What Crazy Christians Got Wrong About Gay Marriage 1

What Crazy Christians Got Wrong About Gay Marriage

It’s been over a year since gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states. How many right wing predictions about marriage equality have come true since then? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Sunday marked the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality decision, which, if Religious Right activists were to be believed, was to usher in a horrible tyranny that would lead to mass deaths and war.

Of course, the Right’s doomsday predictions about what would happen if same-sex marriage became legal nationwide were totally unfounded, and only a tiny contingent of conservativescame to a protest the ruling in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

While the conservative movement certainly hasn’t given up on the fight against LGBT rights and is thrilled by Donald Trump’spromise to appoint anti-LGBT judges who would oppose the marriage ruling, many activists have once again shown that they are more interested in stirring up fears about the LGBT community than in the facts.

Here are just five of the craziest predictions that conservative politicians and pundits made about Obergefell v. Hodges, all of which are yet to come true.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. edit: more christian and gay marriage talk? this is some lazy news. TALK

    1. They believe that because they viewed certain bad sectors of Christians
      bullied this nation into believing these false ideologies, it is their
      right to bully them back and summarize Christians as a whole. My issue
      is–what does that accomplish? I thought that the left agenda was about
      tolerance and anti-bullying?

    2. It’s not christian bashing. The title clearly refers to “crazy christians”,
      meaning those who were and are still against gay marriage. This means that
      if you’re christian and not against gay marriage then they’re not
      criticizing you, so take a chill pill.

    3. +AIdan Moravec ur right. but there is more stuff happening around the
      world. why isn’t he focusing on that. he has talked way too much about gay
      marriage and christianity together. I couldn’t watch the whole video since
      it was so predictable. republicans, gays something something hell and cenk

    4. +Bolg-Gro-Markarth it’s a problem where they live, therefore they are going
      to talk about it.

  2. As usually progressive atheists don’t understand the Christain faith or US
    history and law.

    1. Well, the US is a secular nation, so our understanding of the Christian
      faith is entirely separate from our understanding of US law, as should
      yours be.

    2. +bulldogsbob Washing’ton’s personal faith was just that. Our founder’s
      believed strongly in separation of church and state. It is what it is. You
      cannot legislate morality in this country based on your personal beliefs.
      That’s why we are called a democracy.

  3. its only a matter of time until there is a group of 270 different parts of
    america divided by religion

    1. reaction of a dumb left winger: “they refuse to bake the cake because of
      christianity” “oh another terrorist attack? he’s not a real muslim”

    2. Response of a classic liberal. ” They won’t bake the cake because of their
      outdated, and childish ideology.”

      “Muslims is not the religion of peace, are ignorant, and needs to catch up
      to modern society.”

  4. I’m not religious, so save your moral high ground bull. One of the things
    people feared about gay marriage is that the government would legally force
    people (at the hand of gun) to participate in gay marriages. Which has

    1. +Morgan Grimes lol,you have a Ted Cruz picture.now we know what you really
      think.ted Cruz is super homophobic.we all know that

    2. +eren luin Ted Cruz has an irrational fear of gays? What makes you believe

    1. I agree. I mean if you are going to talk about men or women who really have
      been rude or disrespectful to gays or lesbians explain that don’t call out
      an entire religion and belittle things in their religion or condemn them as
      evil and stupid i personally was disappointed and offended

    1. Oh yes, deflection. Gotta use that scapegoat to turn the attention away
      from the “Christian” trash in this country. Except that ain’t happening on
      my Youtube, loser.

    2. +Luke Cleland + Then why do western pastors come over to these countries
      and show approval for these disgusting homophobic acts? Matter of fact why
      are missionaries still a thing? They dont teach the “reformed” christianity
      to these countries, that is why they end up this way. Its not that
      christianity was reformed , it is that it was rejected, that is why western
      countries started becoming more progressive. I am not “defending” islam
      because I agree there should be reform. I am saying that there is BOTH
      Christian and islamic extremism and it is very hypocritc for anyone to
      criticize one over the other ( on both liberal or conservative sides).

  5. There is no such thing as Gay Marriage. Marriage is between a man and
    woman. So by the mere fact they have to had the Gay part in from of it only
    tells me it is a farce.

    1. +PumpkinsnBlackcats You can always enter into something that is moral and
      it does not work out for any number of reasons. It makes no sense to enter
      into something immoral because it can never be right.

    2. +Schtuppit I am glad that people realize that there is something wrong with
      it which is why they added the precusor Homosexual. That means it is not a
      normal marriage at the very least.

    1. What did Muslim religious leaders in America think about gay marriage prior
      to the SCOTUS ruling? I mean you seem to care an awful lot about their
      beliefs so I’m sure you know first hand. And after that we can go over the
      beliefs of Wiccans, Hindus and Sikhs in terms of gay marriage in America.

    2. I don’t know. Maybe because the vast majority of opposition to gay marriage
      in this country was coming from right-wing Christians?

    3. what did the fundamentalist Jews say? who cares, they’re not the ones
      leading the opposition, the Christians are.

  6. They did know that many other countries already had gay marriage for quite
    a while and are still standing? they didnt get divine punishment or civil

    1. Actually the western world is crumbling. The present day debt of the
      western world is six times the yearly economic output of the entire world.
      There is no austerity plan, no restructuring of the monetary system that
      can solve or save the coming collapse. There are riots, mass murders,
      economic, social and political upheaval in every western country. There is
      a social malaise, a directionless, and a nihilistic attitude
      pervading society at large fueled by the media. The sudden shock when the
      inevitable collapse comes will be devastating. The left as always will be
      successful in their destruction.

  7. So regarding the ones who say they want to flee America because of gay
    marriage; where will they flee to, Canada ? Gay Marriage is legal here too.
    Also it has more secular laws and public Anti Gay preaching is officially
    recognized as hate speech by the law.

    1. I’m certainly no fan of anti-gay preaching, but I still don’t agree that it
      should be banned by law. It’s stupid and counterproductive to ban speech
      that you don’t like, since it just gives them a victim complex excuse.

    2. +SwootbatFanatic If I remember correctly, they didn’t take it well but had
      since shut up about it.

    3. +Christopher Case Well they were right to not take it well, frankly. You
      can’t ban what someone is saying just because you don’t like it. The
      gay-hating Christians may be complete and utter trash, but they have the
      same right to freedom of speech as everyone else, no matter how offensive
      that speech is.

    4. That would probably be the ideal place for them to move to. Either there or
      Mexico, which is also a primarily Christian (or at least Catholic) nation.

  8. Them wacky Muslims in the middle east! Throwing gays off buildings and
    stuff, such a stich up amirite? hehehe

    1. +Things that stop you dreaming ay I’m against that also, but you sound like
      you are mine with Muslims killing gays daily lol

    2. As justwangsomecompany makes a distainful point that uas no proven
      background ill give you a you tried star

  9. Beliefs make you stupid now?! I guess you learn something new everyday. The
    podium of unbiased journalism has been trashed by this video. Right or
    wrong don’t trash people for having a different belief.

    1. +Your Face And what do you believe? Oh please let me take a quick guess.
      You believe that the earth just appeared here right?? LOL Yeah that is oh
      so much better than believing in an actual creator. Yep, we Christians sure
      are dumb.

  10. I hope TYT looses subscribers and members who are offended by the bias and
    bigotry spewed on this channel… so sad that a talented group of young
    people who cover many interesting stories can spew more bigotry than the
    bigots they criticize…

    1. +Anthony Fisher Why the labels friend?.. it might not be what your trying
      to express but it seems demeaning.. People are just people and everyone
      needs to respect each other despite their differences… that’s why the
      title and some of the content of this video are out of line…

    2. +Aeroldoth3 watch the video and all the other videos…wathc the latest
      video they uploaded… Truck kill dozens in france…Instead of CRAZY
      MUSLIMS KILL 80+ PEOPLE IN NICE FRANCE!!!!! I’ll take my “crazy” Chistians
      any day TYT…The hypocrisy! Watch out for them trucks and christians

  11. that’s funny. TYT bashes Christians. (I’m not a Christian btw) but they
    won’t bash muslims in the slightest? I fear cenk is a closet Muslim and Ana
    is just one of his many wives

    1. He literally bashed muslims in the video that you are commenting on. Jinns
      are part of islamic mythology.

    2. imagine now 100 years ago in turkey if cenk met ana surely ana’s head would
      be decapitated and her body crucified by cenk who would probably be a
      soldier and member of the young turks movement

  12. So apparently “crazy Christians” means ALL CHRISTIANS now. Lmao get a life
    butthurt ppl. Calling out certain individuals in a group who are obviously
    wrong isn’t biased. If they never put crazy then yea maybe you would have a

    1. Yes it does. Anyone who believes in magic sky gods, virgin moms and 2000
      year old dead Hebrews coming back to life are the definition of crazy.

    2. +Jim Lobach I mean, personally I feel people who heavily follow the bible
      are morons but I was kinda trying to be nice lol

  13. OK… So when will TYT upload a video called “What Crazy Muslims Got Wrong
    About Gay Marriage” ? After all they are against all religions right?….

    1. Islam is NOT a religion of peace!! How do they need to prove this to
      everyone? Surely it must be obvious by now. They are an evil cult and they
      lie about peace. Read their Koran. It is full of violent orders to kill the
      infidel!! Educate yourselves. It is a scourge on our earth

    2. +John Spike The USA do not need an Islam majority. They have a Muslim right
      there in the White House.

    3. +Sherwin Stern well that’s like your opinion man! You don’t get the point
      of this video. They’re exclusively talking about our congressmen who spent
      years if not decades talking about how gay marriage would ruin the godly
      standards of this nation.

    1. Easy.. most people know Islam is crazy in the US.. Most Americans don’t
      know that Christianity is crazy as well in the US

Condolence are closed.