Top 10 Air Travel Companies with Most Plane Crashes in 2014

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6. Avianca
Most Plane Crashes
It had been one of the best and reputable airline companies in the world. But Avianca’s repute was seriously damaged because of the chain of accidents occurred, the major of them wad the Madrid accident that killed more than 200 passengers.
5. Thai Airways
Most Plane Crashes
Thai Airways was well known all over the world. Unluckily, during 1980 and 1990 it had to experience several accidents that damaged its repute. A major accident was of 1992 when a flight from Kathmandu killed over 120 individuals at the spot.
4. Egyptair
Most Plane Crashes
Egyptair’s number of air crashes is over 5. This is one of the most dangerous airlines in the world since 1970. A series of accidents and mishaps occurred that killed over 400 people, making it an non-trustable airline company.
3. Philippine Airlines
Most Plane Crashes
Philippine Airlines has a history rich with air accidents. More than six of its international flights got crashed and killed over 130 people because of hijackings and explosions.
2. Cubana Airlines
Most Plane Crashes
Cubana Airlines has seen over eight major crashes, and 404 casualties were reported. This led the authorities focus on replacing the aircrafts with the better ones.
1. Iran Air
Most Plane Crashes

Iran Air suffered with 10 air crashes. During the past five years, this airline has seen no major success just because its repute has been damaged seriously. In 1988, a severe air crash took the lives of more than 300 people. Top 10 Glamorous News Anchors in India:
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