Why Megachurch Pastor Would Vote Trump Over Jesus

A Christian megachurch pastor, who had previously told voters to vote for the most Biblical candidate, is now explaining why he’d vote Trump over Jesus Christ. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Right-wing Texas megachurch pastor admits he’d vote for Donald Trump over Jesus — who he accused of being weak on terrorism.

Robert Jeffress, pastor at 12,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, has been a vocal supporter of the presumptive Republican nominee — who he believes is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton…

Jeffress, who has said freedom from religion is a “perverted idea,” argued as a Trump supporter that the U.S. government should not be based on Christian principles.

“Nowhere is government told to forgive those who wrong it, nowhere is government told to turn the other cheek,” Jeffress said.

The conservative pastor said earlier this week that police officers are “ministers of God sent by God to punish evil doers” — which is what he said the Bible calls for in a president.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Let this sink in for a moment: There’s enough people in the world to give
    support and funding to this man to build a church as big as a city block
    (map below). I’m guessing virtually all of them would hear something like
    this, and not only be oblivious to the fact that he’s openly shouting his
    hypocrisy, but go ahead and twist their own internal logic to exactly
    mirror his. If you don’t at least consider shitting yourself in fear,
    curled up fetal in the shower, crying, there’s something wrong with you.

    • +Daniel Davis Now, mind you, there’s a skybridge linking the church to
      another building across the street, so we’re not talking about a single
      structure’s space. I’ve seen HOSPITALS that don’t use up that much space
      in the middle of a major population center.

    • +LabTech That’s obviously a display of the humility and piety the Bible
      speaks of.

    • No, there are more than enough people in every state in the union to fund
      crap like this, many times over. That is why you should be crying in the
      fetal position.

    • +Pat Doyle That was basically my point: that even one is horrifying, but
      that he’s only one of countless others. It’s the dime-a-dozen quality of
      the man that’s the problem.

  2. If Jesus the Middle-East man with a brown skin was alive today and came to
    the US to spread his message, this pastor & Trump would be happy to kick
    him out as a Jihadist Jew Communist Antichrist from Mexico.

    • +Jimie Williams
      Nope, not a myth, part of world history documented in multiple sources.
      You’re simply wrong, whoops!

    • +Antonio Lombardi
      Nah, nobody mistakes Jews for Muslims. It’s not a thing that ever happens,
      not even smack dab in the middle of Israel.

    • +Kelso Sunshine
      Yeah I’m a Jew, I don’t need a lecture on the difference between a Hebrew,
      a Jew, an Israeli, and an Israelite.

      Jew means both race and religion, it’s a culture. People group.

    • +Skyhurricane
      Luciferianism has infiltrated the Church, check out Bill Cooper and Mystery
      Babylon for more info if you’re not into that kinda research!

    • +Jarod Roach I’ve heard of “Mystery Babylon” and have read Revelation. It
      gets pretty intense.

    • +Skyhurricane
      These false teachers are making themselves obvious, we’re nearing the end

    • Best not to judge a whole group by the most ignorant among them. Same could
      be said about many groups.

    • I have no idea why people would form their opinion of Christians based on
      this obvious Luciferian.

  3. insert “meanwhile muslims comment” not all Muslims and Christians are evil

    • +oO PPH Oo “The thing is that people bring themselves into religion.”

      um…only a small fraction of people bring themselves into a religion. The
      overwhelming majority are indoctrinated into it by their parents
      nowadays…while the overwhelming majority of our ancestors were forced
      into it under threat of death.

    • +oO PPH Oo I didn’t bring myself into a religion – my parents brought me
      into it. You’re not making sense.

    • +TheHigherVoltage What’s not making sense to you?
      What I mean is that different people and cultures bring different things to
      religion. That’s the only way they can make sense of it. Then there the
      ones who don’t want to make sense of it. Those people leave religion. Cenk
      is in that category

    • +Xander Foxy Agreed. I am sometimes conflicted when I hear of ex-addicts or
      ex-cons turning their life around through religious but half of them turn
      into intolerant bigots… so I say as a whole religious views drive hate.

    • Now that you mentioned ex-addicts and religion, I think that atheists need
      to do more to reach out to non-believing addicts. There is too many 12 step
      programs in this country that do not cater to someone who doesn’t have a
      “higher power”. Atheists need to do more for our community besides making
      videos showing how ignorant religious people are. Yeah they aren’t very
      logical with their belief system, but they at least try to help people out,
      that have drug, alcohol, and economic problems. Even if it is conditional.

    • The thing is, Atheism isn’t inherently community related. Atheism is
      usually personal and non-communal. It isn’t an organization, and no one
      speaks for every Atheist because they are not a faith or organized body.
      That’s one reason why there isn’t outreach through Atheism, but a lot of
      organized religions do have charity functions.

    • Yes. I understand that. But now that fellow Atheists know that there is a
      need to reach out to to other Atheists so that we don’t rely on religious
      people that want us to change our whole identity, maybe we can be a little
      better with our humanity.

  4. *Welcome to TYT, here we use the word “christian” at any opportunity to
    imply negativity, but the word “muslim” is not used even after countless
    islamic terrorist attacks killing hundreds of people. Hell, we don’t even
    call these terrorist attacks islamic, just “terrorist”. Enjoy your stay!

    • +Kelso Sunshine
      You can’t be a Christian and favor Trump over Christ, it doesn’t work that

      Just like you can’t be an Obama supporter and favor Trump over Obama. It’s
      simple logic.

      You’re now 0-3, -10 extra points for your personal attacks.

    • Confettifun Man I have seen this comment so many times that I get sick of
      it already. Dudes like yourself likes to bring about the crusades and other
      blablabla nonsense in every discussion but you don’t know why the crusades
      happened, in all you don’t know ancient history. I don’t have time to write
      to you all the history of the crusades, so here is a history lesson, please
      educate yourself.

    • Why are you staying here if you clearly loathe TYT? You’ve given them your
      time and money (via viewer-count/ad-based revenue). Congrats.

    • +AntiSchiff Sure, that’s fine. However, the sermon on the mount is only a
      paragraph in an entire book of things believers are suppose to follow and

      To deflect any criticism of the bible or the Christian religion with “You
      disagree with love your neighbor?” is a bullshit argument that completely
      ignores the other 99.9% of what the bible and Christianity teaches and
      orders of believers.

      eg. At base, Christianity sells the idea that the ultimate moral, righteous
      and just thing to do is to willingly heap responsibility and due punishment
      of your evils onto an innocent scapegoat.

      Christianity and belief in Jesus starts with that. Everything else comes

    • Well, that certainly seems like a strident interpretation. Frankly, since
      you’re a non-believer like me, I can’t imagine what you’d even think about
      it much.

    • +AntiSchiff That’s an accurate description. If you think it harsh, I really
      don’t know how else to soften the reality of it.

      I think about it quite a bit considering Christian organizations are
      constantly working to convert my secular country into a “Christian Nation”,
      constantly pushing their agenda into my grandkids classrooms, constantly
      trying to push their beliefs into laws, constantly working to block and
      remove basic human rights from any section of the population they don’t
      agree with…constantly injecting their religious beliefs in politics, the
      media and virtually every venue I’m aware of, and constantly coming to my
      door asking if I’d join their cult.

      It’s pretty hard not to think about something quite a bit when it’s in your
      face relentlessly and you can recognize the harm in it.

    • Well, you don’t have the reality of it. It’s not an empirical question, so
      it isn’t of interest to me anyway. My guess is you’re a former believer
      yourself, but stopped believing well after I did. I haven’t been a
      christian in 20 years and I just normally don’t even think about it.

    • +AntiSchiff Yes, I do have the reality of it. The foundational belief of
      Christianity is that Jesus (an innocent) takes the punishment due the
      believer (the guilty).

      To claim this isn’t the case is either mind-boggling ignorance or outright

  5. Tyt The Anti – Christian establishment would be first in line to for vote
    for trump if he’d promised to destroy them

  6. Meanwhile, muslims are killing gay people, imprisoning rape victims, and
    allowing husbands to beat their wives. But by all means, those stupid

    • +Jarod Roach proof? He professes himself a Christian…he’s been baptized a
      Christian…he goes to a Christian church….he’s on record as citing
      Christian mythos numerous times…he said he prays to (bible)God before
      making any decision…he said (bible)God spoke to him…

      I look forward to you attempting to back your claim with something other
      than “cause I said so”.

  7. Embarrassing. People still denying *white privilege?* There’s a disease in
    America right now.

    • Embarrassing. People still denying *black privilege?* There’s a disease in
      America right now.

    • +Jarod Roach What can I as one lowly person of non-color do? If I gave
      everything I owned to the Southern Poverty Law Center and worked tirelessly
      for more gibs me dat for blacks, can the original sin of white privilege be
      taken from me? I can’t stop feeling all this guilt over white privilege.

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