Dear All

The Family of the late Abraham Alphonso Peter Charles want to thank you in total sincerity for your sentiments and words of comfort. It is indeed a time to reflect and understand the need to appreciate your life and to dedicate that life to help and support your fellowmen in your Communities who are destitute.

It is always pleasing to know and appreciate your concern during this time. It was also pleasing to listen to comments made by friends and associates, comments with information which were not known due to lack of historical documentation in the early days

A Fact–In his early years, he was introduced(forced) to become a member of our father’s Society(ST MICHAEL MUTUAL AID SOCIETY) A Society founded in 1912 and may be the first Social Security Service serving by giving aid/succour to the unfortunates of the town of Portsmouth

2 )Represented the Dominica Grammar School at InterIslandsSchools Tournament in Grenada in the Sport of cricket(a good close fielder/ntimidator at mid on) and at Football

3)Undocumented Fact— With Mr Randolf Bannis and Mr Thomas Irish he encouraged and persuaded and very involved with Mr E. O Leblanc the Father of the Nation when they were employed at Dominica Banana Association and Dominica Leaf Spot in Bay Street Portsmouth to be involved in Dominican politics.

4 )He was a member of the Portsmouth Pillar Gang(A group of young men who met in the evenings(darkness) by a pillar at the entrance of the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Church discussing the political/economic problems/issues in Dominica

5) The Founder of the Dominica Oversea Nationals Association(DONA) responsible during the hurricane David persuaded BA to transport 17 nurses to Dominica in support to the medical fraternity Persuaded Electrolux to donate the first commercial laundry equipment to the Princess Margaret Hospital He was involved with the original plans of the Portsmouth Hospital, and set up an administrative Committee at that hospital ETC ETC ETC

5)An Executive member of West Indian Standing Conference (WISC). With his colleagues, occupied the West Indian Student Centre London for many weeks when it was threatened with closure/sale. They relented when the Caribbean Govts changed their minds and the building is now used as the High Commission for the Commonwealth of Dominica and St Lucia A time, with his colleagues was responsible to monitor the arrival of Caribbean people at the London Airports. He supported vehemently Mr Alex Pascal one of the first black Presenters on Radio London(Black Londoners) See and read his books on www.alphonsocharlesrighto.com Not listed on Site MY IMAGINATION and THEY CALL ME MR TOTE  ETC ETC ETC