A tribute To a little bird who died today 28th may 2012

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You fell from the sky 3 nights ago out our back garden , we did try to find your mum and we did but she was so small she could not get you back to the nest , we did try to get you back with your mummy but we could not , we phoned places no one wanted you we got "put him in a safe place" but if we had you would have died , so we had you stay with us we feed you we made you a small nest and we gave you food when you wanted it and when we opened your box you would have your little mouth open for food we worked so hard to save you but you was so small so very small we named you flower our little flower you was happy at times and would sleep a lot and today the angels have taken you from us our little bird rip tears fell from both me and mum we put you in a lovely box and covered you was green cloth and tonight we buried you we did try hard for you our little blue tit .

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