Top 10 Celebrities Tragically Killed in Car Accidents

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  1. I don’t know if you know this, but you’re missing some people: Thuy Trang,
    Junkyard Dog, Adrian Adonis, etc.

  2. What about Thuy Trang? I Mean Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger) from Mighty
    Morphin Power Rangers and Ayrton Senna & Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov in New
    Star Trek Franchise) Died in Freak Accident

  3. my mother is related to Paul Walker and I’m not lying whoever thinks I’m
    lying their stupid assholes that don’t know life

  4. If motorcycles count I think Duane Allman should’ve made the list. Other
    than that the only other one I could think of is Razzle of Hanoi Rocks but
    that’s a more obscure group.

  5. At 9:08, what an idiot of a woman… first of all she compared Pollock’s
    death to James Dean’s death and then proceeded to say that his death
    “helped the romance of the great artist.” Wow, just wow. I hate the
    stereotype of legend artists having to endure a tragic death to be a
    legend. (P.S. I love the abstract expressionism era but Pollock was not
    that great in comparison to others of the time.)

  6. Princess Diana was number 1 too me. She was such a beautiful caring lady.
    I idolized her as a child.

  7. To those who object to this video, or the title:
    1. We turn down and say no to 1000s of “morbid” and distasteful ideas.
    2. Maybe I buy into the “Only the Good Die Young” line (maybe it’s the Iron
    Maiden obsession of mine) but this video is more about the celebrating the
    lives of people who were taken away in car accidents, and less about the
    obsession with how they died.
    3. Will we one day consider doing Top 10 Celebs Who Died of Aids to boost
    awareness of Aids and encourage research for finding a cure? Maybe.
    4. Not sure about you, but how is this more “morbid” than Club of 27,
    artists who died at 27?
    5. As per the ranking, we freaking rank everything (i.e. dictators,
    diseases, as well as pop culture stuff), if we would not have ranked this,
    I would damn sure expect many Mojoholics to question what happened to our
    6. We publish top 10 novels (some people lose their junk), we publish Chip
    Flavors (some people lose their junk), we publish Top 10 movie explosions
    (some people lose their junk)
    7. Maybe this is a good reminder for young and old drivers to, oh I don’t
    know, be more freaking careful when they drive. Ages ago we decided that
    drinking and driving was bad, then the Paparazzi realized chasing people in
    cars was a bad idea… today you see awareness videos showing teens
    tweeting and drivi… and PAFF – dead! How is this top 10 list more morbid
    or shocking.
    8. As per the rank, yes, no apologies: it’s basically a weighted average of
    person’s popularity and shock value of how they died vs their age etc. and
    to some extent their unrealized potential.
    9. Have you visited the Web? Does this even come near the ten most
    distasteful and shock-value things you’ll come across today? I don’t think
    10. Use the suggest tool to be heard.

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