10 Actors Who Died On Set

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Here are the 10 actors who died while filming movies or TV series.

10. Martha Mansfield
9. Tyrone Power
8. Redd Foxx
7. Roy Kinnear
6. John Ritter
5. Clark Gable
4. Jean Harlow
3. Vic Morrow
2. Jon Erik Hexum
1. Brandon Lee

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  1. So technically most of these actors / actresses didn’t die on the set. they
    just fell ill there. That helicopter scene was terrible.

  2. You need to respect John Ritter a bit more. That guy was awesome and even
    cracking jokes with the emergency personal up to the minute he died.

  3. There was also Heather O Rourke who died from a bacterial infection in her
    Intestines! She was 13 years old! :(

  4. Did Redd Foxx say, “this is the big one, I’m coming Elizabeth” before he

  5. all I was looking for was Paul walker and he wasn’t here, don’t know the

    • +Moley Webb Critics hated “Wagons East,” so they left him off the list.

    • John Candy didn’t die on-stage or on-set. John died in his bed after
      suffering a massive heart- attack.

      Losing John Candy still remains one of the single greatest loss of talent
      in showbusiness history.

      Planes, Trains and Automobiles still remains my favourite film and John
      Candy’s performance was brilliant.

      When I think of John, it is his big, warm smile that springs to mind – not
      to mention his kind and friendly face. An immense talent who oozed charisma!

    • I saw part of that movie, and it’s easy to see why it happened. Candy had
      a fight scene, and he did it himself. It looked pretty strenuous.

    • +Christopher Rowan Though he didn’t die during the middle of a scene, he
      did die during production and they had to finish the film without him.

  6. That part where those 2 poor kids died from the helicopter blades made my
    heart sink. Poor babies.

    • No doubt, that is just tragic. Kids should not be in scenes with that much
      action. That is stunt man territory. The really sad thing is, in that scene
      they could have used dummies. There was so much going on in the scene, they
      weren’t focused close in on the actors, nobody would have noticed if the
      kids were not real. The adult actor died due to a tragic accident, the
      children were killed due to poor judgement on the directors part.

  7. So ten actors who died ‘on set’ apart from most of them who died later?!

  8. Didn’t Roy Kinnear play Veruca Salt’s father? In the film Willie Wonka and
    the Chocolate Factory?

    • Ran across a site that had the autopsy reports of Vic morrow and the 2
      children.by chance some yrs back.That was pretty morbid.

    • Your right about that.Those old character actors from the 50s,60s and
      70s.love the old movies and old TV shows.

  9. I would say .. Vic Marrow and the 2 children’s deaths.. were by far, the
    more Horrific.. and also theirs were …while actually on set..

    • +lindapriorirish8 and just incase your being sarcastic it was Landis who
      wanted all those explosions. so yes it was his fault lol

    • No I was not being Sarcastic… I use to have nightmares about This… I am
      grateful, learning what actually Happened… thanks….

  10. The Brandon Lee shooting, the gun didn’t contain a “fragment” of a bullet,
    the entire bullet was there. It was what is called a “squib load”. I can
    go into further detail if anyone is interested.

    • +Ben D. You might want to clarify who the comment is directed at, as it
      might cause some confusion. And, nice use of the line I said previously.

    • +911ambulancegirl not to nit pick but it was micheal Wincott not Michael

    • +Imtherealsaturnsonic sorry I was mistaken, you are right. I am wrong. some
      reason I thought it was Wincott. Boy my memory Is fading with age……

    • Wasnt it the table scene where he was shot? Where you have him confronting
      the drug lord near the end? When all of his crew were shooting at him?
      Someone….slipped a real bullet into one of those guns correct?

  11. Your videos are pretty legit. The editing is done well and your narrating
    voice/style is catchy. I also like the speed of your videos- especially the
    picture slide show for each number/fact you list. It’s quick enough to
    where you can show a picture per point within each listed fact’s
    description (similar to a story) but not too quick as to where you don’t
    have time to appreciate everything in the photo and, instead allows enough
    time to see exactly why it was picked for the specific fact or point you
    are explaining at the moment.

    That’s where a lot of these types of YouTube videos go wrong and cause the
    entertainment factor to lack. Either they have a mile long description
    while showing only one photo and the narrating seems to be at a pace that
    Ferris Bueller’s teacher would appreciate or they speak at a rate so quick
    that you waste the time you should be using to focus on trying to
    comprehend what is in each one of the 50 pictures they pile in second by
    second, and instead use it to focus on what he just said 3, 7 or 15 words
    ago. They need to realize every spoken word does not require a picture, not
    even every sentence.

    I’m surprised I just now found out about you. I enjoy the top 10 lists,
    especially the front runners. I watch them quite a bit so it’s strange that
    it took this long for my account to suggest one of your videos. Doesn’t
    matter because I know you exist now and I just subbed to ya. ; -) <3

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