BREAKING: Dozens Killed In Truck Attack In France 1

BREAKING: Dozens Killed In Truck Attack In France

A truck attack in Nice, France has killed dozens of people on Bastille Day. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“(CNN)At least 77 people were killed Thursday night when a large truck plowed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, tweeted regional President Christian Estrosi.

The driver pointed his tractor-trailer into the crowd and accelerated, mowing bodies over, witnesses said. Police shot the driver to death, authorities said. Nobody has claimed responsibility
Here are the latest developments in the tragedy:

• The attack in Nice, France, began when an occupant of the truck shot into the crowd and then drove for 2 kilometers along the pavement of the Boulevard des Anglais, the main street in Nice, regional President Christian Estrosi told CNN affiliate BFM-TV. He said police later found firearms, explosives and grenades in the truck.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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60 condolence

  1. I bet it was a fundamentalist Buddhist….. not anyone from “the religion
    of peace”

    1. They massacred 10,000s in Sri Lanka mostly Tamil Hindus and also Muslims in
      Burma. 1000s of Muslims killed by the Buddhist govt in Thailand as well.
      Don’t be fooled.

    2. Guys guys guys EVERYBODY CALM THE F DOWN!
      It was clearly the BLOOD MAGES! NOT ALL mages vs the Templars in DRAGON AGE
      3 ‘the Inquisition’.
      I know because I’m the Inquisitor!

    1. Watch all his videos on islamic atacks. He never blame Islam or Muslims/.
      It’s always everyone’s fault, except muslims.

    2. +Dante Badtower The reason why Cenk gets mad is because when a Muslim
      commits mass murder the “media” calls it “a terrorist attack” and when
      non-muslim does it it’s a lone gunman with mental issues” see the disparity?

      TYT called the suspects as suspects because they were suspects. At the time
      no one had been charged or convicted yet as far as they knew. You don’t
      convict people before a trial.

      As for the “video evidence” care to link one? I’ve not seen one.

    1. and how would you go about this with people who are born and raced in this
      country Mr.?

    1. +kenny orozco Religion was probably an inevitable step in the evolution of
      intelligent species. We have moved past it now – it’s no longer needed.
      Well some have moved past it.

    2. +nitelite78 Yea true that, what’s the point of religion nowdays. I mean we
      have science and technology to expose this non sense that is causing war.

  2. Chuck Yoghurt trying his hardest not to utter the term ‘Muslim’ is

    1. +you’re mother So turns out he was, you vile, lowlife, dark skinned piece
      of garbage

    2. And if you guessed Muslim, you would be correct. Again. And the next attack
      will be Muslim too.

    1. that should be a new hashtag when something like this happens


    2. Sick people who use my religion to lure blind people who haven’t gone to
      school or don’t know anything about Islam.

  3. Cenk is trying so hard to omit ISLAM. LOL

    Muslim apologetics at its best.

    1. +Erik Dumas Animation
      “So we agree that the San Bernadino shooter was in fact a right wing gun

      And still you continue the silly semantics game. The relevant part here is
      what Cenk was on about, who he thought the perpetrators were, not the
      technical merits of one label vs the other.

      “I don’t get it, are you criticizing their handling of this report or not?”

      So we agree that you don’t get it, but why jump to conclusions then, when
      you are in words so opposed to such actions. You could have just asked me
      in the first place. So let me clear it up for you. What I’m discussing is
      not the particular, specific mistakes done by TYT in a single video, but
      their inconsistency, the double standards and hypocrisy, depending on who
      they presume the perpetrators are. I would have no issues at all if they
      would always wait for corroborated facts and proper investigations, before
      commenting (and pontificating). But they so obviously don’t and I have an
      issue with that – as everyone concerned with proper reporting should have.

    2. +tubsent So why was that not your initial criticism of this video?

      You original reply to the OP was that TYT is being a Muslim apologist by
      not reporting unconfirmed speculation that the perpetrator was a Muslim.
      Why would you be agreeing with a commenter that is presenting conjecture as
      fact, if your problem with TYT is purely their lack of journalistic
      integrity and hypocrisy when it comes to reporting certain topics? Are you
      fine with people who lack journalistic integrity, just as long as they lack
      it equally in every topic? Or could it be that you’re quick to point out
      flaws and inconsistencies when it comes to groups you disagree with, but
      when it comes to people and groups you agree with you have a much harder
      time seeing and criticizing it.

      I would have taken your hypocrisy argument far more seriously if you hadn’t
      obviously already developed a politicized opinion based off conjecture. If
      you’re going to call someone a hypocrite, do make sure you’re not doing the
      exact same thing you’re criticizing them for.

    3. +The Persian Atheist Cenk & Alex Jones are both demonized neither of the
      are perfect, but damn People like you exaggerate about them.

  4. I blame Ford. If they hadn’t built that truck, this wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Exactly! Cenk explains it. He says that “a TRUCK loaded with weapons killed
      Everything about the driver and motives is ” Unclear”.
      It was probably a White Cop driving the Evil Truck.

    2. “The victims should be able to sue the company that made that truck” –
      Hillary Clinton’s position

  5. maybe we should make sure *everybody* has trucks so that they can defend

    1. If all the people there would have been armed he might not have made it
      through the crowd.

    1. +concerned citizen You obviously have never shot a gun in your life

      Your statement and its stupidity speaks for itself .

      You sound like a 5 year old.

    2. +Thomas Homewood ?? I’m sure there is a point buried in your ambiguous
      rhetoric, albiet a disingenuous way of tying law abiding citizens to gun
      violence. If there had been citizens open carrying, maybe they couldve
      stopped it from occurring. Since were just throwing out ifs.

    3. “Trucks: Used to transport items/materials.”
      Yeah! In this case it was used to transport muslims, terrorists, grenades
      and death.

    1. In 2009 a car was used to drive into a crowd in Apeldoorn, killing 8
      people… The driver was a (white) man with little to no friends and or
      relations. (just like this guy). So HATE and ALIENATION is de EXACT
      OPPOSITE of how we should respond!

    2. +Andrew Hwang Lifted mud trucks are monster trucks and must never be owned
      by clivilians.

  6. >______________¶_*__*
    >| #ReligionOfPeace ||l “”|””__,_

  7. Here we go ladies and gentlemen. Shits about to get wild! Grab a snack, a
    drink, and have a seat. The show is about to start in the comment section!

    1. He’s gotta be. Muslims believe it’s OKAY to LIE to subvert the infidel
      which they say is *America.*

  8. Patient: “What´s wrong doc?” Dr Kasparian:”Fine, it´s cancer. But that
    acknowledgement doesn´t solve anything!”

    1. +helios5868 lol hilarious don’t even want to accept a definition now. Ok
      let’s just talk about the last 30 days, Orlando, Baghdad bombings, Turkish
      airport, France. Are these terrorist acts in your opinion?

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