Trump’s Running Mate: Who Is Mike Pence?

We may have confirmation of Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate. Spoiler: Mike Pence is not a good guy. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is rumored to have decided on Indiana Governor Mike Penceas his potential vice presidential running mate, after much consideration. That could result in a disaster if Pence’s record for PR failures is any indication.

Here are the top five things anyone should know about Mike Pence that could make him a liability on the GOP ticket…

Mike Pence is one of the Koch brothers’ favorite elected leaders. Support from the Koch brothers and conservative donors are a major component in a presidential run, so having the major money people’s favorite guy at your side if you’re new to politics is certainly helpful for campaign cash. Americans for Prosperity has been holding up Mike Pence’s work in Indiana as a paragon of a good governor. Pence’s former chief of staff now runs the Koch’s political group Freedom Partners. Given the fact that the Koch’s have pledged to spend $1 billion in the 2016 election to support conservative candidates, his ties could be an asset to Trump as he realizes his own financial limitations.”*

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  1. Pence is (unfortunately) my governor. I am so sorry to everyone who is just
    now learning who he is….

  2. Oh goody! Trump and Pence can do for the country what Pence did for
    Indiana! (Make it one of the poorest and least desirable states in which to
    work or live. Just above Mississippi on the list of shame).

    • +Daniel Davis Dude, give it up. Nobody is going to believe that I
      deliberately misquoted any statistics (which didn’t change the truthful
      outcome) and then told you how to look them up yourself! You’re really a
      petty little puss, aren’t you?

    • Petty is someone who refuses to acknowledge when they are wrong and resorts
      to “whatever helps you sleep at night”, “dude, give it up”, and “you’re
      really a petty little puss” as a means to get out of an embarrassing
      display of debate.

    • More personal attacks from the self-proclaimed genius!

      And, yes, that really is me. I am mistaken for Mike Myers all the time.

  3. You can’t just criticize people because they are white. It’s still racist
    to do so. This really needs to stop. You can’t solve racism by joining it.
    You would be furious if some republican said the same thing about two black
    males and some stereotypical black trait. It’s no different. It’s just an
    unneeded comment that is really detrimental to your cause.

  4. Gun control is what would’ve helped at the Nice attack right? Terrorists
    will find a way to attack with what they have access to in France, a gun
    control haven.

  5. higher minimum wage, college plan, pro choice, and a health care plan. Can
    anybody give me a reason why the orange racist is better than hillary? I
    want to hear some policies. wait, his policies are complete garbage?! yeah,
    I thought so

    • +SetoSokotsu still no argument as to why drumpf has better policies? why do
      I sound smug? just because I’m pointing out that you are not giving me an
      argument, you dismiss me because you feel as though I’m giving you
      attitude? I’m waiting….. what policy positions make drumpf better than

    • That’s not clintons plan either, Bernie forced her to go left on college
      and healthcare , Trump is in no way better than Hillary, disregarding
      everything he’s said, strictly based on policy and I’m a conservative
      independent, He’s a joke but Bernie sanders supporters know not only the
      truth about her but the way she cheated and don’t even care to pander to
      our vote, her policies are nothing to be proud of trust me

    • +The Night Wanderer oh. my. god…

      I had to take a moment to collect myself after that one.

    • +The Night Wanderer not a fan of body shaming. but it’s alright here,
      Christie sold his spine ever since he dropped out of the race

    • Lmao. Chris Christie the most dissed respected man in politics. Get on the
      plane Chris get on the plane go home

    • Woah Trump looking less progressive is something Trump supporters love, how
      weird. Seriously dude just google regressive. This isn’t even political,
      it’s just you having a poor understanding of the english language.

  6. Indiana native. Trust me, trump just lost indiana. That’s 19 points going
    the other way, for a 38 electoral pt swing, highly significant.

  7. “Islam is a religion of peace. This millionth attack should not lead us to
    put any sort of blame on Islam.” – Cenk. There, no need to wait for his
    apologist video.

  8. Who will cry on air when Trump wins in November?

    a. Jon Iadorola
    b. Chunk Yogurt
    c. Ana
    d. Jimmy Dore
    e. Hannah
    f. Ben Manischevitz

    • Drive by yard signs all the time “fire pence” “pence must go” they have
      been up in Indy for a couple years now. I say go get out of Indy! We could
      get a new governor.

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