Why Liberals Need To Stop Apologizing 1

Why Liberals Need To Stop Apologizing

Ruth Bader Ginsberg had some harsh words for Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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56 condolence

  1. Is Cenk claiming Liberals are humble? I need to watch all those SJW and BLM
    videos again.

    1. No way. The loudest voices on the internet are. But 70-80 percent of libs
      do not think that way

    1. That witch will very soon be underground & Trump will replace it with a

  2. Sorry, I was too busy apologizing to SJWs for my white, chiset male
    privilege. Did Cenk say something?

    1. +deepfriedchocobo I used it right. I meant their tears will be insincere.
      They thrive on faux victimhood, and would love spending the next for years
      whining about Trump. All they do is cry “racism”, “sexism” and decry the
      original sin of being a cishet white male. It’s basically a business model
      at this point. Scream and yell about how people who are cishet white males
      are evil, when people disagree with you scream “harassment!”, direct people
      to your Patreon page, repeat.

    2. +deepfriedchocobo Yep. You keep up with that whole “misogyny”,
      “problematic”, “micro-aggressions”, “safe space” bullshit, too.

  3. Hey Cenk!
    The Crusaders have attacked in Nice! They dropped a nuclear bomb there!
    There is nothing worse than these things! Do a story about these things!

    1. They’re not even news as in old. They’re merely unthinking propagandists.

    2. Blessed are the trolls, for they will waste the time and life of many
      ignorant propagandists.

  4. Lol, what? Liberals need to stop apologizing? Hahaha, what?!? Liberals are
    the ones who are perpetually squealing about how offensive and hurtful
    every opinion different than theirs is and demand way more apologies from
    people than conservatives do. It’s funny to see them wail about this as
    soon as they are asked to apologise. Classic leftist whinging.

    1. @Skaarphy. Ah, a classic liberal argument. Always bring up the Christians
      even when the rhetoric does not mention it. You might as well go all the
      way and call him a bigot, racist, CIS male scum as well.

    2. Cenk is just kissing their asses because he doesn’t want Trump, but he does
      make a point. although I think what American people need (including the
      vast majority of imbeciles (Hillary or Trump supporters) need a
      dictatorship to get them in-line, and not to mention a kick in the nuts to
      the establishment and let them know they can’t rig elections

    1. does your name indicate the number of functioning brain cells between your

  5. I’m early let me say a joke.

    What did Donald Trump do before criticizing illegals?

    He made sure his pools were clean and his lawns were mowed.

    1. +T -Val Documented ones do? I am against all immigration from third world.
      Not just illegal.

    2. +T -Val Because they receive it at higher rates than everyone else.
      Significantly higher.

    1. +Justin Dana
      That’s correct. Pussies can literally take a pounding and come back for
      more. Unlike the thin-skinned, nut-sack Cons who can’t even take a light
      slap without crying about it.


    1. +DCU&Marvel Champions i perfer not to go near muslims…i like my head
      intact thank you very much.

    2. +bob sagot I apologise for having this conversation with you as you don’t
      have an opened mind. I am truly and sincerely sorry for the conversation.

      I met many Muslims and I am currently speaking with my head intact.

    3. +bob sagot I am, as I have friends from all religious and ethnic
      backgrounds, I’m not sure I could say the same for you though.

    1. Just remember that guns’ primary purpose is to kill, while trucks have many
      purposes, none of which is to kill. Beside that, one need to pass a driving
      test, to drive any car and a special test to drive a big vehicle such as a
      truck. Do you need any license or a qualification to own and use guns in

      I will await your response

  7. Liberals should start apologising for their violence. Another one of their
    allies was spreading the religion of peace in France today.

    1. How is Islam an ally of liberalism? I’m a liberal, and I’m an atheist, and
      I despise religions.

  8. Those who are conservative are fundamentally anti-American.

    1. +Lucas Serrato America was actually founded on very contextually liberal
      ideals. The founding fathers were classical liberals who believed in
      personal freedom, like modern day libertarians.

    2. Do u have any proof that the US was founded on conservative principals? The
      biggest thing that speaks against that is the fact that the government is
      supposed to be secular when all of the most conservative states have a
      religious government.

    1. You seem to be the one who is trying to use it for your own agenda. Are you
      happy with yourself. Chummmmmmmmmmp

    1. +Rick Jackson That about sums it up Rick. Disgusting isn’t it? Kerry drove
      me crazy when he wouldn’t confront the “flip-flopper” criticism. Like its a
      crime to change your mind when you have new information. When people
      thought the world was flat, and we found out it was actually round, were
      people called flip floppers because knew it wasn’t flat? Kerry was weak.
      Clinton looks weak. Trump looks scary. A lot of the country thinks Trump is
      a racist and Clinton is not trustworthy yet we nominated them for
      president. Wtf is going on?

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