Lasse Wellander, Swedish ABBA Band Guitarist, Dead at 70

Lasse Wellander, Swedish ABBA Band Guitarist, Dead at 70

The music world has been left stunned and heartbroken at the news that Swedish guitarist and beloved musician Lasse Wellander, best known as the lead guitarist of the world-renowned ABBA, has sadly passed away. He was 70 years old.

Wellander was born in 1950 in Stockholm, Sweden and began playing guitar at 10. He went on to become one of the most respected names in Swedish music and was widely celebrated for his unique style and incredible skill. His family announced that he had died on Friday, April 7th, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Wellander was at the forefront of the rise of ABBA, having joined them at the beginning of the band’s career in 1973. His influence on the band and their sound was undeniable. His guitar playing was essential for the group’s unique sound, his distinctive, melodic style and clever soloing adding the extra spark to their already groundbreaking music. He was also a major part of the group’s live show, performing with them worldwide and giving countless memorable performances.

Wellander will be remembered as a central figure of the ABBA era and an incredible musician whose influence will be felt across the music world. We send our heartfelt condolences to them and every one his music has touched. His family has requested privacy at this difficult time and has asked for donations in Wellander’s memory to be made to cancer charities.

This news is a sobering reminder of our mortality and the beloved musician that touched many lives. Wellander’s contributions to music cannot be overstated, and his lasting influence will surely be felt for decades.

Wallander began performing with ABBA in 1972 and continued to tour and record with the group until their dissolution in 1982. His work with the group encompassed the entirety of their career, and his guitars were a vital part of the sound that made ABBA such a beloved and influential group.

Throughout his career, Wellander displayed unique skills on the guitar and was a beloved presence to all that worked with him. His influence transcended bandmates, and while playing with ABBA, he crafted riffs that produced some of the most iconic pieces of music in the twentieth century.

The news of Wellander’s passing has been met with a great deal of sadness from family, friends, and fans alike. His family has asked for donations to be made in Wellander’s memory to cancer charities, and we send our heartfelt condolences to them and all who his music has touched.

Though Lasse Wellander’s life has ended, his music will remain with us forever. We will remember him for the joy he brought to millions of ABBA fans and his lasting impact on music. His presence on this earth will be sorely missed, but his tunes will never be forgotten.

Lasse Wellander, the beloved ABBA guitarist and influential musician, passed away aged 70. He was an iconic figure in the music industry and was best known as the lead guitarist of the Swedish pop sensation ABBA. His guitar playing brought a unique and recognizable sound to many of the band’s most famous songs, including “Dancing Queen,” “Take a Chance on Me,” and “Mamma Mia.”

Lasse had an unmistakable style, and his playing skills were respected by ABBA fans and his music industry peers. He had a great ear for melody and was an incredibly skilled guitarist. He had an impressive flair for improvisation, often adding extra flourishes or jazz-style touches to the songs he played. His sound was essential to the “ABBA sound,” and the band would not have gained the same level of success without his unique guitar work.

Lasse played guitar in a remarkable range of genres, from rock, jazz, classical and more. His technical expertise and musical proficiency were outstanding, and it is no surprise that his career was respected and admired. He was a successful session musician, often lending his talents to records by artists such as Judy Collins, Joe Cocker and Björn Ulvaeus. His versatility and skill as a performer also saw him play with prestigious bands such as the Scorpions, Bad Company and even the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

As well as his playing, Lasse was a renowned teacher and mentor. He taught many students, including the former ABBA drummer and guitarist Ola Brunkert. Lasse was passionate about passing down his knowledge and encouraging others to pursue music. His influence on younger generations will continue to be felt in the music.

Lasse Wellander was more than just the lead guitarist of ABBA. He was a talented musician, composer, respected session player, and kind-hearted teacher. His contribution to the world of music will be remembered for generations. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his work and legacy as an artist will live on.