BREAKING: Turkish Military Attempted Coup To Overthrow Government 1

BREAKING: Turkish Military Attempted Coup To Overthrow Government

Elements of Turkey’s military have attempted to overthrow the government of President Erdogan. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Ben Makiewicz, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“ISTANBUL — Military factions in Turkey attempted to seize control of the country Friday night, setting off a furious scramble for power and plunging the crucial NATO member and American ally into chaos in what already was one of the world’s most unstable regions.

Martial law was declared in Turkey, which has been convulsed by military takeovers at least three times in the past half-century. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamist president who has dominated politics for more than a decade and sought to exert greater control over the armed forces, was forced to use his iPhone’s FaceTime app from an undisclosed location to broadcast messages beseeching the public to resist the coup attempt.

“There is no power higher than the power of the people,” he said in a night of wild confusion and contradictory accounts of who was in control. “Let them do what they will at public squares and airports.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Ben Makiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Ben Makiewicz


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54 condolence

    1. +John Doe I like this plan……though a secluded island with a population
      of one and no escape vessel would be even better O:-)

  1. Just another plan in the NWO agenda. Don’t worry Israel will win in the
    long run.

    1. It’s not just about removing the President… the revolution we need is
      with our Congress. They literally pass bills without reading them. If look
      up “ABC Schoolhouse Rock I’m Just a Bill” you’ll see exactly why we have
      been brainwashed into thinking they actually read the bills before passing
      them. They don’t.

    2. look at nevada convention situation, florida in 04, and its just funny when
      the very same people donating to them are investors in electric voting
      machines used in party elections. its so obvious its shameful

    3. +Raymond Ross
      And who are supposed to replace the members of Congress after a coup? Who
      is supposed to replace the President, if there’s a coup? The military? The
      banks? The UN? Will there be new elections? What would you accomplish with
      a coup? Do you want a dictatorship?

      Every President and every member of Congress is elected by the people, as
      it’s supposed to be. If they disappoint you, you vote for someone else when
      their term ends. You don’t put tanks on the streets…

    4. I didn’t say a coup… I am saying the most amount of change we need is in
      our Congress. We need to have a certified law that REQUIRES them to read
      the bills before they pass them into laws. That’s all I am saying. You’re
      correct about voting and term limits, but people are too stupid to vote.

    5. And further, with the way we are allowing illegal immigration, that taints
      the voting pool– while they cannot vote, people are surrounded by these
      folks and through that they get a hidden vote… so the more we allow this,
      the less valuable a vote really is. It’s messed up. Look at Congress’
      popularity– it’s horrid. So I don’t call for a coup, but a revolution of
      sorts that will force them to do what they are required to do on our
      behalf. As far as the president is concerned: it takes a heavily fortified,
      knowledgeable, and willing congress to keep the balances in check. So far,
      they have failed us miserably.

  2. Whatever your opinion of Erdogan, he is a democratically elected leader, if
    he’s gotta leave, he’ll leave democratically. Coups are undemocratic.

  3. I support Kurdish independence. Will this coup help with that.

    Erdoğan deserves it by the way.

    1. You shouldn’t support terror anyway. Army is not fighting against Kurdish
      people they are fighting against a terrorist group, which kills Turkish and
      the Kurdish people.

  4. I hope the military wins. Either way, I hope we don’t get involved and that
    we don’t have anything to do with it.

    1. +ToriTachi so American govt love to go around policing the world and
      preaching democracy over dictatorship in the Middle East. So when turkey
      uses democracy to elect a tyrant, and America STILL has issues. when will
      the American govt learn that democracy in corrupt countries simply doesn’t
      work and is highly overrated.

  5. Another country driven to civil war because of Americana’s duty to protect
    democracy around the world.

    1. Oh i See Kinda Like What America Been doing To The So Call Black People ?
      Wow So IT’s like The Pot calling The Kettle Black

  6. If Trump wins this is what American patriots will do. Thankfully that
    orange goofball will never become president since Americans are smart.

    1. +lolwutyyy No candidate is for the people. Get that through your head. They
      don’t care about us, but themselves

    1. +geromino97 why is that? You’re the one that’s dense thinking everyone in
      the world wants secularism. You can’t get it through your thick head that
      some people dont the degeneracy which has infested the west.

    1. +Kenneth Johnson thats a lie, back then girls matured faster because of the
      warm climate so a 9 year old then would be the equivilant of a 18 year old
      today. Stop perpetrating the lies fed to you by your racist media you idito

    1. +tkzsfen I would like to explain but my English is not that great D: You
      can go search it on Google or ask your friends

  7. I would rather see the coup succeed or atleast paralyze Turkey than watch
    them become neo-ottoman hell hole under Erdogan.

    1. +rocking shiv what, erdogan will get the economy high like its never has
      been before

  8. The Coup fails! The soldiers are supposed to protect the people but now
    they’re shooting them, fucked up traitors!

  9. anyone else noticed the regressive Trump supporters want to turn America
    into a fundamentalist christian country, they get all their cues from
    radical Islam.
    And they are always calling for a military coup if Trump doesn’t win.

    1. +Ana Castellano i don’t see it now but i did see one. said if hillary wins
      we need a coup. i do not see a sanders supporter saying tht. but then again
      enough hate her you never know.

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