News Anchor Don Ward Dies, Was On The Air With KKTV For Nearly 15 Years

Remembering Don Ward: KKTV News Anchor’s Legacy Lives On

We have a sad story to report this morning. One of our news partners at KKTV and Carter Springs is mourning the loss of one of their anchors. Don Ward was a staple on so many TVs in Colorado Springs. He unexpectedly died yesterday while hiking in Park County. He was 55 years old and suffered a heart attack. KKTV says Ward loved hiking. He had called KKTV as a home for nearly 15 years. He graduated from Doherty High School and the University of Colorado. He will be remembered as an excellent journalist, a patient mentor, and an overall great man.

News Anchor Don Ward Dies
Remembering Don Ward: KKTV News Anchor's Legacy Lives On 1

Early Life and Career:
Don Ward’s passion for journalism was evident from a young age, and he pursued his dream by earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism. He began his career in a small market before moving on to larger networks and eventually finding his home at KKTV. His warm personality and genuine love for storytelling made him a familiar and trusted face in regional households.

A Trusted Voice:

Don Ward was more than just a news anchor; he was a trusted voice in times of crisis and a source of comfort during difficult moments. Whether reporting on breaking news or delivering feature stories that touched the heart, Don had a way of connecting with viewers personally. His dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering the truth set him apart in an industry often marred by sensationalism.

Community Impact:

Beyond his role as a news anchor, Don Ward was deeply involved in the community and dedicated his time to various charitable causes. His willingness to lend a helping hand and give back to those in need endeared him to many, and his impact on the community will be felt for years to come. Don’s legacy lives on through the lives he touched and the stories he told, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in the world.

Remembering Don Ward:

As we look back on Don Ward’s life and career, we are reminded of the power of journalism to inform, educate, and inspire. His dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to the truth testify to the impact one individual can have on the world. While we mourn the loss of a beloved news anchor, we also celebrate his legacy and the countless lives he touched along the way.


Don Ward’s passing leaves a void in journalism, but his spirit lives on through the stories he told and his impact on the community. As we remember his legacy, we are reminded of the importance of integrity, compassion, and dedication in pursuing truth. Don Ward will be dearly missed, but his memory will continue to inspire and uplift those fortunate enough to have known him.

News Anchor Don Ward Dies, Was On The Air With KKTV For Nearly 15 Years