Cady Groves - July 30 1989 – May 2 2020

Cady Groves, ‘This Little Girl’ Singer, Dead At 30

Cady Groves (July 30, 1989 – May 2, 2020) was an American singer and songwriter from Marlow, Oklahoma. Some of her notable songs include “This Little Girl,” “Oh Darlin’,” “Forget You,” and “Love Actually.” She released four EPs: A Month of Sundays (2009), This Little Girl (2010), Life of a Pirate (2012), and Dreams (2015). Her final effort released during her lifetime, “Dreams,” was released in 2015 for free download in honor of her fans. She is dead at age 30.

Cady Groves, died over the weekend at her home in Tennessee, Camus Celli, CEO of Vel Records, told CNN.

“Her death appears to be from natural causes, pending a final coroner’s report. Foul play and self-harm have both been ruled out by the coroner,” Celli said in a statement on Monday.

Groves, originally from Kansas, had just wrapped her upcoming 2020 album, set to be due out this summer, according to her label. Some of her most popular songs include “This Little Girl,” “Love Actually” and “Forget You.”

Cady Groves was an American singer
Cady Groves, ‘This Little Girl’ Singer, Dead At 30 1

Groves toured with LMFAO, Good Charlotte, and Third Eye Blind and was continuing to play shows for fans in Nashville.

“Those closest to Cady want people to know she loved music, laughter, cooking, tacos, and, especially, her family,” Celli said in his statement.
“She was so excited to finally be putting out this body of music that she had worked for so long on (over a year),” he said. He added she wanted to get back in front of her fans and play the music. Also, that was everything to her; the connection with fans meant the world.”

Personal life of Cady Groves

Groves mentioned on multiple occasions that she had a very rough childhood. Groves’ brother Casey Groves died on October 23, 2007, at the age of 28. Cady cited his influence as the reason she was able to gain the courage to be a singer-songwriter. 

Her brother Kelly Groves died on March 23, 2014, also 28 years old. In August 2014, Groves released a song she wrote about Kelly. She entitled it “Bring Back the Sun” inspired by Our Lady Peace. She wrote this along with the song release:

Personal life of Cady Groves
Cady Groves, ‘This Little Girl’ Singer, Dead At 30 2

He introduced me to my favorite band and his – Our Lady Peace. When I was nine, he would let me in his room, and he’d play shitty covers of our favorite Our Lady Peace song “bring back the sun” on his electric guitar, and I would sing. 

Our lady peace was the song that played at his funeral. The other day I was driving in traffic in LA, and all of a sudden, my iPod randomly started playing Our Lady Peace, “bring back the sun,” and I completely lost it. It was his way of making me finally face the fact that he’s gone. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I got so mad at that moment. 

Why him? Why me? I have quickly realized that without him in my life- it’s like the lights got turned off. So this little ROUGH vocal acoustic demo is tying all of that together… ‘MY take on the title “bring back the sun”‘ I love you brother.

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