What Is Campaign Zero 1

What Is Campaign Zero

Actor Kendrick Sampson explaining what Campaign Zero is on The Young Turks. We can live in a world where the police don't kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability. Learn more about Campaign Zero here:

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    1. +Nashresi I don’t hang around black people so no, not much rape in my life
      and personally, I prefer to keep my communities rape and crime free 🙂

  1. so what this guys is suggesting is that police should put themselves at
    risk when blacks decide to not follow the rules that they know all to well.
    this channel needs to be shut down for inciting a race war.

    1. The left has painted all police as bigoted racist hunting black men. How do
      they think black will react to this propaganda? We are seeing it play out.

    2. They wont discard them as long as they blindly vote democrat. 50 years of
      95%+ democrat voting has got them nothing.

      Left knows they’re pawns they don’t have to actually appease. Don’t have to
      earn their support. They have it by default.

  2. Michael Brown: after stealing a blunt wrap and assaulting the store owner,
    he resisted arrest from an officer (while also under the influence) and
    reached for that officer’s gun
    Philando Castille: had a gun on him and reached for it after clearly being
    told not to
    Alton Sterling: a whopping 16x felon (including child rape), also actually
    HAD a gun on him and reach for it while resisting arrest

    It’s really, really simple brothas. You try to pull a gun out on an officer
    then expect to get a clip unloaded on you.

    1. +nickmeistersa To be honest, the examples givin by the OP WERE pretty
      shitty people. Except for Michael Brown. I don’t think he deserved death
      by any means.

    2. +nickmeistersa
      I was thinking of Alton Sterling. Philando was one hundred percent
      innocent. Alton didn’t deserve to be shot in that instance, but society
      will hardly miss him. And it shouldn’t.

    1. +Dooby Dood
      Philando was pulled over exactly for the reason he resembled the robbery
      suspect. Why would he pull out his gun? I dont know. But if police doesnt
      tell you to put your hand in a pocket, you dont put your hand in a pocket.

      I dont understand why you are talking about Sterling selling DVD’s, thats
      has nothing to do with the case. Police went there because he pulled his
      gun out and pointed it out someone.

      Laquan DID attack the police car. He was armed and dangerous.

    2. +FerreusNRG On Philando: I’ve heard the audio where the officer mentions
      that he resembles a robbery suspect. That doesn’t make him a suspect in a
      robbery. Having the bad luck of looking like a robbery suspect doesn’t
      justify his murder. He didn’t commit the robbery. He had no warrants. He
      had no history of criminal behavior.

      It is EXTREMELY unlikely that a law abiding citizen would decide to tell a
      police officer that he had a weapon and then reach for that weapon and try
      to use it on the officer. Philando Castille wasn’t a criminal. He was a
      cafeteria worker with a fiancee and a child in the car with him.

      In fact, in the video we can see that both of his hands are empty. The gun
      was still in his pocket when he was killed. The facts point to a frightened
      man who should never have been a police officer over reacting and firing
      without cause.

      On Alton Sterling: I bring up the fact that he was selling DVDs because the
      store owner has said that Alton was allowed to sell in front of his store
      and had never caused any trouble there in the past. The police got an
      anonymous report of a man threatening people with a gun. When they arrived,
      they saw Alton standing there and selling DVDs. Rather than talk to him and
      attempt to figure out what happened, they attempted to tackle him to the

      When he resisted and didn’t listen to their orders, they backed off and
      tased him. The taser didn’t effect him, but he wasn’t being aggressive, and
      rather than defuse the situation.. they escalated again. One officer
      tackled him, stupidly, and got him on his back in front of the car. When
      both officers were on top of him, one realized that he had a gun in his
      pocket(why didn’t they know this already if they were responding to a call
      about someone with a gun?), and then over reacted and his partner, thinking
      Alton was reaching for a gun, shot him twice point blank in the chest.

      The stupid cop that freaked out over the gun rolled TOWARD his shooting
      partner and over Alton’s torso, which caused a pause in the shooting. Alton
      was still on his back, hands empty, when he was shot two or three more
      times point blank by the officer with the fire arm.

      There are common factors in these two murders: Fear and over reaction.
      These men should never have been police officers.

      On Laquan: I’ve seen the video. You have too. He wasn’t attacking police
      cars or police officers. He was walking down the road with a knife in his
      hand, far enough that he would’ve been put down if he attempted to attack.
      He was surrounded by police officers that were doing the right thing by
      attempting to deescalate the situation. There was no cause for that
      murderer to kill him.

    1. +SJ RU Also, what’s dumb about being accurate? Aren’t you two dipshits
      subscribers? Stop Lying and telling people you aren’t. If you actually are
      not subscribers and you search for TYT content just to troll it then you
      are LOSERS. Either way you are both bitches.

    2. +Holip sism Lmao your the loser here buddy. look at what your arguing about
      its pathetic

    1. +Pheene Z No. Because they are targeted more for crime. White people commit
      less crime? Why? Because they are not policed and arrested as much. That
      stats don’t lie. Ignore them if you want while simultaneously accusing
      other people of ignoring them. lol

    2. +Holip sism Look up the statistics holip. I said that blacks are unfairly
      arrested more and get more severe charges than other races so I agree with
      you there. You are ignoring the fact that blacks DO commit half of the
      homicides here in America despite being 13% of the population. Also most of
      those are black males making up 6-7% of Americans. Please stop denying the
      evidence. Its sycophant like honestly. Now what can we do to fix this? Anti
      poverty measures obviously. Poverty begets crime.

  3. Campaign Zero considers all unarmed as non-threatening, to them, if a guy
    assaults you and tries to reach for you’re gun, he’s nonthreatening
    This is what Mike Brown did, BLM is based on nothing but lies

    1. +Lewis Gray
      yeah…… If they believe BLM over actual statistics, I wouldn’t consider
      them too intelligent.
      Anyways, you seem bothered that I’m “polluting” your echo chamber with
      opposing views…
      because that’s the smart way forward aint it ?

  4. It is time for conservatives to join the fight against *police brutality.*
    Anything less confirms their anti-Americanism.

    1. You misunderstood my question. I’ll rephrase: what is considered
      anti-american to the original commenter.

  5. No Baton Rogue video yet? Guess you people need a little more time to
    construct the ‘blame white cis male Christians with guns’ narrative.

    1. I think the main problem is the imbalance of power. Police regardless of
      their race or sex or religion have the power to kill people largely
      unpunished. And then people with the least amount of power, low income
      people, minorities, mental ill people, the homeless ect. are getting
      mistreated and murdered. It’s about racism but racism is just a huge piece
      in the puzzle of an imbalance of power.

    2. Maybe innocent cops wouldn’t be killed if the bad cops were actually
      convicted for their crimes.

  6. Watch the video of Sheriff Clarke speaking on this matter. A black cop who
    understands the truth about policing in black areas.

    Another 3 cops were killed today, the killer had reposted anti-cop rhetoric
    including videos from TYT. What does that tell you about where this hateful
    anti-cop bullshit leads?

    1. haha More inclined to trust Clarke because you two go way back? And there
      is a bias if police don’t enforce infractions and practice non-lethal
      tactics against non minorities in the EXACT same occurrences. Everybody is
      breaking the law but police specifically target minorities. I urge you to
      research the studies and statistics on the matter and especially the ones
      Congress had conducted and not Sheriff Clarke.. he is a moron.

    2. You can’t blame people for stating opinions that others will interpret
      differently. TYT isn’t so much anti-cop as they are believing that there
      should be more training and evaluation involved.

    3. +eelsify you mean more inclined to trust Sherrifs like people trusted Lee
      Baca? We need to stop painting law enforcement like they can do no wrong or
      Like some of them aren’t corrupt. Just like anywhere else in society
      anytime you give anyone power over others in our society they can easily be
      corrupted. Especially in a society where we put a price tag on everything.
      don’t fool yourselves. I think the only reason things are starting to
      spiral out of control now is because they’re hasn’t been anywhere near
      enough done about the deaths caused by law enforcement in our country.
      They’ve given people reason to be upset and some even reason to start
      shooting back. it’s no accident that so far the two who have taken action
      against a lot of these poor officers are veterans themselves. I’m sure
      they’ve felt it’s their responsibility to do what they’ve done. we’ve
      trained them to kill foreigners in far distant lands. I don’t agree with
      their actions but if you want to know why they’ve done what they did I’m
      sure they feel like”hey I’m out there fighting for our freedoms in other
      countries supposedly killing people I don’t know when we’re being killed
      here in our own soul without anyone being held responsible.” I’m no mind
      reader my I’m sure all the war trauma and the lies they’ve been fed going
      to wars in other countries are part of the reason they’ve felt inclined to
      do what they’ve done here.

      So if anyone is honestly trying to find out why? why all this is happening
      we first must find out why hardly any officers are being held accountable
      for their actions. I think the leadership in law enforcement is at least
      partially of not hold the majority of the responsibility don’t you think? I
      mean we’ve seen protest after protest the past few years over these issues
      and hardly anything has been done to try to to solve these issues and now
      people are surprised that veterans are coming back with ptsd then taking
      things into their own hands when we have trained them to fight for that in
      other countries? think about that for a second. People need to start taking
      responsibility for everything that’s going on on BOTH SIDES.

    4. +eelsify One argument I hear often is that there’s so much black on black
      crime yet we don’t hear people complaining about that as if that justifies
      the killing of innocent people by law enforcement simply because one
      happens more often. Give me a break, law enforcement should be held to a
      higher standard that, we are supposed to trust them for our safety yet
      people try to compare the two? It’s shocking how crazy people think that’s
      a fair comparison.

  7. Thumbs up for criminal justice reform,social justice and equality.

  8. You know, alot of people who complain about black crime arent actually
    interested in fixing it nor do they even care about it. The same people who
    complain are against ending the drug war,ending for profit prisons,
    teaching comprehensive sex ed in poor schools,investing in poor
    schools,investing in planned parenting centers in poor areas,making
    contraceptives easier to access in poor areas or trying to invest any type
    of economic opportunity in poor areas. All of these things would acutally
    REDUCE black crime and benfit not only poor blacks but all poor people.
    #BlackLivesMatter #CampaignZero

    1. +I’m A Liberal Not A Libtard Sooo your reason for bringing up black on
      black crime is so that black people stop caring about their family and
      friends being unjustly killed by Police officers who are supposed to
      “Protect and Serve” them. K…

  9. *Let me guess, it’s a campaign where TYT uses Zero facts in their stories?*
    *What, that’s already the case?*
    *And Cenk, how dare you ask everyone to be human, species-phobic bigot!*

    1. It is because his only goal in life is to gain attention by trolling

    2. Hmm…..Campaign lie? Maybe ZERO tolerance for lies from the city on the
      rocks today. See ya in November haters!

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