TYT Summary Of Day 3 Of The 2016 Republican National Convention

LIVE from the YouTube stage The Young Turks panel of Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore break down day 3 of the 2016 Republican National Convention. The theme of the second night of the RNC was "make America work again", the TYT panel discusses how the speakers touched on that theme. Sign the petition to get Cenk Uygur a primetime speaking slot at the DNC:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola


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  1. Idk why they’re laughing about him being whipped by his wife, isn’t that
    what feminists have been wanting all this time?

  2. thanks for you guys/gals hard work
    a few questions, do u foresee the standard bump in polls after a
    convention? or are we pretty much locked in until the debates barring
    nothing major happens?
    im looking forward to the debates about policy (economic/international)

    • Chances are both sides will see a shift upwards, the wildcard is if Hillary
      ends up losing group with mid-reps and conservatives she had already in toe.

  3. Can you post the Jimmy, Ben showdown? That was TYT panel brilliance and
    many excellent points were made.

  4. Newt with a ball gag is going to replace the brown recluse spiders in my

  5. Republicans are so clever with their little word games. “Educational
    choice”. Such deceptive language. “Right to work” “Clean coal” “class

  6. link to ‘heated’ moment?! … honest healthy-tension debate is medicine!
    please put up a link to the segment for your fans to watch. PS Ana et Al, I
    don’t trust Pence/Koch influence AT ALL! They’ll subvert, control, and
    high-jack anything they want to. it’s actually globalist brilliance. Trump
    should have gone independent with Gary Johnson (and Jessie)! That’s what
    can make America great again. PPS Start watching Mr Robot!

  7. If Cheney was such a genius things wouldn’t have turned out the way they
    did. He’s incompetent.

    • they’re saying he’s not incompetent, because he wanted it to turn out this

  8. Trump supporters are ALMOST as ignorant and brain dead as Trump
    himself…..so why are people so surprise by the level of low life
    mentality these inbreeds show everyday?

    • A brain-dead person would of never have made it this far and would of
      squandered his small loan of a million dollars. Wise up and do some

    • +BADGUY 1 How about these facts: the last time the GOP was in the White
      House they lied us into the biggest foreign policy disaster in recent
      history. Plus, they crashed the economy. You think they should be voted in?

  9. Quick question, do most liberals believe that abortion should have a time
    window in which you can get one?

    • From a medical point of view, 20 weeks is the threshold and I think some of
      the US laws support this. Beyond 20 weeks, there are chances of
      complications for the pregnant woman. 12 weeks is generally the global
      threshold for safe abortion. Safe means, safety for the pregnant woman.

    • Of course. No one thinks you should have an abortion at 8 months into the
      pregnancy, but a lot of liberals leave the time window for the medical
      field to determine. Doctors are the experts, not an ambiguous bible quote.

    • No. babies are a parasite when they are inside of you. therefore they are
      part of you. so i think you can get an abortion up until the baby is out.

  10. Cenk is wrong,Ted is betting on a trump defeat in November.If trump wins
    he’ll have lost a lot because of that speech.

  11. At least Cruz isn’t a sellout like Sanders. Sanders was attacked like Cruz,
    but worse since Democrats called him a sexist and a racist.

    • Except Bernie always said he would support Hillary and he used his
      endorsement to pull her more to the left. So where did he sell out. Be

    • Or, thank the Bernie supporters who say they will vote for Trump because he
      is “more liberal’ than Clinton. You know, like how she wants a $12 minimum
      wage and he wants to get rid of the minimum wage, she supports a woman’s
      right to choose and he has promised to nominate justices for the Supreme
      Court who will overturn Roe v. wade, she believes climate change is real
      and he thinks it’s a hoax invented by the Chinese…

  12. How, at this point, is genuine fear of ISLAM, after all that has happened
    this year, unreasonable/fear mongering?
    TYT needs to have a reality check.

    • Gazus12345 What do you mean false flag? Less than a week +80 people were
      run over by a Truck by an ISIS motivated muslim…this happened 40 minutes
      away from me…
      I am now fooled by fear mongering?

    • +Gazus12345 You misread, I don’t think 9/11 was a false flag either, it was
      just that term wasn’t really used until 9/11 and then EVERYTHING was a
      false flag. So I was just trying to limit the timeline as I didn’t want to
      start with the caveman false flag attacks against neanderthals and have to
      hear a complete history of “false flag” attacks.

      Also I live in US, I am not scared of muslims they are not a threat to me.
      And the muslims I have met have been very nice to me, even knowing I am an
      atheist. Plus I doubt where I live in Texas is high on ISIS priority target

      I agree there is a lot of fear mongering going on. It is just your belief
      is the opposite extreme. Instead of every muslim is bad, you’re saying
      essentially “No muslim has ever committed an attack or done anything. ISIS
      is made up or a US ploy as is Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc.” It is equally as
      stupid as the people who think any person with brown skin and a beard has a
      bomb strapped to themselves and is just looking for a target.

      But do tell, how does one go about “debunking” “Muslim attacks” and prove
      they are false flags? And has EVERY muslim attack been a false flag? In
      fact is there anything that hasn’t been a false flag? Orlando? Sandy Hook?
      San Bernadino? Those nutters taking over that federal bldg in Oregon? How
      do you tell a false flag from a real attack?

    • probably in more ways than one when the next civil war decides to come out
      like a bat out of hell…

    • Yeah! Mike (Trump’s friend) is a fundamentalist, dangerous arse hole. Every
      American should be terrified at the prospect of the Mr Trump and Mike

    • Mike Pence was Charles Koch’s pick for president in 2012. That should tell
      you everything.

    • +Can Turkleton nah….if there is to be a WW3, New York City will be one of
      the first cities to be hit by an enemy nation. Trump is not willing to have
      his business empire, (which he spent half his life building) to be
      destroyed in a millisecond by a nuclear fire.

      Clinton on the other hand is a war-hawk c*nt.

    • Ted Cruz was actually an abortion that was flushed down the toilet from the
      Foothills Hospital here in Calgary and along his journey through the sewage
      pipe to TEXAS the aborted mass mutated into what you have today. It’s
      okay….You don’t have to thank us. You know how humble we Canadians are.

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