1. This guy looks like a bullfrog. Where does TYT keep getting these asshats

  2. Save yourself from embarrassment Jordan and shave off that splotchy beard.
    You look ridiculous.

  3. Who’s the hot brunette in pink dress on right about two thirds into video?
    I wouldn’t pull out.

    • Nope. They were hoping to see some intelligent republicans show up to
      protest the morons who took over their party. Big disappointment there.
      Doesn’t hold out hope that there are any intelligent republicans.

  4. I wonder how tyt would react if conservatives protested on the floor of the
    DNC shouting nonsense.

  5. The so called progressive internet newspapers are not helping whatsoever.
    Not one story about Stein or the Green party on Alternet, Common Dreams,
    Truthdig, The Intercept, Think Progress, Mother Jones. and The Nation
    today. It has been this way especially since Bernie endorsed.

    Thank you, TYT, for your progressive outlook.

  6. its because even if they don’t like trump they think hillarys worse so they
    won’t talk bad about trump.

  7. Because they are all going to protest Hillary.. can’t wait to see what
    happens next week!

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