Stella Stevens born Estelle Eggleston October 1 1938 – February 17 2023

Iconic Actress Stella Stevens, Dead at 84:

The entertainment world has suffered a major loss with the passing of the iconic actress Stella Stevens, star of iconic films like Nutty Professor and Poseidon Adventure. The 84-year-old Stevens passed away on February 17, 2023, leaving a legacy of unforgettable performances that moved generations of viewers.

Born October 1, 1938, Stevens had an impressive range as an actress, starring in both dramas and comedies in beloved films like The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Poseidon Adventure, and The Nutty Professor. As a model and an actress, she graced magazine covers and movie screens worldwide, having roles in multiple television shows.

Over her long career, Stella Stevens brought joy and depth to her roles, playing various characters with a skill that surprised and delighted viewers. Her undeniable grace and talent in front of a camera earned her multiple awards and three Golden Globe nominations for her performances. It is believed that she had Alzheimer’s disease.

In a statement released to the press, Stevens’ family said, “We are heartbroken to announce that our beloved Stella Stevens passed away due to natural causes. We are comforted in knowing that she was beloved by so many and that her legacy will live on, while we will always be grateful for the gift of knowing her and the joy she brought us all.”

Her life and career were an inspiration of the power of hard work and dedication, and her passing will be felt by many. She will be remembered for her outstanding performances in films like Nutty Professor and Poseidon Adventure and for her remarkable beauty and grace.

 Fans worldwide are mourning her passing and will always remember this great star and beautiful soul for her role in the great movies she starred in.

Is Stevens in a nursing home?

In recent years, she had been living in a nursing home in Los Angeles.

Did she play the drums in the Courtship of Eddie’s Father?

No record of Stella playing the drums in the Courtship of Eddie’s Father. She may have played them off-screen, but no evidence supports this.

A native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, Stella’s career began as a model before moving to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. Stella quickly won over audiences and critics alike with her grace and beauty. Her most memorable roles included the iconic Nutty Professor and Poseidon Adventure, where she truly showed off her amazing talent. 

Not only did Stella win over audiences with her beauty and talent, but she also earned the respect of her peers and those who worked with her. Many of her former co-stars and directors remember working with Stella fondly, noting her graciousness and professionalism. 

More recently, Stella has been remembered for her support for the LGBTQ+ community, as she served on the board of the Rainbow Center in Hollywood. 

Stella Stevens will be greatly missed, and for those who love her, her legacy will live on in their hearts. May she rest in peace?

Stella Stevens, the beloved actress best known for her roles in films such as The Nutty Professor and The Poseidon Adventure, passed away at age 84. Her death has left many feeling a deep sense of sadness and loss.

Throughout her life, Stevens was a talented and beloved actress and an inspiring humanitarian. From her work with the Rainbow Center in Hollywood to her unwavering commitment to the causes she believed in, Stevens was a beacon of kindness and hope. She was an ever-present inspiration for many, and her legacy will live on for years.

In her long career, Stevens received numerous awards for her work and was nominated for two Golden Globe awards. Her commitment to the craft and talent brought joy to many through her performances on-screen. Even later, she pursued her passions and engaged in meaningful work. 

In her death, Stevens leaves a powerful legacy of commitment to her craft and service to her community. Her untimely passing has left a hole in many hearts and a reminder of life’s fragility. As we remember and celebrate her life, may we also reflect on the importance of cherishing our time with the ones we love. 

We have lost a true legend in the world of entertainment. Your shining light of grace will be deeply missed. R.I.P., Stella Stevens.

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