The Outfield frontman Tony Lewis, who enjoyed success with enduring 1980s hit Your Love, dies 'suddenly and unexpectedly' aged 62.

British musician Tony Lewis is Dead at age 62

The British musician Tony Lewis, who enjoyed chart success with the British rock band “The Outfield” with their 1980s hit “Your Love,” died suddenly at age 62. 

Tony’s publicist revealed he passed away ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ near his home in London on Monday., At the time of posting this story, the cause of death had not yet got revealed.

His publicist said in a statement: ‘It is with deep sadness and sorrow to report that Tony Lewis, singer of the ’80s rock band the Outfield, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away [on] October 19th, at the age of 62 near London, England.

Tony Lewis was an English singer-songwriter/musician. He was a member of the Outfield band. After a long career with the Outfield, Lewis began work as a solo artist. He released his first solo album, Out of the Darkness, in the spring of 2018 on Madison Records.

In secondary school, Lewis took his love of music a step further, forming his first band with Alan Jackman. Lewis played bass guitar, and Alan played drums.

A few years later, the two joined up with guitar player John Spinks and formed a progressive rock band called Sirius B. In the early 1980s, the punk rock scene exploded in London, and the progressive music of Sirius B was not in demand. The band disbanded, and Lewis went out on his own. He played in various local bands and clubs around London, often stepping up to the microphone to take on vocals.

The Outfield frontman Tony Lewis, who enjoyed success with enduring 1980s hit Your Love, dies 'suddenly and unexpectedly' aged 62.
British musician Tony Lewis is Dead at age 62 1

‘Tony’s music touched people around the globe for decades. Lewis and the late John Spinks took the ’80s by storm with the Outfield’s infectious pop songs, including Your Love, All the Love, and Say It Isn’t So.

Your love reached No. 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1986 and is still widely known today, with features in various T.V. spots and commercials, gaining millions of streams each month. ‘Tony Lewis’s legacy will live on forever through his beautiful family and his legendary music. The family requests their privacy during this difficult time.’

East London native Tony, who also carved out a career as a songwriter and record producer, co-founded The Outfield with Alan Jackman and John Spinks. They went on to enjoy success with their hit tracks, All The Love and Say It Isn’t So, while their 1986 hit Your Love peaked at number 6 on America’s Billboard Hot 100. 

Your love has been embraced as something of a rock anthem over the years, which continues to get radio and club play across the U.S.

In the song’s lyrics, distinctively belted out by Tony, the narrator attempts to convince his ex-girlfriend to have a night of passion with him while his current girlfriend, Josie, is away on vacation.

However, despite his overtures, the ex-girlfriend refuses his offer as she wants him to remain faithful to an unsuspecting Josie. 

Their debut album, which was released in 1985, hit triple-platinum sales in the U.S., where it also charted in the country’s top 10.

His bandmate died in 2014 at the age of 60, following a battle with liver cancer. 

News of Tony’s death comes as revealed that he had been working on a new E.P., which he’d planned to release in spring 2021. 

He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Carol, two daughters Gemma and Rosie, and three grandchildren. 

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