1. She is beautiful. Im very sorry for your loss. May God be with you and your
    family during this time of loss.

  2. Precious, my dog, was sick for over a year. When it got harder to take care
    of her, I so wanted her suffering to end. It took over a year for her to
    pass on. I had a whole year to prepare myself. I was ready when she passed
    on. The first thing I did was make a movie of her to honor her life. She
    was and is the MOST special pet I’ve ever owned. She was/is Precious,
    Unique and Irreplaceable. I really mean this when I say: She was the Love
    of my life!!!!!

  3. He looks like he was a beautiful dog I’m sorry for your great loss I have a
    jack russell I can’t imagine life without him so I feel your sadness

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