The Joys Of TYT Membership 1

The Joys Of TYT Membership

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57 condolence

  1. “I’m unsubscribing to this shitty channel” *in comment section of next
    video*: “I’m unsubscribing to this shitty channel” And on and on the hate
    train rolls xD #ThereWillBeHaters

  2. Ah, more of the Christian-bashing, Islam-apologetics I’ve come to expect
    from TYT! Nobody wants to give you more money, all your progressive viewers
    don’t have jobs lol

    1. Plenty of jobs out there showing the fox news crowd how to use modern

  3. TYT begging for money because their core audience is likely unemployed. GET

    1. Right… That’s why their core audience has been paying for membership
      since like 2006?

  4. TYT why haven’t you covered the Afghan teen with an axe on the train in
    Germany, and the Moroccan terrorist who stabbed a mom and 3 kids in France?

    1. Because they are like the rest of the media. Thy’re primary concern is the
      green bills as a company.

    2. If it’s not American it’s lucky if it get’s covered in a five minute video.

    1. +jack theca True there is more to them than just hating feminists. You have
      the homosexual Jew that goes around college campuses talking about all the
      black men he fucks. And some lumpy Brit that calls everyone to the right of
      him a stormfag.

  5. Maybe some more race baiting will get you more members? Just a thought on a
    potential marketing strategy. . oh wait, I think you’re ahead of me on that
    one TYT.

    1. How clever of you! You invoked race in the comments of a completely
      unrelated video, then accused TYT of race-baiting!

      Not only that, you used the always sharp “Rhetorical question + Oh, wait”
      joke set up! A future in comedy writing is sure to come!

  6. Used to love y’all. Congratulations on selling out to the mainstream media.

    1. The mainstream media isn’t funded by the people but cooperations. Silly you.

    2. $10 says you continue watching TYT videos while telling people how you’ve

  7. So the joys of a tyt membership are jokes, shitty lines, and no insightful

    1. Sooo I’m not sure if you know how youtube works. You don’t HAVE to watch
      the video. You can skip this one if it bothers you.


    *I have a unique channel and I want to be a wrestler someday, im also a
    talented actor,performer and singer. I start all my video will a little
    song to uplift people :)*

  9. The anti TYT trolls are out in force lol. Some of them are using the term
    “cuck” as if anyone outside of the Alt-Right cares.

    1. Which makes no sense as the guy at the top of the comment section likes tyt
      and also used the term “cuck”

    1. You’ve never listened to them speak have you? Wanting your country to
      address its flaws is not blaming them.

    1. I’m not subbed, but I do roll in from time to time to witness this channels
      slow demise!

    2. You call us trolls becaus ethat is all you can say. Deep down you know we
      are right about TYT and you can’t refute us.

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