Jeff Joseph the legendary singer of Gramacks passes away.

jeff_joe_100x79Dominica’s cadencelypso superstar, the legendary Jeff Joseph aka Jeff Joe of St. Joseph has died after undergoing surgery in Le Maynard hospital in Martinique. Jeff Joe who performed at the recent 15th Annual World Creole Music Festival is said to have suffered from heart and kidney failure.

jeff_joeThis report was confirmed during an interview with DJ Jokham on DBS’ Radio Program L’experience Creole moments ago. The news of Jeff Joe’s illness reached the island yesterday placing everyone in a solemn mood wishing for a speedy recovery for the legend.

Joseph’s musical career began in the early 1970s in Guadeloupe. During his musical career he toured across the globe and is very well known in the French Antilles. In the early 1980′s Jeff Joe and his Grammacks performed at the United States superbowl.

Joseph will be remembered for his energetic performances of songs such as ‘Soucouyant’, ‘Soliel Tous Chaud’, and ‘Woy Mi Debas’. Many of his recordings were done in the legendary Debs Studio in Martinique. Joseph is known for adding various Caribbean styles to his musical identity. Not only was Jeff a lead member of the original Gramacks, the follow up Gramacks New Generation, but he was also a founding member of the Antillean group Volt Face along with Georges Decimus.

Jeff Joe was honored by Triple Kay International during their performance at the 15th Annual WMCF. He was recognized for his influence on the band and his contribution to the advancement of the musical industry in Dominica. Jeff had just completed a performance of the remake of ‘Soucouyant’ with the band.

Jeff was one of Dominica’s goodwill ambassadors and he played and integral part in the promotion and marketing of the World Creole Music Festival. Jeff will be missed by the music fraternity in Dominica, the French West Indies and the entire Dominican populace. Dominica now mourns a legend, an icon, an ambassador and a musical hero. May his soul rest in peace.


Legendary Jeff Joseph of Grammacks Fame passed away in Martinique
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011