Don King’s Verbal Diarrhea In Defense Of Donald Trump

TYT Politics reporter Jordan Chariton went 10 rounds with legendary boxing promoter and Donald Trump surrogate Don King at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. SUBSCRIBE to TYT Politics:

Reportedly, many inside the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself, were excited about having King speak at the convention during prime time. But others felt he would be too controversial. Chariton and King went back and forth about Trump's policies and positions involving race and the African American community.


    • Don King knows a fellow con man when he sees one. King screwed multiple
      clients out of their life savings just like Trump did with his scam

  1. Oh so it’s “diarrhea” since he supports Drumpf, had he been a Hillary
    supporter then he’d be eloquent!! I’m actually impressed with old Don’s
    knowledge of politics.

    • +Michael P Had done so, you’d still call it that because it’s NOT in
      support of Hillary!

    • +Alan Velasquez Agreed! My ONLY beef with Don King, is that Tyson’s career
      end once he signed with him!

  2. I am Black and do not know what he is talking about in context to the
    question….. Do not Feel Bad….

    • +Emilia Gianova You just reminded me of why I’m scared of Donald Trump.

    • +Falcon Fire Hillary is the other side of the poop, she will keep the money
      in the already rich and allow any innovation to go through her rich
      friends, in a very controlled slow and milking manner.

    • +Left Is Best It would be if it was anyone, but Hillary. Instead it is more
      like she milks cattle and sheep, that she believes everyone else it. We all
      eat grass and do not know that she is quite an awful person.

  3. Gee TYT, the titles of your videos are just getting more and more desperate
    by every video

    • +ShinigamiQueen8 Well it’s preposterous to say that positively pointing out
      someone’s race is in any way racist

    • +Trump Steaks Ben? Ben Mankiewicz?
      I didn’t have any problems understanding what he said. It’s just that what
      he said made no sense what so ever. He didn’t have a clue what he was
      talking about. Like Trump he had no specific policies. – Just give the
      country back to the people. Make America great again. – While that’s a
      goal, it’s not a policy.
      Like we all want world peace, we all want to end world hunger. But while
      that might sound great he didn’t propose ANY specific policies on how to
      actually REACH that goal.

    • +AhBeeDoi Well obviously white women have sooo much to do with job
      unemployment for black people lol

  4. *Sees the title.*
    Oh come on TYT. “Verbal Diarrhea”? That’s a bit much.
    *Watches the video.*


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