Cops Rally To Help Homeless College Student Follow His Dream

Police found Fredrick Barley living in a tent near campus. What they did next might surprise you. Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, and Kenny Hamilton, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“When police officers were called to investigate a tent set up outside a Georgia college, they didn’t expect to find inspiration.

The officers were called July 9 to a campsite near a Gordon State College parking lot, where they found a 19-year-old homeless student staying in a tent hidden in some bushes, reported The Herald-Gazette.

The officers ordered him out of his tent with his hands up, but they listened to his story instead of writing a ticket for trespassing.

Fredrick Barley had ridden six hours — and more than 50 miles — on his younger brother’s 20-inch bicycle and arrived about a month early for his second year as a biology major, with nothing but his tent, a duffle bag, a box of cereal and two gallons of water.

The student, who hopes to go on to medical school, wanted to make sure he had enough time to find a job before classes began, and he spent his days riding his too-small bike to fill out applications at local businesses.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton


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  1. Most people know when they are about to get pulled over… don’t need
    special training etc for that!

  2. I wonder if Fredrick would’ve had this opportunity had there been no
    national spotlight on the recent police state brutality.

  3. I saw a video that was mostly a slide show depicting heroin addiction. It
    ends with a picture of a “Jane Doe” naked and dead after her postmortem.
    The medical examiner had done a very poor job sewing her closed. She had
    dried snot around her nose, dried vomit around her mouth.
    Al that was known about her was that she was in her early 20’s (she looked
    to be closer to 40) she died of a heroin overdose in some abandoned
    Then they show her body as it is consumed in the crematorium. No
    compassion, or sympathy or respect was shown to her body. Probably because
    she was just worthless. Just another homeless drug addict who ran out of
    friends and out of chances.
    I git to thinking about what she might have been like 10 years ago. A
    little kid, moving from grade school to middle school, talking on the phone
    with friends, fighting with her parents, just doing the things every kid
    who has ever lived has done.
    I got to thinking about the people who knew her real name. The teachers and
    friends she had had growing up. Must of those people would still be alive.
    How many people are still running around who knew her?
    I have known drug addicts, I have known homeless people. Sure some of them
    are truly bad people, but most are just people who made a few poor choices
    in their life.
    I have no idea about what that woman’s history was like, or what kind of
    person she was before the drugs destroyed her life. But I would like to
    know her name at least.
    That is the real harm of drugs. They don’t just kill you. First they take
    away all of your value, so that by the time you die, no one who knows your
    name cares enough to bother to wonder where you are. To wonder what
    happened to you.
    All that is left is a few pounds of nameless grey powder.

  4. This community and cop are true heroes! But, I would trade all of this just
    for our cops to be retrained and to stop shooting innocent people, without

  5. So they didnt shot him point blank? I dont understand its almost the cops
    arent monsters like TYT taught me

  6. We should be naming this HERO cop!!!! He needs to be celebrated.

  7. This is why I was subbed to TYT at one point, stories like this along with
    reality checks for a lot of the other stories. I don’t care for their
    political views in a more Left vs right sense, but these types of views,
    this is why I still like you guys, just don’t care for the mindless anti
    Trump propaganda.

  8. We need more public servants like this. Cleveland, Minnesota, Baton
    Rouge….pay attention.

    • TYT are terrorist sympathizers and hate cops. What now? You think this
      video changes their views? Your truly a fanboy ahaha what an idiot

    • +occam
      If you’re going to call someone else an idiot then at least know the
      difference between your and you’re.

    • Don’t be stupid. Obviously we know that not ALL cops are racist. No one
      ever claimed that they are all bad…

    • Yea i can flip your argument and say that i thought all cops were angels.
      That doesn’t quite work now does it??? Obviously TYT never said all cops
      hated black people common sense isn’t quite so common these days…

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