Code Pink Fights Back Against RNC Hate

Code Pink Activists Alli McCracken and Chelsea Byers were escorted out of the GOP Convention by security after disrupting the first day of the Republican party's controversial coronation of Donald Trump. more from TYT Politics at and

TYT Politics reporter Eric Byler spoke to both women shortly after their expulsion from Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.

Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, co-founders of Code Pink spoke with pride and satisfaction about the nonviolent direct action coup achieved by their proteges, refusing to divulge how they got them in. Fox News reporter Mike Tobin is shown interrogating Ms. Byers on the same subject, as well as questioning whether or not their acts of defiance amounted to free speech violations.

More from TYT Politics at and


    • In Saudi Arabia and in USA. Just because there is war on women in Saudi,
      doe not mean you cant talk about war on women in USA? You have to fix both
      if you are really sympathetic to that cause. Asking rhetorical question
      does not help.

    • +skywriter14 There is no “war on women” in the US. It was not a rhetorical
      question, it was a sarcastic one.

    • +kelarly Well you are wrong. I am a guy, I wouldn’t want govt to tell me
      what to do with my body. Republicans want that for woman. Not cool. Thats
      Saudi style thinking. In a country where free sex is socially accepted, how
      can abortion be illegal?

    • Sargon of Akkad is easiest person to be triggered on YouTube. He is
      literally a grown man that goes to tumblr to criticize posts by teenage
      girls and somehow this manchild thinks he is a smart wise man by doing this.

  1. Code pink the same group that says women pay more for the “exact same”
    Immediately Discredited.

    • +Stannis Baratheon I comment because it’s under a public video and it
      allows me too. It’s still worth much more than your comment and dare I say
      it, much more than you.

    • Auto dealerships have been know to charge more for new vehicle interest
      rates for women & minorities. Mechanics have long been notorious for
      charging women more; playing on the perceived ignorance of women in regards
      to auto mechanics.

    • +xr7t7
      Lenders charged minorities more because they were a bigger risk, they were
      caught and had to pay hundreds of millions back.
      service industry will charge whatever they can get away with, mechanics
      tend to be scumbags.
      However, Neither are institutional.

    • +Muhammad (pišš be upon him) Bullshit, the lenders gave the shut loans even
      to blacks and hispanics with GOOD CREDIT, and leaked memos admitted the
      bankers jknew this. It’s the fucking DEFINITION of institutional.

  2. The man and woman almost jerking her shoulder out of socket by trying to
    take her banner should be charged with assault.

  3. What happens when a bunch of sexually-repressed, self-professed male
    victims gather en masse?

    The comment section of this video.

    • No doubt. The group of woman-hating losers in this comments section is
      rivaled only by the RNC.

    • +andotech …. no just being honest. try arguing with MATH dip show!t.
      bring it so I can demonstrate you’re a moron too.

  4. How could those people possibly think they had a right to physically pull
    somebody’s banner away from them?

    • +Servals the radical left is more violent than the radical right, but yes
      they are both violent

    • +aloha snackbar this is why protesting is dangerous… People can’t control
      them selves

    • +Servals yea republicans are very violent …can you explain why we see
      liberals destroying state property,, assaulting trump supporters, and
      killing cops …both sides can be violent we r all people …..duh

    • Hey are not defending Islam. They are defending the very core of what built
      America: refugees fleeing persecution, oppression and tyranny. This spirit
      is what made America great.

  5. Code pink fights back? Don’t they have to be attacked first in order to
    fight back?

    • “I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history.” –
      Mike Pence

    • +Bennie Gray
      And in the same breath as they say that they’ll vehemently defend Islam.

  6. I bet conservatives are going to be triggered by this video. ” Oh no, TYT
    are interviewing feminist” 😂

    • You mean it’s going to trigger tha people who ridicule you for being
      triggered constantly? Nah, maybe another time.

    • +rose novel That’s how they have marketed themselves but that’s certainly
      not how they have acted. There has been a lot of violent rhetoric and also
      remember actions speak louder than words. There are legitimate nonviolent
      social activists within the movement but there are also many violent,
      hateful and racist people within the movement as well. For example the
      Toronto BLM cofounder Yusra Khogali tweeted “Plz Allah give me strength to
      not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz,” BLM
      as a movement has a hateful component to it.

    • Get your mother out of the mensroom.And if you have time drown yourself in
      a tranny toilet.Liberal welfare takers.

    • +Jay T ..please don’t vote for Hillary or Trump..there is a 3rd choice,
      Gary Johnson. he is the libertarian candidate, a better choice. Democrats
      and Republicans are both to blame for outsourcing. it was Democrat Bill
      Clinton that introduced NAFTA and a Republican heavy house and Senate that
      passed it…both parties are the same they both steal our money and spend
      it unwisely.

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