Why Colorado Is Drug Testing Babies

Legalized marijuana is raising new concerns about babies born in the state. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana has led to an increase in the number of babies being born THC-positive.

One Pueblo hospital is reporting nearly half the babies tested in one month had marijuana in their system.

Vicky Houston, of Woodland Park, saw nothing wrong with using medical marijuana for her health while pregnant.

“I believe it’s beneficial, I don’t think it’s toxic in any shape or form,” she told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Give those babies a break. Stuck in a woman’s belly for 9 months, then
    thrown into a fucked up world. Let ’em chill for a bit.

  2. I really love the little background slogans they come up with every news
    story. it tickles my funny bone everytime

  3. i bet the babys will be giant green men roaming the earth
    shitting on mother Russia while they think it is seeeds ……

  4. children with thc in their systems at birth have no ill affects from it.
    compare it to a woman who does crack, or alcohol, even cigarettes. thc
    babies are born healthy and smart.

    • The babies were healthier and smarter than babies who’s mothers did not use
      cannabis. It’s one of the reasons some people will fight to unlawfully keep
      it illegal.

    • +Kancho Hmm no when it comes to issues like this we can question such a
      statement. What’s most worrying is that it has so many likes…

  5. news flash:::::: people didn’t just start smoking Weed when it became legal
    …..could of did the same test ten years before legalization, and still
    get simular results….if stats are true in the first place

    • +Shirley Yugehst I don’t even think hospitals drug test babies unless
      something is wrong with them.

    • It’s been difficult to really know, because many of the women who smoked
      marijuana also smoked regular cigarettes or used other drugs, and it was
      hard to pin point what actual harm came from marijuana.

  6. My mother smoked weed when she was pregnant with my oldest brother. He
    scored highest in the state on state standardized testing. I’m not even
    making this up. Number 1.

  7. Marijuana is evil. It”s not bad for you, the medical community has
    granted, but it’s evil. No, lets administer anti nausea meds. that are
    dangerous for women and babies. Lets pump dangerous chemicals into them or
    leave them to suffer or have their life ripped apart, sometimes beyond
    repair, if they decide to use a natural and safe remedy. Lets make it
    unsafe for women to even want to go to the hospital at all to have a baby,
    while we’re at it, and then wonder why the hell infant mortality rates are
    sky high. That will fix America.

    • No, you will take your pharmaceutical Thalidomide and you and your 3 armed
      baby will like it.

    • Because I know hospitals are so anti patient, I had a home birth. I want to
      be comfortable, know my hospital costs prior (shop around options) and have
      medical personnel on my side, not have constant strangers coming in and out
      of my private space during labor, and you can’t get that at hospitals. They
      would readily put your babies life in danger to speed things up because
      that saves them money.

    • Another problem is the way women who are raped come in. Not that they are
      treated like crap on purpose but some of the humiliating and unnecessary
      procedures. What everyone missed with the Stanford rape is that the
      hospital experience (per her letter) is what this girl is going to have to
      live with haunting and traumatizing her for the rest of her life. Why did
      they need pictures of her vagina? Did they use it in court. I’m sure it
      looked the same. It’s just a bunch of bullshit. And how women’s basic human
      rights to choose what to do with their bodies during childbirth their most
      vulnerable time is stripped away in hospitals causing situations so
      traumatic and unnecessarily violent that women are suffering PTSD. If you
      are a women, you think twice and you are scared when it comes to going in
      for these things. You will be put through the vagina conveyor belt and hope
      you come out alive and/or sane in the end.

    • Trace amounts at most, nothing that show up on a drug test, also explain
      why only half of the babies had it in there system? you idea doesn’t hold

  8. If marijuana use can affect the brain development of teens, think what it
    might do to an unborn child. I’m all for legalizing marijuana, but I think
    there should be the same care taken in using it while pregnant as with

    • It needs to be emphasized that regular car use, which we consider once a
      week, is not safe as it may result in death, especially in youth.

      Looks a little bit like a meaningless statement.

    • +Jeweled Bird thanks for the links. Did you look at the studies themselves?
      I am asking because I find science news reporting somewhat notoriously

      BTW, the last time I checked I couldn’t find any reliable scientific data
      suggesting that moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy is harmful.
      IIRC, stopping to consume any alcohol shows even slight negative
      correlation with optimal outcome (I don’t remember the end point measures
      though). As always, correlation does not mean causation.

    • +Jeweled Bird Sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Whom have
      a monopoly on the supply of research-grade marijuana and uses its monopoly
      power to obstruct research that conflicts with its vested interests. MAPS
      had two of its FDA-approved medical marijuana protocols rejected by NIDA,
      preventing the studies from taking place.

      It was only a 5 point IQ drop and the researcher stated “our study does not
      conclusively address whether any or all of the brain changes are a direct
      consequence of marijuana use”. Too bad IQ tests don’t measure creativity.

      I don’t condone teen pot use, but I think the negative effects are being
      blown out of proportion.

  9. Idc if you smoke weed but they do these same tests for people who drink and
    smoke cigarettes so weed shouldn’t be an exception

    • +Jacksnake James The burden of proof should be on the state to show a
      concious decision on the defendant to consume substances that are harmful.
      Just declaring a test positive as enough is a miscarriage of justice.
      Plain drinking water or a poppy seed bagel is enough to rip a family apart.

    • thank you!! I was thinking in 5 years that kid will be on Ritalin. Which is
      way worse then marijuana!!

    • Don’ knock pharmaceutical grade meth for kids until you’ve forced them to
      take it yourself, or are a benefactor of it’s sales!

    • when a baby is born they get tested that day. Help know if the baby have a
      nicotine problem or worst. So, you must not have kids. So it is not
      illegal. Safety risk for you and the hospital. You sign up for that when
      you go to a hospital.

    • But the hospital investors want more money, and the law, or doing what is
      right is NOT going to stand in their way!

    • +Jacksnake James wtf are you talking about. As a pre-med student. Law does
      nothing here but to protect the child. That why a social worker comes an
      visit before you leave the hospital. Because conditions for mothers who
      can’t handle stress.

    • you own your baby you don’t even need to have the baby at a hospital they
      shouldn’t be able to do anything to your child without your consent.

    • +foxayroxay25 90% of testing and drugs you get from rodent testing doesn’t
      end up compatible with the human body so that’s not reliable. Marijuana is
      shown to kill cancer cells in the human body because of our endocanabanoid

    • +foxayroxay25​ Uh I never said anything about killing cancer cells in
      someone who doesn’t have cancer, I was simply addressing the untrue
      statement that marijuana causes cancer. Oh and tests on long term marijuana
      smokers lungs have shown NO damage.

    • The difference being that, even though U.S. researchers are ONLY allowed to
      test for harm and not for benefit, there has been NO correlation or
      causation linked to cannabis use during pregnancy, as HAS been shown for
      alcohol use during pregnancy. That’s quite the difference!

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