Black Celebrities You DID NOT Know Were Dead 1

Black Celebrities You DID NOT Know Were Dead

R.I.P. to these unsung stars of yesterday.


  1. Sad that Bol died. Did you know he has the 76ers record for the most 3s in
    a quarter?

  2. Michael jackson, we all know he past away 25/9/2009, will never forget.

    1. The guy that played Michael Jackson is dead. He died of leukemia. That’s
      who you saw. Not the real Micheal Jackson. Go back and wait to see his name

    1. Got to have bricks for brains if most people didn’t understand what you
      Jackson fan isnt saying that guy was MJ he was merely asking if people were
      thinking the same as him before the name Wyle Draper popped up.

  3. This video serves as a reminder of how little our celebrities are valued in
    the mainstream media. Most of these people were really big stars, yet
    passed with little or no news coverage at all. This is proof that we need
    to support our own news programs and not stations like BET. We need to
    ensure that stations like ASPIRE and TVOne thrive so that our children can
    see their likeness in positive roles.

    1. +garcemac I meant enjoying it from a standpoint of a celebration of
      departed stars who have not gotten their just due, not from the morbidity
      of celebrating their deaths.

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