Tour Of Behind The Scenes At 2016 RNC 1

Tour Of Behind The Scenes At 2016 RNC

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks gives a tour of the media center at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland via YouTube mobile live. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Much appreciated.

    Curiously, I find this sort of behind-the-scenes insight to be
    significantly more interesting than the scripted front-room stuff that
    appears on stage. #INeedToGetOutMore

    1. +COCnetwork I thought he was avoiding him cuz he’s afraid of catching

    2. +smhz 14/83 Sam Harris is a racist bigot…kind of ironic he bumps into him
      a day after they made a video about him and his racist Twitter followers lol

  2. What a freak show that RNC was. Sorry you guys are now stuck with 8 more
    years of no change with the first femail president. :/

  3. Hell yea Cenk, thanks for the tour. Cool stuff. Do you feel ostracized

    1. I’m no psychologist, but I think I could break down Milo into three
      possible personality traits; narcissism, attention-seeking, and probably
      verbal masochism ( he might be saying all this controversial shite because
      he really likes insults thrown at him, it gives him attention either way).

  4. Pump the brakes and evasive manoeuvres at the sight of Milo “don’t wanna
    talk to that guy….” LOL

    1. He will start mouthing off, on and on about the gay Marxist, feminist
      reptilian conspiracy.

  5. Another unarmed black man shot by police, in Florida, while he was trying
    to help an autistic patient as he was a therapist! How fucked up is that?!

    1. +O’dorin Gandy yeah but still totally fucked up. I understand accidents,
      but this many accidents, this often, points to a deeper problem. I’m not
      one to say institutional racism, but I do think that cops are vastly
      undertrained. Anywhere from around 20 weeks to six months and they are on
      the street with a gun, enforcing laws they haven’t studied and don’t know.
      It’s crazy and its setting them up to be trigger happy.

  6. Why does everyone of these self shot videos start with Cenk looking like he
    is being held at gunpoint?

  7. by around minute 5 I began to get real dizzy. Sorry Cenk. Had to stop it

  8. vote Jill Stein 2016
    The revolution continues…
    #JillNotHill #NeverTrump #Never Hillary

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