Garry Marshall Dead at 81, The Man Who Gave Us Robin Williams and Pretty Woman

The man who gave the world their first look at Robin Williams is dead.Garry Marshall a genius in Hollywood who started out as a joke writer in 1950's and the ended up writing on the Jack Paar Show as died at the age of 81. Garry Marshall was a genius in the world of television and film. In 1970 he helped bring " The Odd Couple" to The Little Screen. Later in the 70's he created " Happy Days, " Laverne and Shirley" and of course Mork and Mindy, sky rocketed a young comedian by the name of Robin Williams. He the began to direct in the 1980's bringing the classic " Pretty Woman " to the big screen. He also brought Anne Hathaway to audiences in the " The Princess Diaries" no matter what medium he conquered it. He also did numerous television appearances and even as of late made an appeareance on Brooklyn 9-9 and recently finished his last picture " Mothers Day " Not only a great man in his profession, but in life he will be sadly missed.