Glenda Jackson CBE 9 May 1936 – 15 June 2023

Glenda Jackson, British actress & politician, Dead at 87

With great sadness, we report the passing of acclaimed actress and two-time Oscar winner Glenda Jackson. The British star, who was 87, died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

Glenda Jackson, who began her career in the 1950s, was known for her outstanding performance on stage and screen. She won two Oscars for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, making her one of the most honoured actresses in history. She also moved from acting to focus on a twenty-year career in British Parliament, always a committed public servant. 

Jackson didn’t stop there, however. After a break and a period of contemplation, she decided to return to acting with a highly acclaimed run of stage work. She continued to capture the hearts of thousands with her signature blend of grace and power, delighting young and old audiences. 

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The passing of Glenda Jackson marks the end of an era for British cinema and is a tremendous loss to the world of showbiz. We take a moment to reflect on her contributions throughout her life and career. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones during this difficult time. May she rest in peace.

The world of showbiz has lost a true trailblazer with the passing of Glenda Jackson, a two-time Oscar-winning actress. She was an iconic figure in the industry whose extraordinary talent, unique style and unwavering commitment to her craft left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. 

Glenda Jackson’s career spanned over six decades and countless acclaimed roles. In 1962, she began her successful theatre career, earning a Tony Award for her role in “The Restoration of England.” She transitioned to film in 1965 when she starred in “Women in Love,” for which she was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress. Throughout her career, she would win numerous awards, including a second Oscar for her role in “A Touch of Class.” 

Glenda Jackson’s impact extended far beyond her remarkable body of work. As a true role model, she inspired many aspiring actors and advocated for equal treatment of women in the industry. She was also a tireless campaigner for social justice issues, bravely tackling racism, poverty, and gender inequality. She used her platform to help create meaningful change and to help bring about a more enlightened world. 

Glenda Jackson’s career was challenging, but she stood tall and persevered. Glenda Jackson inspired us all; her legacy will live on for many generations. We take a moment to reflect on her contributions throughout her life and career. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones during this difficult time. 

Today as we mourn the passing of the great Glenda Jackson, two-time Oscar winner and beloved actress on stage and screen worldwide. She left us at 87 but has left a legacy that will never be forgotten. 

Glenda Jackson was born in Birkenhead, England, in 1936. She was a stage actress before making her transition to film in 1963. Jackson took the world by storm and won two Academy Awards for her iconic roles in ‘Women in Love’ in 1969 and ‘A Touch of Class’ in 1973. Her work also received many nominations and recognitions, including multiple Golden Globes Awards, BAFTA awards, and Emmy Awards.

Glenda’s passion for acting was matched only by her love for theatre and political activism. She served in the Parliament of the United Kingdom for both Manchester Gorton and Hampstead and Kilburn. She was an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and other progressive causes.

Today, we take a moment to remember the life and legacy of Glenda Jackson. Her work and dedication to the arts and politics reshaped the industry and opened countless opportunities for future generations. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones during this difficult time.

Glenda Jacksonan icon (9 May 1936 – 15 June 2023)