ChatBot Overturns 160,000 Traffic Tickets

There is now a free app online that helps you fight your parking ticket. It started in London and New York City, but will soon be expanding. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Have you recently got a parking ticket? This chatbot might be able to help overturn it.

The free service, called DoNotPay, has successfully challenged 160,000 parking tickets—around $4 million worth—in London and New York. It was launched just 21 months ago by London-born Stanford University student Joshua Browder, who says it took him three months to program and who describes DoNotPay as “the world’s first robot lawyer.”

“As far as I know, it’s the first of it’s kind,” Browder told Quartz. “I like to think I created the chatbot before it became cool.”

The service helps users by first asking them a few questions about their parking ticket to figure out if an appeal is possible. The chatbot then helps the user navigate the appeals process.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Asset forfeiture, as I understand it, has exceeded the take of muggers and
    robbery. Do a show on that.

    • As stated above, “trolls”.
      They stalk tyt and dislike any and everything they upload, regardless of
      Real PsOS……

    • I am pretty sure they are part of the clinton foundation troll team. Two
      months after that was talked about the and around the same time Sanders
      pages were taken down off facebook, The Young Turks videos started getting
      thousands of dislikes.

    • Also if you notice the videos about Hillary being innocent have very little

  2. Actually, you should ALWAYS appeal. The reason why the success rate is so
    high is because they don’t have the manpower to actually check all cases;
    in other words: They will just overturn appeals in bulk. You don’t need a
    lawyer to appeal, just write a postcard that says: “I disagree cuz it’s
    unfair, bro!” – I got it overturned just like that. Not going to waste my
    time and effort on these bureaucrats, when they don’t bother to read your
    appeal anyway.

    • I appealed in my local court all the way to our highest courts and the DA
      said in his 25 years of practice no one has ever challenged him… If
      everyone fought then no one would have to in a months time.

    • Most of what you see uploaded here is from one long show that aired like,
      yesterday. They have one long live show and then they cut it into segments
      and upload it here. All of this you’re seeing now was probably recorded
      before the massacre. Don’t automatically assume they’re choosing to not
      show it… Just makes you look stupid.

  3. Its still a parking ticket. You avoid getting it, by parking correctly, not
    exploiting some law loopholes.

    • You can reduce the likelihood of getting a ticket by parking legally, but
      you can’t completely eliminate the risk.

      Sometimes the signs are inaccurate or obscured and sometimes the
      enforcement is tighter than other times. I’ve never had a parking ticket,
      but it’s rather naive to suggest that a person can reasonably know all the
      restrictions in various areas of a given city and that the signs match up
      with the actual rules.

      IIRC, NYC had issues with legal parking spots being somehow marked as
      no-parking zones in their manual and were handing out huge numbers of
      tickets on a small number of legal parking spots.

      If the ticket is a legal ticket, then this app is unlikely to be of much
      help and it only has a 64% success rate over all. My guess is that the
      remaining 36% of the cases are people trying to fight a ticket that was
      issued properly.

    • I’ve gotten one parking ticket when the machine was fucked and another
      because I couldn’t tell that it was a no parking zone. I saw a bunch of
      cars parking in that area and parked between them. Everybody received a
      ticket, nobody knew it was a no parking zone. Probably 10 cars that got
      citations. Seemed pretty scammy at the time.

  4. So liberals want more taxes except when it comes to traffic citations?
    Hypocrites. The whole government is corrupt, why is it OK to be taxed to

    • Liberals are OK with progressive taxes, not regressive taxes. Basically
      traffic violations are not progressive and so liberals are generally
      against them. Liberals are for taxing the rich more or “their fair share”.
      Billionaires have an effective tax rate of about 10%, for ordinary people
      it’s about 27%.

    • The problem with these parking tickets is the rich can come along and
      constantly keep getting fined by breaking the rules because it doesn’t
      matter to them, they can easily afford it. While a poor person can be
      crippled by one ticket. This means the rich get free run to break any
      rule/law they want because it will not affect them. I don’t understand how
      the regressive right can support this it makes no sense. The only people
      who do are either rich, so it directly benefits them, or they’re just
      idiots. Which one are you Deagle?

    • With a progressive tax, this madness wouldn’t happen. But they attack
      normal people because they do benefits to the rich.

  5. If you’re a person who lives in NYC or London and owns a car, you’re not
    exactly a “vulnerable”.

    • +SpotOn wouldnt be surprised, theyre all ghettos, but is brooklyn a richer
      area? i always thoguh basically it was downtown NYC and like a few pockets
      of neighbourhoods who are actually middle class and up? this is all based
      on all ive heard over the years so i might be wrong in my assumptions but
      is NYC not a shithole outside of manhatten? D:

    • Visitors who don’t know the in’s and out’s of the local parking rules get
      tickets too. I got one in NYC once and I never lived there.

  6. Park your car within 15ft of a crosswalk? Well congrats, you just donated
    $40 to the government. It’s a little ironic to hear this news from a
    progressive group. Like yeah we all want reform, but this is what happens
    when you let the government regulate every aspect of our daily lives. Oh
    you bought a car? well you had better go buy insurance and carry your
    papers with you in YOUR car, or else. Oh what’s that? you want to tint your
    windows? well you better not tint them too much, the local PD needs to be
    able to see inside YOUR car. Understand? ok thanks have a nice day.

    • +Tim Menke well there you have it, people. If this guy says it on the
      Internet, it must be true!

    • Whose we? And who let them? Pretty sure they force there way in, with
      corruption, false votes, threats.

    • +Kenny Groth
      Again with the hyperbolic statements. I don’t think even you believe that’s
      true. Perhaps you should spend time in North Korea in order to gain some
      perspective. The US govt is extremely imperfect and has tons of corruption,
      however you still rely on public infrastructure every day. You don’t have
      to reiterate your point in order to go off the grid and lead by example.
      You won’t, since you know your position is extremely dishonest and
      conspiratorial. I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong, I’m saying you won’t
      give up public works despite your personal views.

  7. Tickets should be in proportion to one’s income. It’s like that in some
    countries in Europe and it makes sense because if You’re a millionaire a
    few tickets are not going to do anything, meanwhile for a poor person it
    can be crippling.

    • Why should a rich person be responsible for a poor person, they are both
      independent people.

    • +European Legionnaire Thing is, the poor persons life can be crippled by a
      ticket, a rich doesn’t even think about it.
      Also unproportional tickets pretty much incentivise reckless driving for
      rich people.

    • +SpotOn Do you think it’s ok that we pay federal and state taxes but can’t
      park on the public street for free? I can remember the last two tickets I
      got and it was bc the meter wasn’t working correctly and the person was
      going base on the computer information, not actual event.

  8. When 64 percent of fines are illegitimate enough for a chatbot to defeat
    them, the whole fines system needs reform.

    • With self driving cars you will be able to be dropped off at the front and
      when ready to go you press the valet button and the car comes to pick you
      up. My only concern is when cities start falling short on ticket revenue,
      where will they increase the oppressive fines to compensate?

    • 64% of cases the app deals with, bot 64% of fines u moron, btw tyt lies.

    • but those fines are illegitimate because they dont fall within the systems
      rules anyways?

    • 1. she always been brown
      2. you are fooled by nose job
      3. she looks middle eastern like ever other armenian

    • True, at least white is usually restricted to a subset of caucasians,
      Brown, could mean frreakin’ anything from polynesian, aboriginal, negroids,
      capoids, caucasians from india, the middle east and northern africa.

      I guess what people mean is “Native European” and “non-Native European”

    • By “Muslim/Iranian” I think he means “Arab”…. He clearly isn’t very well

  9. The regressive right hate this , it infringes on the government’s tax
    collecting on the poor.

    • +Marco Antônio That could be true in many cases to be fair. In my view, the
      term was originally used as a counter to the label ‘progressive’ by
      liberals to describe a very vocal, minority faction of the left who are
      actually very illiberal and irrational. Of course, the term is now used
      widely by the right-wing to discredit all ideas from the left, so it has
      lost much of its original usage. There are people and attitudes on the left
      that I would regard as regressive, however the term ‘left wing’ encompasses
      a huge variety of different views. We are never going to agree 100%, maybe
      not even 70%, but that’s what distinguishes a loose ideology from a
      religion or cult. Describing anyone as a ‘fake liberal’ doesn’t seem
      helpful though.

    • Poor people are less likely to have a car; you get parking tickets from
      driving and parking cars, poor people are less likely to get a parking

      Poor people tend to be less educated (but there are idiots of all classes
      as evidenced by Donald Trump), less educated people have a harder time
      fighting traffic tickets because they don’t understand the process, people
      that don’t fight traffic tickets tend to be stuck with paying (or trying to
      pay) the ticket = uneducated people are more likely to be impacted by

    • +Rand Zopyr you’d think that. logically, what you said makes sense. it just
      doesn’t turn out that way, though.

    • +WuFFY Oupol They are better than many other news sources, that’s for sure,
      otherwise I would have stopped watching altogether. But they are just as
      biased as many right-wing shows, just in a different way.

  10. Tip: To avoid further parking tickets, keep a parking ticket in the car and
    put it on your windshield every time you leave. Cops are more likely to
    ignore your car.

    • +Julio Barbosa I fear you severely misread my comment and what it regards
      to. But cool insults bro

    • +quaxk “pro tip to avoid speeding tickets: don’t ..speed in city streets”
      WOW you are the first person to ever figure this one out! you should create
      an app it is sure to make tens of dollars.. here is a pro-tip for you: “to
      avoid speeding tickets: don’t be a bigot and speed in city streets” that
      one is probably going to impossible for you to do..

  11. Lawyers aren’t going to care. They don’t do parking tickets. It costs more
    to hire a lawyer than just to pay the ticket.

    • Yah ok but wait until the bots become more and more sophisticated and can
      handle more complicated legal matters.

    • +Atheists for Donald Trump thr average ticket is a few hundred. To poor and
      lower class citizens, thats a hell of a lot. Often More then 25% for an
      average workers pay.

    • Believe it or not, there are other court cases like this that can be
      programmed, and lawyers aren’t getting involved in those right now for the
      most part; oftentimes there is a “service” that helps you fill out
      documents, and nowadays most of it is online and not significantly
      different from the bot. Other parts of the court process are so unique to
      each judge in each courthouse in each jurisdiction that the bot wouldn’t be
      able to effectively gather enough information to give you directions – this
      is speaking as someone that has worked as a court employee for nearly 10

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