Ras MO Moses: Desmond Delmance Passed Away

Desmond Delmance: Ras Mo Moses Cultural Icon Has Passed

The community of Grandbay, Dominica, and the world mourn the loss of a beloved poet and musician, Desmond Delmance, best known as “Ras Mo Moses.” Ras Mo was a talented artist who used his passion for poetry to touch the hearts of many.

Ras Mo’s lyrical prowess and unique storytelling ability set him apart in the music industry. His words were songs and personal conversations with his listeners, conveying powerful messages of love, unity, and social justice in his poetry. Ras Mo sought to inspire change and bring awareness to important issues facing his community and beyond through his poetry.

Pa Ni Poblem-Ras Mo

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, expressed his condolences upon learning of Ras Mo’s passing. In a statement, Dr. Skerrit praised Ras Mo for his dedication to his craft and his positive impact on his listeners. The Prime Minister noted that Ras Mo’s poetry through music served as a voice for the people, speaking truth to power and advocating for a better world.

The PM extended his deepest condolences to Ras MO’s family, friends, and colleagues in the Dominican cultural community. He added that Ras Mo was a cultural icon and community leader who made impactful contributions to promoting and preserving Dominica’s art forms and traditions as a musician, poet, and storyteller.

Ras Mo Moses will be remembered for his musical talent, kindness, generosity, and unwavering dedication to his community. His presence may be physically absent, but his legacy will forever echo through his music and the hearts of those touched by his artistry, ensuring his spirit lives on.

Albert Williams, an artist in his own right, a longtime friend of Ras Mo

wrote on his Facebook page, “We have received some sad news today that fellow author and poet Ras Mo Moses has gone to meet the ancestors. I have known Ras Mo for nearly 50 years. I and I shared many moments over his long literary career. Most recently, he appeared as a guest on my podcast. My wife, Tempie Williams, and I extend our deepest condolences to his family, Rastafarian Idren and sistren, as well as his cultural fraternity, friends, fans, and followers at home and abroad.

As we bid farewell to Ras Mo Moses, let us carry forth his message of love, unity, and social change. May his spirit inspire us all to strive for a better world filled with compassion, understanding, and harmony. Rest in peace, Ras Mo. Your music will forever be a guiding light for those who seek inspiration and hope.

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