Ken Richards a Veteran Journalist and Broadcaster Dead at 67

Ken Richards a Veteran Journalist and Broadcaster, Dead at 67

Ken Richards, the Dominica native veteran journalist and broadcaster, passed away, leaving a legacy of excellence and dedication to the media industry. He died on Sunday, May 21st, 2023, at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital in Dominica.

A pioneer in broadcasting, Richards touched lives through his passionate storytelling, insightful reporting and deep love for his homeland and the Caribbean. His charisma, beautiful smile and calming presence made him an instant hit among listeners. He worked across the Caribbean region at different media outlets. Ken was a great friend.

Ken Richards’s profession in journalism took him to the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, where he worked in the Caribbean section.

His integrity and commitment to journalism made him a beloved figure in the media industry, and he will be deeply missed. Ken’s death leaves a big void in the media industry.

May he rest in peace.

Ken Richards was a beloved figure highly respected for his integrity and commitment to his journalism work. He always dedicated himself to the pursuit of truth.

Ken Richards was a passionate broadcaster and journalist who earned his title with years of hard work and dedication. His knowledge and exceptional skills in an array of broadcasting topics were renowned. He could be seen delivering mesmerizing news reports, whether it was live from a local public event or from outside the studio.

Richard’s friends and colleagues in the media industry pay tribute to this great figure. They fondly remember his unfailing support for the community, his passion for the local culture, and his dedication to calypso music.

Ken Richards will be deeply missed by those who knew him and those who he inspired. He will always be remembered for his way of life, integrity legacy, and love for his country, particularly the Pointe Michel community where he lived and grew.

As we pay tribute to the life of Ken Richards, we remember the legacy of compassion, truth, and community he left behind. Ken Richards, the veteran broadcaster and journalist who died at 67, was a champion of integrity. Throughout his career, he demonstrated a tireless commitment to the truth and the accuracy of the stories he reported on. Whether it was a news story or an investigative report, Ken Richards was determined always to get the facts right and never to compromise the truth.

But beyond his commitment to the truth, he was also committed to the Caribbean community. Through his journalism profession, he sought to educate and inform his readers, listeners, and peers.

Ken Richards was an inspiration. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and the betterment of the Caribbean community. He was a leader in the broadcasting industry, advocating for honest and accurate reporting, and his legacy will continue to influence the industry.

The world has lost a great man in Ken Richards, but his legacy of truth and integrity will live on. We must honour his memory by continuing his legacy and fighting for truth, justice, and the betterment of journalism in the Caribbean community.

Richards was a towering figure in regional media, having worked for the Dominica Broadcasting Station, Radio Antilles, Voice of the Island Radio, Observer in Antigua, WINN FM Radio St. Kitts, Marpin Telcoms & Broadcasting, Dominica News Online, and the BBC Caribbean Service in London.

It is understood he had been ailing for some time and spent over three weeks at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In recognition of his immense contributions to the industry, past and current colleagues of Ken Richards have paid tribute to him with the hashtag #RestInPowerKen on social media.

He leaves a legacy of years of hard work and dedication to the industry, remembered for his passion, warmth and commitment to excellence. The Caribbean media community will miss Ken Richards.

Known for his warmth and commitment to excellence, Ken took pride in all his work. During a more than three-decades-long career, Ken touched lives within the corridors of Dominica Broadcasting Station, Radio Antilles, Voice of the Island Radio, Observer in Antigua, WINN FM Radio St. Kitts, and Marpin Telcoms.

Those who knew Ken recognized him to be a natural and gifted communicator. Many appreciated and acknowledged his ability to cut through complex matters and make them understandable. He could share compelling stories of any kind, so much so that he is remembered for his captivating voice and the ability to capture the attention of any listener.

The loss of Ken Richards to the Caribbean media community is immense. He embodied the principles of true journalism – delivering accurate and timely information with honesty and integrity. He was a giant in the industry, and his impact will be felt for years. Ken Richards will be fondly remembered for his contributions to the industry and the love he shared within the media environment. in Dominica and Antigua Broadcasting Services.

Richards’ journalism was hard-hitting and transparent, allowing his listeners to get to the core of important issues quickly and efficiently. He was a reliable source of information, and his work was informed and unbiased. His journalistic integrity was unparalleled, and the audience could always be sure of his commitment to accuracy and truth.

At the heart of Ken Richard’s work was a love of people and media. From his groundbreaking reports, coverage of important regional issues, and support of his fellow broadcasters, Richards committed himself to helping others achieve their goals. His passion for journalism was deeply apparent, and his relationships with colleagues and the public were highly valued.

Ken Richards was a leader in the media industry, and his influence will be felt for years to come. His memory will be fondly remembered as a reminder of the prominence of quality journalism and the dedication of those who strive to bring news and information to the public. His legacy will serve as an inspiration to all who carry on his work.