Why Mike Pence's Nomination Is TERRIBLE For Women 1

Why Mike Pence’s Nomination Is TERRIBLE For Women

Trump’s running mate instituted some of the most restrictive reproductive rights laws in the country. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“When Indiana Governor Mike Pence passed one of the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion bills, Hoosier ladies trolled him by calling him up and talking about women’s health and Auntie Flo.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence could be the next vice president of the United States, if he edges out the other names on Donald Trump’s rapidly-shrinking VP shortlist—but he’s probably not the guy to solve Trump’s “women problem.” That’s because Pence has supported, sponsored, and signed some of the country’s most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the past decade.

In March, Pence signed a bill that, among other restrictions, bans abortion sought because of a fetal anomaly like Down syndrome and requires abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal tissue. Indiana is the only other state besides North Dakota to ban abortion motivated by fetal anomaly—a provision that a federal judge has already deemed unconstitutional.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. There’s no dirt on Pence – nothing whatsoever but maybe just a few liberal

    1. Science shows that conservatives are born with bigger amygdalas and are
      more prone to fear mongering, but most of all they have been conditioned by
      their politicians and Fox news to be threatened by people who seem the
      slightest bit intelligent, thats why you voted for a man who yells things
      instead of discussing politics, your drawn to emotion. And here is were the
      problem lies, I just used the word “science” and that scares conservatives
      more than people of different ethnicities. So no matter who hard I try to
      present you with facts your instinct will just cause you to retreat. When
      foreigners attribute Americans with certain stereotypes, those are
      Republican stereotypes. They are making fun of people like you.
      If art is the greatest Democrat, Then conspiracy theory must be the
      greatest Republican

    2. “…I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and
      ~President George Washington

      “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded
      on the Christian religion.”
      ~President John Adams

  2. So we should abort all disabled babies then?! Why? Because we
    aren’t.”worthy” of “the extra resources” it takes to raise us?! Because we
    dare to be different?! Because we can’t walk. Communicate differently?
    Because YOU lack the education patience, and understanding to give us the
    time of day?! Screw you! I am disabled, and yeah my life is hard. But you
    know what? I’m grateful for every victory I’ve got because NOTHING was
    handed to me. I’ve fought for every skill I have and I’m grateful I’m alive
    despite idiots like you. Unsubscribing now.

    1. Whoa, she literally said that there should be a support system that helps
      women who are in those types of situations and other women as well.

    2. He was talking about the option of abortion if they wanted to abort it. I’m
      glad you have parents who gave you a chance but people shouldn’t be forced
      to have a child they don’t want or don’t have the additional resources to
      raise. that was the point. please rewatch the video.

  3. Ana please look up on google child molsters you will be shocked to see
    trump and huckabee and many more, it will shock you.

    1. The interpretation of the Bible or any religious text for that matter, with
      respect to the laws of this country are…. irrelevant anyway. There is no
      “understanding”. There is only subjective interpretation.

    1. As another fellow Hoosier, I would like to send each man and woman in the
      united states a small apology card for what Pence plans to do with America.

    2. As a transplant to Indiana, I urge potential Trump-Pence voters to come see
      the abundance of “Pence must go” signs that have been in Hoosiers’ front
      yards for nearly two years.

      Pence’s administration has landed women in jail for such “criminal” acts
      like have a miscarriage. (See Patel “feticide” April 2015)

      Voters should also read about the disturbing aftermath of RFRA in Indiana.
      Hate crimes and discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers skyrocketed.

    3. +aerojovi Wow! Pence sounds horrid! Please tell me more about this guy! I
      would like to educate myself.

  4. You act like VP’s even hold power & how is being against murdering babies
    HORRIBLE for women? Liberals get a hard on when thinking about aborting
    babies. Weird fetish.

    1. No one likes aborting babies. Your extremely dishonest straw-man is noted.
      Liberals want affordable accessible birth control which is one of the very
      best ways to reduce abortions.

    2. Listen. Liberals don’t LIKE abortions. They don’t think they are fun,
      exciting, or any of that stuff. They believe it is a choice a woman should
      have. If you’ve ever met a woman who had an abortion, you would know it was
      a difficult choice for her. Some people end up regretting it but some
      people feel it was the correct choice. Not an easy choice, but the right
      one. Think about divorce – most divorces are not for “fun”, they are
      heartbreaking decisions. But we don’t ban divorces; we allow it to be a
      choice because even though it is a hard choice, sometimes it is the best
      option for that person.

  5. Oh here comes the left-wing bs that all a woman should care about and vote
    accordingly is her uterus. It’s the same way they talk about gays.
    Condescending liberal tools…

    1. There are MANY conservative-minded gay, female persons of color, but the
      GOP alienates them. Many gay conservatives want to vote Republican but how
      can you vote for a Pence-type if he thinks its okay to refuse service to
      you if you’re gay. If the GOP wants to operate in a post-identity politics
      nation, it must welcome people of different ethnic, sexual, social and
      gender identities into the party. If it doesn’t, the Democrats will win
      them over without even trying hard.

    2. +Scott Shutter +Melissa Vasquerz LOL Trump on Trump violence. Your
      stupidity is showing.

    3. +Melissa Vasquez Did you want to work for less than minimum wage? Why the
      hell would you want to. And nobody is stopping you from putting your money
      in a bank account. You make no sense Lady.

    4. +Mr407Mike Do you want to get an abortion? Why the hell would you want to?
      The question isn’t why, if you’re going to make the argument that you own
      your body, then you should be able to do with it what you want.

      Wut? Currently you pay into Social Security through payroll taxes, and if
      you don’t you go to jail. I was taking about putting that money in a real
      retirement account. It’s my body so my labor, so I should be able to choose
      what I do with it. Can I?

    1. Numbers 5:27 talks about an unfaithful wife being given a poison to drink
      that will make her belly swell, cause her tremendous pain and to miscarry.
      It also mentions that she will be cursed, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

  6. I was hoping for Newt. That trainwreck would have been a lot of fun to

    1. yea, if comedy channels point out the hypocrisy and ignorance of

    2. Rather than come up with valid arguments for anti-abortion, we, instead,
      get ad hominem’s fired at TYT.

  7. Yep, let’s ignore the big terrorist attack in France and discuss Trump’s VP

    Gotta love the prioritizing of our journalists!

    1. you realize that the posts here on youtube are delayed, in some cases up to
      a week, and on avg a day or two. (for tyt that is, people like kyle do in
      the day of)

    2. +Ibrahim Hassan Muhammad Maybe they’re islamophobic because people like you
      kill innocent people?

  8. I work at a bio-technology firm that is, right now, working to build
    artificial wombs.

    If the America government doesn’t give the unborn “personhood,” or any
    rights at all, then we’re gonna have a lot of dead fetuses. A lot of dead
    unborn humans. And for what? WE CAN SAVE A BABY AT 20 WEEKS! Sometimes, 18
    weeks. And, as technology processes, we’ll be able to save the child’s life
    at 6 weeks or 4 weeks. What’s the point of a woman having an abortion and
    destroying her unborn child’s life when we can save them. But no, TYT won’t
    talk about artificial wombs or the life of the unborn child cause they
    don’t care about those humans.

    1. There’s a thing called ‘over-population’, which is already happening, you
      should look it up if you don’t know what that is.

    2. I’m assume you just broke an NDA. Either way research is the way forward.
      Did anyone beside peta bat an eye when at UW-Madison we preformed
      vivisections on cats/dogs then messed with their organs to see their

  9. I don’t know anything more horrible than defending a child rapist in court
    then laughing about it behind closed doors. Want to remind me who that was

    1. No. Everything Sanders says must be the truth and factually correct.
      Sanders is infallible and perfect. Anything Trump or Clinton says is a lie
      because they’re pedophiles and murderers. I’m tired of this cult of
      personality populist crap.

    2. +Teriek Williams there’s actually an audio recording of Hillary bragging
      about getting a child molester off on a technicality and laughing about it.
      The victim said hillary ruined her life. Google it

    3. +Malik S Was that the question I raising? I’ll rephrase, how come Clinton &
      Trump are the only candidates subject to any scrutiny? How come 100% of any
      critique of Sanders or his policies is completely untrue and fabricated by
      the media. How come any critic of Sanders is a shill? Apply your highly
      critical attitude and distrust toward Clinton & Trump, toward every
      politician, including Sanders. If not, don’t knock any Clinton or Trump
      fan’s unwavering, uncritical belief in their cult of personality.

    4. Lawyers are doing their jobs, sometimes it’s defending criminals … What’s
      your point?

    5. +Oliver Cukor His point is that Clinton is the most evil person on the
      planet. In truth, she’s just as corrupt as the rest, but she’s the
      scapegoat while whoever they like is the blameless, innocent saint. Its
      self-important bullshit.

    1. +Quiet Dog
      Nonsense. Take the Wikipedia page that you yourself linked to and, at the
      very top of the page, click the “disambiguation” link. The term was long
      ago coined to apply to splinter groups including, but not limited to, a
      group of Republican congressmen in the freaking 60s.

    2. “The term “Young Turk” is now used to signify “a progressive,
      revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party,
      etc, esp one agitating for radical reform”[10] and various groups in
      different countries have been named Young Turks because of their rebellious
      or revolutionary nature.” wikipedia, about the “Young Turks” group that in
      the end turned out to be a bunch of fascists.

    3. +Quiet Dog
      Well, if you are going to argue my own point for me, I have nothing left to
      say: you have now yourself refuted the relevance of your original post.

    1. Given the choices, Clinton as she’s the only one who can win against Trump.
      But ideally, Jill Stein.

  10. Kabuki Theater! Trump is an obvious plant, who’s pretty much stopped trying
    to maintain the farce since the primaries have been over. “Parliament”
    (Wall Street/Industry Execs/The Corporate Media) has long since determined
    that Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will have her succession as Queen Of These
    United States come November 2016. Now that Bernie Sanders has been
    cuckolded & “brought to heel”, her official coronation will be in January
    2017. The sheep & gullible needn’t fret.

    1. I’m not so sure. People hate Clinton so bad that it possible Trump could

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