Shailene Woodley and Kendrick Sampson on #BlackLivesMatter

Actors Shailene Woodley and Kendrick Sampson discuss the 2016 election and the #BlackLivesMatter movement on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


  1. Don’t attack cops and you won’t get shot. Don’t hang around in high gang
    activity areas and you won’t have to deal with the cops. BLM is a stupid
    phrase because it’s so obvious. What is BLM’s goal? To have black people
    stop getting shot by police? Well, then it starts with responsibility and
    stopping committing crimes at ridiculously high rates.

    • “Don’t attack cops and you won’t get shot” WTF! Are u for real? What about
      the tens of victim, just in a week, that didn’t attack the cops to get

    • +MyDefendor Q You spelled “zero” wrong. At least if you want to go off of
      more than just word of mouth.

  2. Black people commit insanely more crime and that is why they are
    disproportionately killed by police. It is very simple.

    • (assuming it is true) have you ever asked yourself the question why without
      jumping the conclusion that it is because of their race?

    • +captain-special Sure. If you have dozens of fingers. I suppose you feel
      that any killing the police have said is justified, must be so? Because
      cops don’t lie?

    • +Patrick Martz ok. You name a couple dozen. I’ll name some recent
      questionable ones. Oscar Grant 3. Gregg Guinn. Samuel Dubose. Walter L
      Scott. Rekia Boyd

    • +Patrick Martz i said questionable because I did not know the specifics on
      all those cases. Of course I think that cop should be charged with murder

  3. “Oh I’m poor? A couple of black people are killed? Damn, only option I have
    is to kill police officers”

    • +Neonwarrior more white people are killed by police, and most police
      shootings are justified

    • +jack theca Just because the cops say they’re justified doesn’t mean
      they’re justified. You know that our police lie to the teeth and protect

    • Start telling the truth. The data is very weak to say that police are
      targeting the black population. This just foments the racial divide and
      makes it worse. This victimization mentality is the source of even more
      racism. The culture of violence needs to be addressed. Face facts!

      Now, on the other side, we do have an issue of an economic structure that
      favors the rich causing many of these issues. How to fix this? Fractional
      reserve lending causes wealth inequality mathematically. It is not a racial
      issue, but blacks would benefit the most with a more fair economy.

      If you want to protest, end the Fed. A rising tide would lift all boats and
      go far more to resolve the racial divide then fighting a false narrative.
      But leftist want this to get their vote and force blacks to stay on their

    • So its a problem to protest but its not a problem to hang people like the
      KKK did which one you prefer

  4. BLM is bullshit

    It is Young Males being killed in all cases

    Black old ladies are not being killed

    not a race issue

    the common denominator is not being Black. if it was then Black old ladies
    would be killed more than young white men.

    The common denominator is being young and male

    but that would bring attention to all the innocent white people, so we
    can’t call it what it really is.

    • +04mzwach black males arent the only black people to commit crimes i think
      thats pretty obvious, so you cant say that then proceed to call people dumb

    • I love how white people tell other races there’s no such thing as racism in

    • Blame your parents for your low self esteem.

      BLM means their lives matter as much as everyone else’s, NOT that their
      lives matter more.

      You’ve been brainwashed.

    • +MsMadKim We can’t see it because they say they want to kill police.
      Doesn’t sound like peace to me.

    • +kevin Di Mauro Can you please link evidence. Because all I see is
      protesters holding signs for justice.

  5. the BLM movement painting the thugs killed by police as saints is grossly

    • +David S Tamir had toy a gun replica painted black. The orange tip was
      removed which is illegal. Then he proceeded to point his gun at passerby’s
      in the park. Cops were called and tamir rice refused to drop his gun. Tamir
      pointed it at the police, and with the cops still under the impression that
      it was a real gun, they fired.

    • +captain-special You should know by the video that what you described was
      impossible for Tamir to do. From the video it clearly shows that he was
      shot within two seconds from the officer getting out of the car. He wasn’t
      given the chance to drop his weapon so I’m a bit perplexed on your version
      of events here.

    • +David S ok you’re right. I had my information wrong. I just read the case
      report. However, it was completely justified. Earlier in the day Tamir was
      in front of the rec center pulling the gun out of his right waistband and
      pointed it at Witness #2. 9-11 was called and dispatcher told the
      responding officers that it was a code 1 (highest priority) and a gun was
      involved. The road was icy and when the patrol car tried to stop and slid
      40 feet towards the gazebo where Tamir was sitting on a bench. The patrol
      car stopped in front of said gazebo, and Tamir began walking towards the
      car and reaching into the right side of his waistband. The officer fired
      two shots and one hit him in the abdomen

    • +David S an FBI agent who was investigating a bank robbery was able to
      respond in 3 minutes. The agent was trained as an EMT and began to give
      first aid to Tamir as EMS was called

  6. I’m not convinced. Get some hood dudes and ratchet females on the panel and
    let them explain why black Lives matter. Not people who look like they are
    doing just fine….

    • To suggest that people “who are doing just fine” shouldn’t be coming on air
      to voice their concerns regarding this issue is to make a very bad, shallow
      and provincial suggestion indeed. And that’s to put it mildly.

  7. I lost brain cells listening to this mindless fuckery….but chubbed
    looking at Shailene fine self

  8. This claim that BLM is a terrorist organization is entirely unsupported by
    the facts. It’s just something bigots like to say.

    • +Psycnosis actually they were calling for a reform of police practices,
      what idiot would say “just kill all the policemen it’ll be fine.” Check the
      BLM website
      Seriously ever since FOX started saying BLM wants to kill cops this
      strawman is everywhere, but that has belief isn’t remotely true for most of
      the organized movement

    • +Nujum Key (Hearthstone & Let’s Plays)
      The more of these comments you read, the clearer it becomes that your not
      dealing with reality-based people. These folks read or hear something
      somewhere and, because it legitimizes their existing feelings, it becomes a
      tenet of faith. E.g., Psychnosis’ “they been calling for dead cops for a
      long time”: pure fantasy, easily checked (but not), he’ll persist in his
      belief no matter what. These are the folks Trump was talking about when he
      said he could murder a random stranger and not lose a single vote.

  9. This comment section pretty much sums up most of white america. Lol So out
    of touch with reality.

    • it’s ugly and nauseating. but they’re only racist because it’s still
      fashionable, when America becomes a socialist country all these knuckle
      draggers will suddenly straighten their backs and act civilised. they have
      authoritarian mentalities and can’t think for themselves, let empathise
      with their fellow in humanity even if they dislike like them.

    • Yea, WE are so out of touch. Black lives matter actually thinks that cops
      are gunning down black people at will like a firing range.

  10. According to the FBI, 40% of cop killers are black which is
    disproportionately African American. Police respond by disproportionately
    targeting African Americans. It’s a circle, but don’t think it’s a one-way
    street. There’s lots of blame to go around. So to just say, “cops
    discriminate, BAD” is to miss the fact that African Americans also
    discriminate cops.

  11. Does this regressive channel ever make any videos other than “the evil
    white man!”?

    • While I don’t think all whites are evil…I am one… but it a fact that
      most of histories greatest attrocities have been commited by whites.

    • +James Fletcher So? Time is linear. And anyone else would have done the
      same given the opportunity.

    • I’m betting that you haven’t actually researched that claim at all, and are
      instead basing that on what someone told you. Go look up the histories of
      other races and what their nations have done in the past, and then get back
      to me.

    • +Sponser Pee you were asking for total numbers & no its not because if
      black people should sort out there crime rate before protesting police
      brutality then you guys should sort out your sadistic killers before you
      give people opinions on what they should do

    • Matter of fact im done talking im gonna send a link and look at how many
      crimes white people are majority responsible for

  12. I think alot of people have a false sense of reality believing BLM stirs
    the pot with police vs community tension. #BlackLivesMatter is
    conduit/platform for blacks to vent there fustration. Black people have
    been protesting,rioting and marching over police brutality and systemic
    racism in the justic system since the 1960s and will continue to march,riot
    and protest if these injustices continue with OR without BLM.

  13. How beautiful, they just compared Black people to little children. Which is
    how the left sees them. Very fitting.

    • +Claudia R Why can’t you simply admit that all you want to do in life is to
      get on your knees to suck the purple penis of holey jesus?

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