Taylor Swift Fighting YouTube For More Money 1

Taylor Swift Fighting YouTube For More Money

Taylor Swift and other big music stars are fighting for more money from YouTube, and their own fans. Are they correct? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Now Swift and other music artists are publicly taking on YouTube, calling for better protections against copyright infringement and better pay for artists. But this time she’s unlikely to win.

Swift joined up with 180 other artists, including Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel and Elton John, to publish an open letterprotesting about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The US copyright law, they argued, has “allowed major tech companies to grow and generate huge profits by creating ease of use for consumers to carry almost every recorded song in history in their pocket via a smartphone” while “songwriters’ and artists’ earnings continue to diminish”.

The high-profile complaint, which was timed to add weight to negotiations between record labels and Google over music licensing, makes sense on the surface.

“They feel they are being short-changed,” explains Mark Mulligan, managing director of MIDiA Research, which published a report on Tuesday into the economics of YouTube. “YouTube streams have grown massively while revenues have grown very little.””*

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  1. Oh Cenk. I love you man BUT….You are sooooo utterly wrong on this. I hope
    you will re evaluate this position. The pop people (Who are not musicians
    for the most part) are seen because we real musicians don’t have a voice.
    We get ripped off without end. We are the future of what the world will
    look like if we don’t protect ordinary people morally from the disaster of
    file sharing and the rest of this mess. Please don’t tell me go on tour…I
    am on tour constantly. Don’t tell me anything except come up with a
    solution because the people making money off the backs of real musicians
    are the cable companies and etc. We are providing content for them and they
    don’t pay us. No one pays us. Its a real mess. I can tell you my own story
    if you like…I know you won’t be interested or even respond to this. But I
    can tell you its not pop people who are getting the shaft. Its the real
    musicians of this world.

  2. she has to pay all of those 70+ producers , 40+ songwriters that actually
    make her albums

    1. +spiderfan1974 Nah. I said that someone’s style comes across in the music.
      I didn’t allude to any ability. “Instantly tell who wrote it”, etc. That is
      a straw man. With emphasis on “instantly”, you’re exaggerating my claims so
      that they are easier to refute. I’m saying that each person has a unique
      style, and I know what Taylor Swift’s style of writing sounds like. That
      doesn’t mean that someone can’t imitate her style, but it’s much harder to
      sound like someone else than it is to sound like oneself. I know that her
      songs, especially the Fearless, and Speak Now era songs, are hers, and from
      the heart. If you haven’t heard those albums, then you’re in no position to

    2. +rocker4577 Fallacious; based on a mistaken belief. That is what I intended
      to articulate.

    1. +Nathan Glover if you asked her the questions she wouldn’t have a clue she
      has managers and lawyer who handle her business just like anyone else and
      if they are stealing her product then she has every right to fight for what
      is hers if doesn’t matter how much money she has it is a dumb argument, if
      you use that logic then anyone who has more money then you is fair game to
      steal from.

  3. She’s one of the richest female singers, yet STILL complains about not
    getting enough money? Disgusting.

    1. +tentimetex What the hell are you talking about? They ARE giving back.

    2. +Michelle Cespedes Young and upstarting artists WANT their music to be on
      youtube to gain attention. In fact, because they are so small when somebody
      likes them they’ll be much more likely to buy their album, but that only
      works if they find out about them in the first place. And other than
      Youtube, where would people do that? Spotify? Which Swift is also against?

  4. can we stop pretending that taylor swift is some sweet country girl? She
    continually goes after the little guy to pick her pennies and now is going
    after companies who made software to SPECIFICALLY benefit people like her

  5. Something deep inside me HATES Taylor Swift. Something about her just turns
    me off

    1. +thomas vinelli Sorry to break it to you, but Sablon is right, there is
      literally not way that’s gonna happen. It’s virtually (pun not intended but
      appreciated) impossible to do.

  6. What if YouTube didn’t exits all these artists would be broke!

    1. +…and you will know us by the Trail of Dead You know, that is
      interesting. I just thought my local stations were lame, and still enjoyed
      “Yeah!” by Usher. Thank you for insight.

    2. +AwenShirazi
      Appaently you don’t know how to write down coherent thoughts either.

  7. Can’t wait for Cenk and his ad nauseum “Not ALL Muslims” rant after ANOTHER

    1. Funny how people are commenting about the different lone attackers done by
      supposed Muslims but have not once stated about the other attacks done by
      thousands of other so called human beings of other religions for other
      groups that have killed so many more. E.G Netanyahu, George Bush,
      Yeah you can point out one or two so called ‘Muslims’ that have done these
      attacks (which by the way a real muslim doesnt do these things, but do you
      care to know that? No. You prefer to pretend to be smart and spout nonsense
      on the internet on things you dont properly know about) but I can give you
      way more on others who’ve terrorised the world that are not. So do the
      world a favour and all of you either stop talking or get off the internet
      before you’re embaressed even further.

    2. +Ryan Barak We now live in a “progressive” Groundhog Day of Muslim

    1. Why? All their going to do is defend Islam then in the next video bag on

    1. +CandyLaStar I don’t know where are you getting this from. Bla bla bla is
      incoherent. How is that starving for attention? And why capitalize “that”
      for? Look man. Believe what you want to believe. Your type are the ones
      that are always seeking attention.

    2. Wow what a great argument you offered to the table to debunk all of Cenk’s
      point. Lol please dont make it easy than it already is taylor fantards

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