about the evils of rock and roll
      music and getting it banned in many places so it wouldn’t inspire their
      daughters to have sex before they got married, along with comic books,
      which they banned because they supposedly created juvenile delinquency. Oh,
      and then there were the McCarthy communist witch-hunts, which ruined the
      lives of many innocent people who were accused of things they didn’t do.
      And when women were supposed to keep their mouths shut about politics and
      stay in the kitchen or the bedroom. Let’s go back to all that idiotic
      censorship and inequality of the sexes and races and make America great

  7. I wanna see you (tyt) make sense of Islam killing more people, with a truck
    this time.

    • +A Hasan No sir I was reacting to people who say that he is an extremist. I
      completely agree with you.

    • Islam killed people, not a person, iT was Islam? Islam went from being an
      abstract concept, to a tangible thing, and grew limbs, moved to France,
      went to far local super market, farted scratched it’s balls and then
      attacked people in francs. you do know Islam is not a person…

    • +SpadaccinoLuciano I use it in the sense of it being a religious mission,
      it doesn’t necessitate sacrifice in my usage. But I mean you could argue
      the sacrifice planned parenthood attackers make is going to prison.

  8. Yeah, those evil Evangelicals, running trucks into a crowd of families
    pushing prams and stuff.

  9. We think Trump supporters are stupid not because they are voting for Trump
    but because they are just stupid people. Voting for Trump is just a

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