Third Eye Blind Trolls Trump Supporters

The popular 90s band trolled Trump supporters at the RNC. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian, and Jules Suzdaltsez hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

The ’90s rock band Third Eye Blind, known for their WB-ready hits “Semi-Charmed Life” and that song from Can’t Hardly Wait, trolled a crowd of Republicans in attendance at their concert in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. Frontman Stephen Jenkins discussed his gay cousins, and how the band rejects the party’s anti-LGBT platform—to loud boos from the crowd at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “To love this song is to take into your heart the message, and to actually—actually—have a feeling to arrive and move forward, and not live your life in fear, and imposing that fear on other people,” he said, before launching into their tune “Jumper.” At another point, Jenkins also jokingly asked the crowd, “Raise your hand if you believe in science?” to a chorus of boos.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian, and Jules Suzdaltsez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian, and Jules Suzdaltsez

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  1. the intolerance of religion from atheist resulted in many horrid atrocities

    USSR — 20 million

    China — 65 million

    Vietnam — 1 million

    North Korea — 2 million

    Cambodia — 2 million

    Eastern Europe — 1 million

    Latin America — 150,000

    Africa — 1.7 million

    Afghanistan — 1.5 million

    • I am pretty sure those were done from an authoritarian motive and had and
      not a fight for atheism. Stalin communist dictatorship extinguishing
      decent, Ho Chi Minh ditto, Kim ditto, Pol Pot ditto, etc. However, you have
      a great example of a wonderful religious movement now in the Middle East as
      you conservatives are so fearful of call the Islamic fundamentalist
      movement and their religion. Your nostalgic romance with the dark age is
      misinformed. I know I use to think like you.

  2. I gave up trying to reason with such people a looooong time ago. In my
    youth I used to consume myself trying to enlighten people but… it’s
    pointless man, you just gotta let them go. Now days I just call them
    primitives, that’s my term for them, primitives and if I feel really rude,
    I call them primates thought when I do that I immediately feel sorry for
    insulting the innocent chimps and gorillas.

  3. When the SHTF , I really need to know what ENTERTAINERS think … I would
    be lost without them …

  4. Science is always changing; skepticism, retesting and questioning is
    encouraged. I think many religious types mistake faith for believing in the
    word instead of being at peace with life’s challenges. Religion goes
    through reformations too as the times change, and damnations against
    progress turn people away from faith and peace. Shame.

  5. This is exactly what the 1% wanted that’s why they raise tuition for
    schools so that most people can’t afford it and defund grants and
    scholarships so people can’t have access to the truth and all they can have
    access to is propaganda and the corporate media to fill their heads with
    lies. When you get to a point in society where a bachelors degree has the
    value of a high school diploma when it comes to finding jobs these days
    there’s a huge issue with our education system. Keep in mind these trump
    supporters were born in a different time…black people didn’t have many
    rights, gays and lesbians didn’t exist all because of the lack of education
    or research about the topic. Where would technology be without science also
    medicine and food. These same people denouncing science are the same people
    using their iPhones, holding their guns that were manufactured by machines
    that were created from science. Ignorance is a poison that needs to be

  6. Will we be hearing from Nickleback next? How about Hootie? Anyone ask Fred
    Durst how he feels about current politics?

    • Maybe I am a part of one of these groups, maybe I am not, either way you
      have proven my point. You have made a generalization that the people who
      dislike trump or his supporters only fall into three categories. I can tell
      you that the age, race, sexual orientation, religion etc are all varied in
      people who jointly disapprove of what Trump and Pence have said.

    • That’s hysterical coming from the side of the political spectrum who think
      Ted Nugent and Victoria Jackson are still relevant and have things to say
      that matter.

    • +BlackBeWhite2k7 me? I’m not on any side, I’m not even American. I dont
      know who Victoria Jackson is and Ted Nugent is some dad rock guitarist

  7. They were booing the band, not science …………. if a band who was
    there to perform for liberals, but didn’t do any hit songs, brought up any
    controversial politics into a speech and said “WHO LOVES TRANNIES?!!”
    people would boo them because it’s condescending and rude to act above
    someone based on what people want to believe, not because they don’t love
    transgendered people. If you are going to automatically assume they are
    stupid for not believing what you do or that they booed at science
    specifically, then you who believes in science must prove that they booed
    at specifically science.

    • +Daniel Kroeger
      I know right? “Stupid wolf! You challenged the baseless idea I had!” 😉

    • If they said who loves trannies they’d get booed for being transphobes.

      If they had a heartfelt talk about how they appreciate people fighting for
      trans rights because of their trans relative then they’d get applause.

  8. Google “The Nightly Show – Panel – Water on the Red Planet.”
    Both, right and left and America hates science that doesn’t support their

    • Are you talking about the video where right wingers don’t understand what
      they’re talking about?

      They weren’t saying that it was a bad thing or that it doesn’t matter they
      were saying that we have crippling domestic problems so people facing them
      wouldn’t care about scientific breakthroughs as much as the catastrophucks
      happening 24/7 on earth.

  9. It’s racist to point out the fact that Black Lives Matter is a bunch of
    racist cunts… My head hurts.

    • +William Keltner They’re both disgusting liars, but she’s not the one
      cheerfully advocating war crimes and gutting the first amendment.

    • +usa eagle I’m glad I’m a liberal who is more educated and successful in
      life than being a conservatidiot who lives his whole life in hate and
      living life as a red neck/trailer trash who blames liberal for his failure
      in life, just remember the whole world is laughing at you conservatidiots
      and the Republican Party for a reason.

  10. 0:05 *RNC, not DNC if it’s in Cleveland. A buncha liberals wouldn’t boo
    them if it was a DNC crowd.

  11. Were they really that popular in the 90s? I know they had that one song
    semi charmed life. But that was it

  12. At this stage you can’t be a trump voter and an American at the same time.

    • +Mr. SmelloTello it was nice knowing you buddy. Safe trip to your new home
      away from us great Americans.

    • They weren’t talking completely about social issues only the really pissed
      people and or the trump trolls will dislike the video this time . Sometimes
      when they act regressive I leave a dislike its my way of saying I disaprove
      nothing personal, Although like true regressives your either them or their
      enemy (They take it personal)

    • Please stop this crap. There are bots who can like and dislike. Some people
      have set them up. Just ignore it. It’s of no consequence anyway.

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