This Is Who Is Going To Decide This Election!

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks discusses an interesting question he was asked by a reporter at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


  1. Trump is obviously the better pick over Clinton. The Democratic party is
    stupid for giving Bernie the shaft he easily would have won this election.

    • no he wouldn’t have… that is a lie straight from the pits of hell.
      democrats and republicans know the budget belt is tightening??? no way this
      country would elect a socialist!!! Hillary is too smart for that and
      a.great public servant. Go Hillary 2016.

  2. Even Bloomberg gave Stein 18% compared to Johnson’s 13%. The question is
    how many will vote for Bernie if he joins Stein?

  3. People don’t want trump because of what he might do yet most of those same
    people will support Clinton ignoring the fact that’s she’s already done
    horrible things…..lies, murder, war, TPP, the list goes on. This is a
    fact: a persons past behavior predicts future behavior. Clinton is a
    epically fail and flawed candidate. If the DNC actually has the sheer
    stupidity to anoint her, than we all see the corrupt game as we haven’t
    yet. And this is why the 2nd amendment was written into our Constitution,
    not for personal guns, but for the very real potential of tyranny and our
    responsibility as the citizenry to root it out and defeat it. Google it if
    you doubt me. I’m not advocating a revolt or civil war,however, this
    American situation is what it is. Clinton should be jailed, not hailed.
    Jill 2016!

  4. It’s never been more clear TYT needs to hold a 3rd party debate! Make it
    happen Cenk I’m counting on you!!!!!!!

  5. Cenk is shilling for Johnson to try to help take away votes for Trump.
    Essentially NOBODY who votes for Johnson will have voted for Clinton

  6. Cenk, I refuse to vote for Clinton because of how the Demorcratic party ran
    the primaries.

  7. We should wait till after the DNC to see if Jill Stein’s numbers climb – I
    still think they will, but without press it’s still a hard climb to 15%+. I
    wish Cenk would be more excited about her than a candidate like Johnson, no
    doubt he thinks he’s ‘keeping it real’ but he’s not the solution to the US’
    problems, more of a viable alternative to disaffected republicans turned
    off by Trump – of which there are many hence his large early numbers. I
    think Stein’s numbers by contrast have a lot more potential for growth
    after the DNC depending on events there. The clock is ticking on the
    democratic party’s last chance to save this election. If they’re ignoring
    the polls, sticking with HRC and just throwing money and ads at the
    election I think they may well lose.

    • I don’t think Cenk is excited about Johnson, he is just surprised by how
      well his numbers are and his potential impact on the race. My guess is once
      the debates start rolling around the poll numbers will start being more
      meaningful and we’ll have a better idea one way or another.

    • Cenk has changed so much I hardly recognize him. No mention of Sanders or
      Stein at all. Something feels wrong. I have switched over to Secular, Jimmy
      Dore, The humanist and others for a more broad interpetation.

    • She isn’t polling in the double digits, Gary Johnson is. Progressives are
      so scared of Trump they refuse to vote for the candidate that represents

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