“My Ancestors Owned Your Ass”: Racial Fight Break Out Texas (VIDEO)

Video of an argument at a Texas restaurant is going viral. The fight between a black family and a white family, highlights recent racial tensions in America. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Live Facebook video caught a Texas couple shouting racial slurs at an African-American teenage girl.

According to Media Takeout, the girl was dining with her family after church at Chester’s Hamburgers restaurant in San Antonio and began streaming the encounter live on Facebook after the couple made racial statements.

“So, Facebook, this is what racist people look like,” the girl announces to her followers.

Both families tell each other to “shut the f*ck up” before the white man begins calling the black family “god damn n*ggers.”

“You’re a f*cking n*gger!” the white woman wails.

“This is what racism looks like!” the teen recording the video shouts back.

“F*ck you, honky!” one of the women in the black family exclaims.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. I’m white and from Texas.
    If I was there I would have walked that man out of the restaurant.
    If he resisted he’d be carried out later by paramedics.
    I’m sick of this bs.

    • +John Doe
      Isn’t that the game, who’s the bigger victim?
      Why don’t you explain to us why we should pay for sins of the past.
      I cant wait

    • +Google User
      “you brought up Africa…”
      Yes I did because you are focused on south africa, afraid to talk about the
      rest of africa, where anyone not black is killed on sight.
      But somehow racism only exists in America….smh

    • +Google User
      “you brought up Africa…”
      Yes I did because you are focused on south africa, afraid to talk about the
      rest of africa, where anyone not black is killed on sight.
      But somehow racism only exists in America….smh

  2. Texas = White Trash Utopia, the capital of the neo-confederacy. Drop cobalt
    bombs on that cesspool so that nothing more sophisticated than a cockroach
    could live there for the next 8,000 years. Roaches >>> Average Texan.

  3. tyt: not all muslims are terrorists
    tyt: but all trump supporters, conservatives, cops, and whites are racists

    • +ExThinker
      First, he hasn’t said anything worse than other people like Sonja Sotomayer.
      Also, by not voting for Trump, is the same as voting for Shrillary and that
      can’t happen

    • +jacob bogers Cenk denies the Armenian genocide & even named his show after
      the maniacs who were behind the genocide but with the people who control
      the show he would never deny that so called genocide.

    • +Tommy Smith “..but with the people who control the show..”

      “Control the show”?, ….and the earth is flat, …right?

    • +jacob bogers Stupid comment really. If you’re not a rascist you should not
      be offended by what you see and hear in this video, embarrassed maybe.
      Would you prefer it if racists continue to do and say whatever they want
      and nobody stand up to them? Nobody reported them? No! Rascist cowards
      don’t get to hide anymore. The world needs to see them them for what they
      are! Oh and while you’re feeling sorry for white people, how bout some
      sympathy for the young girl that was verbally assaulted by an ignorant
      rascist or is what she said and did ok with u?

    • +Chloeyara I think your liberal brain is a result of rotton logic, I never
      commented on the video, maybe you mean someone else?

    • +GODS OF GAMING Based on this country’s history there is no reason to
      believe white people actually believe that violence is not the answer.
      Since you went there.

    • Pathetic POS
      deleted my comment because you couldn’t answer the question, because you
      know what a hypocrite pig you are.

    • “Based on this country’s history there is no reason to believe white people
      actually believe that violence is not the answer.”
      How come you can generalize millions of white Americans but you wont
      generalize muzzies?
      Because you are a pig!!

    • +jacob bogers ~ I have a job you dumbfuck halfwit. But my point is he isn’t
      going to make jobs in the plumbing sector. He’s going to make jobs in
      building the wall. And use a company he owns to build it. Which he will pay
      using the taxpayers money which means he’ll be stealing from you to hire
      people for less than what immigrants earn so he can funnel tax payers money
      into his own pocket, building something that will never work.

    • +shawzie1916 if there is a trade deficit with mexico, that money used to
      build can be borrowed by the federal reserve,and paid back by trade
      deficit. and the creation of jobs has to do with american companies that
      operate oversees, brought back to the shores of america or face heavy
      taxation on imports.

  4. ‘My ancestors used to own yours!’… sounds like your people owning
    ancestors were awful. It’s not something to be proud of lol.

    • we germans don’t really brag about the holocaust, but nonetheless on the
      mindset of many germans there is something, that what we call ‘sündenstolz’
      (literally: ‘sin-pride’). on the one hand it’s the awareness that ‘we’
      (well, actually it was our ancestors, but who cares) were the best at
      committing a genocide and on the other hand the awareness that ‘we’ are the
      best at regretting (or pretending to regret) it later. the ‘funny thing’
      is, that many non-germans only recognize the second part, although both
      parts belong together. let me put it this way: it just takes a few million
      germans to form the state of israel after nearly 1900 years of the jewish

      the awareness that we as a people more or less got away with it, although
      the whole world knows and we don’t even deny it, leads to this ‘special
      german self-confidence’. when germany e.g. accepts lots of refugees, some
      non-germans seem to believe, that we do so as a reparation for the
      holocaust. they couldn’t be further from the truth. the reality is that we
      just ‘know what to do’, when … well, you know … ‘things get out of
      hand’. why should we fear something, we already successfully handeled
      before? 😉

  5. This video has to be fake, Fox News said there’s no such thing as racism
    against black people.

    • SYSTEMIC. No such thing as SYSTEMIC racism. Individual instances? Sure. But
      not many. A 2013 poll shows that blacks actually think that more blacks are
      racist against whites than whites against blacks. Also, I’d love to see TYT
      do a video about black racism against whites caught on camera. They
      wouldn’t. Ever.

  6. Is it just me or does it seem like lately racism is just starting to pour
    out of people?

  7. I bet $20 that those racists are

    -Registered Republicans
    -Trump supporters

  8. im still at 0:01 but my guess is TYT will paint this as only white people
    being assholes?

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