Reporters’ Round Table: Day 3 At RNC 2016 In Cleveland

Ben Mankiewicz of The Young Turks sits down with Ryan Grim, Benny Johnson and Vince Coglianese from the Twitter Data Visualization Wall Day 3 of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland to discuss the event and the impact of social media on this election cycle.


  1. why is Ben’s microphone always all in one channel? it’s very annoying to
    watch with headphones, just make it mono at least

  2. This is all a joke and we’re not looking at the real issues that need to be
    addressed. I could care less about the speech that she was given.

  3. interesting, that last comment about Milo, about banning him making him
    stronger reminds me a lot of Andrew Dice Clay….

  4. Why are the idiots insist he was banned for his politics or criticism. He
    was banned for for directed, repeated personal abuse again against a
    person. Isn’t TYT suppose to challenge conservative narratives rather than
    parrot them.

    • Or just have the audio more balanced. Wearing headphones, I notice that at
      the beginning of the video, too much of the sound is coming in my right ear
      (compared to the left).

  5. Trump´s entrance was to a Queen song; Freddie Mercury was a gay Muslim
    immigrant with AIDS – Just Donald´s kind-a-guy.

    • And Queen has protested against the use of their music for the very same
      reason. Freddie Mercury`s estate who owns the rights to “We are the
      champion” was furious over the use of the song on a GOP convention. It is
      so disrespectful.

  6. Not yet finished, but it’s already duller. And i think it explains a lot.
    These “reporters” are more focused on play by play than actual issues or
    context. And it takes Ben of all people, (usually the most conventional
    thinker on TYT), to draw attention to more piercing points.

  7. Seriously! What’s with the kiddie gloves? I hate having to hear republicans
    Lie on all the news channels I don’t want to hear it from tyt.

  8. remember when everyone hated the new YouTube comment system? I still hate
    it! it’s awful

  9. love ya. couple more mics and 4 channel mixer….cheap and easy. much less

  10. Man I really wanted to watch this too… But the Audio from Ben’s Mic was
    so bad I had to turn it off, too bad!

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