'White Boy Privilege’: Teen Performs Amazing Poem About Racism (VIDEO) 1

‘White Boy Privilege’: Teen Performs Amazing Poem About Racism (VIDEO)

A 14-year-old student wrote and recited a powerful poem about race. Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, and Kenny Hamilton, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“ATLANTA — Since the violence that shook America last week, a poem written and performed by an Atlanta teenager this past spring has been getting new attention. In fact, it has gone viral.

"White Boy Privilege" was an entry in a school poetry contest.

"To be honest I am scared of what it would be like if i wasn't on the top rung, if the tables were turned, and I didn't have my white boy privilege safety blankie to protect me," Royce Mann recited at the poetry contest.

Mann's message was a plea from a 14-year-old white male going to a private school in Atlanta: let everyone share his privileges.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton


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72 condolence

    1. I’m a Black progressive and even I think this kid is oozing white guilt,
      chill out.

    2. +Lady Catfish No i don’t feel shame for my whiteness i love my whiteness im
      proud to be white. With that said im also smart enough to be able to
      empathize and realise that what this kid is saying is some what true.

    3. Where are the white fathers?!? There is currently an epidemic of white on
      white crime! 82% of whites are murdered by other whites! Police need to
      target whites because they obviously can’t control themselves and stop
      killing other whites!

    4. As it should be in All white people for All they have done to every other

    1. +Damonte Reed they feed into racial tension saying this white privilege is
      the cause of their misguided life. It’s like blaming the boogie man, no one
      wants to say it’s their fault their lives suck, so they blame others for

  1. disgusting the liberal school system supports a child to be guilty about
    his skin color.

    1. +deenman23 yeah, you dont wanna deal with facts and wanna have this victim
      complex, ok, the reality is that white people have some advantages, maybe
      not big but they have

    2. +u235u235u235

      It’s an exercise that never should have been assigned to begin with because
      it encourages people to not hold others to standards that should be
      univerasal…like say putting effort into life and accepting that you will
      fail from time to time.

    3. He’s been taught virtues like justice, and to feel empathy for people with
      other skin colors. Empathy and justice != guilt.

  2. This kid isn’t even white. He’s Jewish. Why isn’t he decrying his Jewish

    1. FACE PALM!
      Jewish is not a race, it’s a religion. White, black, Asians and Hispanics
      can be Jewish. You can choose your faith, you can’t choose your ancestors.
      Dam, mad uneducated

  3. I find it hilarious that everyone saying white privilege isn’t a
    thing…..are white people. #itexists

    1. +Maria Loves Im glad you satisfied your feelings of white guilt. Minorities
      will now respect you and you will be seen as a paragon of virtue and
      cultural masochism! Well done!

  4. Homer is powerful. This little beta cuck is an embarrassment.

    1. For someone who loves moaning about “PC culture”, you get triggered so

    2. Well, he’s 14 so it would be odd if he was an alpha male. Do you often get
      dominated by 14 year olds? Also being a cuck would imply he is in a
      committed sexual relationship. Do you consider a 14 year old a proper
      sexual partner?

      Do you even know the meaning of the words you use or do you not bother to
      learn them and just parrot what you are told?

  5. Child abuse. Clearly, this poor kid has been programed by the cult of white

    1. +Storm Bey thats not.. how definitions work. you cant just say its
      something you want, and it be so. i think you have troubles in the mental
      box on your body. you need to refill it with fresh juices or something. D:

    2. +Storm Bey i was speaking like a moron intentionally. though im pretty sure
      you were serious. which is sads 🙁

  6. I am really getting tired of being I am told I am ‘privileged’ because I am
    white. How about parents stop teaching this racism, as well as every other
    kind of racism. Being born white isn’t something I had control over, just
    like being born black or whatever. However you CAN control what you do and
    how you treat people.

    1. +mayrana2 Because of white supremacist who feel offended because they’re
      told the fact that they’re privileged and don’t know what it’s like to be a
      possible victim of police racial bias. White people don’t have to worry
      about getting discriminated for the color of their skin when pulled over by
      other white cops. Not to mention all the other circle jerking try-hard
      white supremacists who are quick to try and excuse the deaths of cases like
      Tamir Rice’s whenever someone speaks their activist beliefs. Plus the whole
      white on white crime that occurs that the all lives matter group seems to
      ignore. I don’t see any protesting being done by them.

  7. This does absolutely nothing to prevent racial divisions. We should promote
    loving one another, not calling it the whites’ fault or the blacks’ fault.
    Obama is at least partially at fault, for promoting a platform(BLM) that
    enables violence against police.

    1. +TheOldBeef did you ever think black that they know blacks commit more
      crime because they are targeted more and you havent said anything at all
      about how people of other races are for more likely to commit crimes but
      black have a much high chance of being caught use logic

    2. +Solomon Byrf Even if you attribute all of the unsolved crimes to white
      people it doesn’t even come close to evening out the crime rates.

    3. Blacks commit more crime? Show me the statistics and even if it is true,
      you are basically saying they deserve to be targeted and or killed because
      of the actions of other blacks. Black people are pulled over for being in
      white neighborhoods or for owning expensive cars on a daily basis. People
      in stores often stare at them because of the stereotype that “all blacks
      are thieves”. Black college graduates have to work twice as hard as white
      college graduates, which doesn’t make sense because they are the minority.
      The list goes on. Not sure how some call it playing victim when stuff like
      this is ALWAYS happening. It’s almost as if we see what we want to see…
      oh wait.

    1. +studmalexy
      Why would I care for black men? They are the second most privileged group
      in the country behind black women. They don’t need to be cared for.

  8. White people…. We are the only race who are told to feel guilty about who
    we are.

    1. +Eren Jaeger I do not think these babies have been “mentally conditioned”,
      it is just their natural reaction.

      Babies are racists, get over it. they prefer people that look more like
      their parents, siblings and friends, it is safety in familiarity.

      The moment you start bringing in unfamiliarity the risk of baby dying
      increases, so this is a smart thing for baby survival.

      I do not think they said explicitly that the babies thought black dolls
      were bad, they just prefered the white ones.

      Being afraid of the dark? why? why would dark humans be any differenf from
      dark environment?

      Darker colors have been shown to be more scary than ligher colors, that may
      also pay a role.

      There is no conditioning involved with babies.

  9. I’m so sick of people thinking that it’s okay to be racist toward white
    people. Thanks Obama.

  10. Aww regressive Trump supporters attacking a 14 year old because they’re
    triggered. How adorable.

    1. how passive aggressive with a touch of generalization of people who
      disagree with him.

    1. +Sean Asgari Oh look an SJW so consumed by hate they fail to see the big
      picture. I’m sorry we couldn’t save you in time but we will do our best to
      make sure children stop being brainwashed .
      I beg of you remember your original goal a colour blind world where people
      are judged by their character and intellect. I hope you eventually wake up.
      Please keep in mind I was in a similar mind set as you when I was a little
      younger so theirs still hope its not to late. You can change its not to
      late to embrace anti authoritarianism and throw away your hate.

    1. +You Can’t Stump the Trump They do have conservative tendencies. You think
      people are purely liberal or purely conservative? I’m sure some gangbangers
      are homophobic, sexist, pro-war…

    1. Here come the cucks, what are blackies raping your daughter for slavery
      reparations so you have to type that?

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