TYT vs. InfoWars re. #BlackLivesMatter At RNC Convention

TYT vs. InfoWars re. #BlackLivesMatter At RNC Convention

@JordanChariton and @EricByler of TYT Politics were returning to the 2 Republican National Convention in Cleveland after documenting a tense clash between protesters aligned with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the radical Christian extremists group known as the Westboro Baptist Church. SUBSCRIBE to TYT Politics

As they crossed the street, they came across a man armed with a military assault weapon. He was being interviewed by a team of reporters from Japan, and, as Chariton waited for an opportunity to interview the man, the #BlackLivesMatter protesters began marching directly at them.

The marchers had an unwelcome Pied Piper in the lead: arch-conservative podcaster Owen Shroyer who was using high-powered megaphone to drown out hundreds of marchers, characterizing them as dupes of the establishment for fighting against police brutality.

When Shroyer and his supporters stopped and blocked the sidewalk, a confrontation seemed imminent, with the TYT Politics duo and several other reporters sandwiched in middle. But as the protesters approached the counter-protesters, Byler and Chariton engaged Shroyer in a debate about #BlackLivesMatter, which served to defuse a potentially volatile situation as the marchers passed by.

Shroyer attempted to discredit #BlackLivesMatter by asserting (incorrectly) that the movement was funded by a wealthy white progressive whom conservative media consumers have been exhaustively instructed to hate (George Soros). This rumor had been debunked by credible media outlets, but was continuing to make the rounds among right wing media consumers. At one point an onlooker shouted out, "It's TYT vs. InfoWars," referring to the incendiary and deliberately inaccurate website run by Alex Jones.

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  1. I’m so happy TYT is going down the toilet. Goodbye you regressive cuck

  2. Typical white bashing far left racism.

    That guy is right.

    More whites are killed by cops in the USA despite committing less violent

    Whites are 23% more likely to be shot by police while armed and equally as
    likely to be shot while unarmed as blacks.

    Black people commit 32 times more crime against whites than white against

    He is right. BLM is a hate group.

    1. +Florence Smith

      Roland Fryers recent crime study

      Official DOJ statistics

      Then credible youtubers too like

      Athiesm is unstoppable

      etc etc

    1. +TheNikean i think they’re separate things. if it said baptist or left
      handed guy or motorcycle enthusiast, instead of white supremacist, it would
      lead to the same confusion. aside from this, he seems to have a big problem
      with black lives matter. that’s enough to realize he’s a bigot.

  3. White supremacy? I didn’t hear a single word uttered that would even
    remotely qualify as white supremacy. You’re the cancer-infested anus of
    journalism, TYT.

    1. +sith_ witch_99 Oh, you’re “sure” holding a candle one time is more than
      anything I’ve ever done to help out? That’s a pretty baseless assumption,
      isn’t it? I mean, given how much you hate assumptions based on your last
      incredibly bitchy and irrelevant comment.

    2. +zammmerjammer bitchy? all you’ve done is make assumptions this whole
      argument don’t come at me when I make one

    3. +zammmerjammer No, not your “facts”. 2 + 2 does not equal 5. You can’t
      equate one word to another when both mean completely different things.

    1. +Manny Akintunde Nice work at moving the goalposts, there. Did you think I
      wouldn’t notice you doing that?
      “There are quite a few people of color who are right wing.” — never said
      there weren’t.
      “Racism does not have a political bias.” — never said it did.
      “Plenty of people on the left can be racist as well.” — never said they
      couldn’t be.
      And yet, despite all of this off-topic nonsense, right wing white people
      are always racist.

    2. +zammmerjammer You just said that right wingers are racist by default. Is
      that not a unfairly blanket statement? Sure, most white supremacist groups
      are right wing but just how much of a percent of the right wing are they

    3. +Manny Akintunde Again, their percentage is not the topic. The fact remains
      that there are no politicians on the right pushing against racism (other
      than pushing against the idea that it exists), and there are a great many
      who consciously appeal to racism to advance their own careers. And then,
      shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who are actively flagrantly racist are
      the white right wingers who like the narrative (small government, low
      taxes, whatever) but have gotten the message that racism is bad, so they
      spend their time shutting down any discussion about racism, denying that
      it’s a problem, or trying to sell the idea that “reverse racism is the REAL
      problem”!!! Let’s be clear — those people are ALSO racist.

    4. +zammerjammer There is a large group, across nationalities who don’t
      believe that racism exists to the extent that you do. Just because you feel
      offended, doesn’t mean you’re right. If I don’t believe in Santa Claus,
      does that make everyone who does, an oppressor of truth?

  4. White supremacy? At what point did he start chanting white power? Got
    nothing better to do now than slander people.

    1. +zammmerjammer Your mom thinks I’m hilarious. Excellent comments Artificial
      Intelligence. I also am Polish and my grandmother was in a concentration
      camp. But I don’t hate or blame all Germans and that was one generation
      ago. We shall overcome……we shall overcome…….

    2. +PhedelCastro My mom doesn’t think anything is hilarious.
      And your forgiveness for the Germans is beautiful, especially as they have
      retreated from Poland decades ago and are not STILL perpetuating their
      oppression on you. That makes things a bit easier, doesn’t it?

    3. +Artificial Intelligence I’m going to ask you to read “The Native Americans
      All Committed Mass Suicide” and “Everything is the Jews’ Fault” before we
      go any further. Familiar with those titles? How about, “Racism is a Lie
      Perpetuated by The Mole People” and “Aliens: They’re Right Behind You!”?
      Definitely right up your alley.

    4. +PhedelCastro Ha ha! What a joke you are. YOU’RE the one who dismissed it,
      But make more misogynist comments about my mom — it really demonstrates
      your total lack of any real point to make.

  5. He is far from a white supremacist. TYT “”””journalism”””” at its finest.

    1. +eliott970 White people are killed more by police, but when you take the
      percentage of said groups in the US, blacks are killed 65% MORE than white

      Blacks are targeted MORE than white people. Blacks are prosecuted MORE than
      white people for the same crimes. Black people in America, compared to
      white people have only really had rights since the 1960s, white people have
      had rights for the entirety of America… In less than 50 years, what makes
      you believe that everything is peachy keen in 2016?

    2. +John Sullivan Yes brought up by a phony group called BLM which is cheered
      on by Obama..

    1. +devante buford I agree, tyt shouldn’t have judged them as white
      supremacists just for this behavior alone The title should be changed. But
      in the video tyt handled it well and was civil. People just have a hard
      time responding without name calling.

  6. So sad. Apparently, this is racist, but saying “kill all white people” is
    not. TYT, your completely pathetic!

    1. +RiotforPeacePlz
      Remove the spaces between the dot and the rest of the url. Youtube’s spam
      filter prevents links otherwise.

      Not a single person stated to kill all white people, but hey:

      goo. gl/ihosOm

      Not a single person:

      goo. gl/Hx8oTb

      Not even one:

      goo. gl/i8GwTx

      There’s no one saying that:

      goo. gl/Vh8D7Q

      It just never happens man. It was also definitely never a trending twitter
      hashtag, a common BLM chant alongside “What do we want: dead cops”, and up
      until last year a relatively easy thing to find in rad-fem Youtube videos.
      Nope. Not even a little. Never gonna find anything that suggests otherwise.
      Definitely not going to find a slew of cop murderers professing their
      desire to kill white people, particularly white cops. No cop shooters who
      claim to have been inspired and spurred to anger by BLM, definitely no
      people who killed cops with bricks claiming the same, none of that happens.
      Ever. Definitely not on a bi-monthly basis.

      N O P E

  7. A white supremacist believes that whites are better than other people
    because of their race. How is pointing out the fact that George Soros has
    given more than 20 million dollars to BLM make this guy a racist? Even
    Secular Talk pointed out the connection between Hillary, Soros and BLM.
    Regressive scum.

  8. The guy supports trump and disagrees with black lives matter so you just
    call him a white supremacist? TYT is shameful.

    1. +Ryan Susnjara You’re obviously starved for attention. And that is so

    2. +Ryan Susnjara I’m not interested in having a dialogue with an attention
      seeker. Go annoy someone else.

  9. White Supremacy, where? WTF are you even talking about TYT? He is
    protesting against BLM not saying anything about Black people.
    Black people have spoke out against BLM, does that make them white
    supremacist too?

    1. I agree w tyt most of the Time, but this title is bullshit. change it pls.

    2. +Naguib Zidan you agree with them most of the time? watch ‘Atheism is
      Unstoppable’ and then think again

    3. +Sam P Black lives matter and the kkk actually want a lot of the same

  10. White supremacy? How so? I keep posting it, and I’ll continue to until you
    block me : TYT is anti White. TYT are the racists. Furthermore, your people
    in this video utterly failed. Do you know why? Because they, like you, have
    no argument. BLM is not valid because their premise is not valid. Go Trump!

    1. +Camille Voyage my liberal college told me that bullshit too. Proof why
      liberal arts degrees are dumb.

    2. alright let me rephrase: you can have your prejudice, but where have you
      been discriminated against for being white? Where have you been denied
      entry, turned away, fired or shot just for being white? look I’m not
      qualified to explain this because I myself am white. All I’m saying is I
      think you’re being a bit ridiculous. Have a nice evening.

    1. +TheNotfromthere Or maybe it’s because Owen Shroyer was not correct and
      used poor arguments to back up his claims.
      1). “BLM wants to arrest cops without investigation.” that’s a strawman,
      and factually incorrect.
      2). “If BLM cared about black people, then why aren’t they protesting the
      black on black crime in chicago.” this is probably the most common
      arguments against BLM, and is flawed in a few of ways. first it’s a
      relative privation fallacy. An example would be
      Person a- “this person is in cardiac arrest, they need CPR.”
      Person b- “that doesn’t matter because there are TEN people trapped in a
      burning building over there.”
      Just because there happens to a worse problem, it doesn’t discount the the
      problem that was originally stated, and to say that if you can’t care about
      both is a false choice dilemma. The other problem with this argument is it
      brings up black on black CRIME, a responsibility he seems to imply is the
      black communities issue to solve, but you don’t solve CRIME with protesting
      when the nature of CRIME is that CRIME is supposed to be solved by law
      enforcement, not the community. Lastly is the claim that the black
      community is not protesting the gun violence in chicago or across the us
      when this is just not true
      3). “do you know who George Soros is? he funded BLM with $33 million. He
      paid for all of these protesters to be here.” Leavingthe blatent
      conspiriacy theorizing aside for a moment, if they really were paid to be
      there, why was he arguing with them and trying to change their minds about
      BLM. I think if they were paid shills they wouldn’t really care what your
      sayong they are just doing their “job.” Also the founders of BLM are
      Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors, and the rumour that George
      Soros gave them $33 million through his Open Society Foundation are false.
      All in all, i don’t know if Owen Shoyer is a racist white supremacist, but
      he certainly is giving racist white supremacists a big smokescreen.

  11. Look, I love TYT, and yes I don’t agree with a lot of what that man said..
    But he didn’t really indicate he was white supremacist.

    You guys are better than click bait, come on.

  12. If you over use terms like racist and white supremacist, they start to have
    much less meaning. You start to sound like the little boy who cried wolf.

  13. This dumbass actually believes George soros funded hundreds of protesters?

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