Reporters’ Round Table: Day 1 At RNC 2016 In Cleveland

Ben Mankiewicz of The Young Turks sat down with reporters Melinda Henneberger, Jonathan Alter, and Jim Warren from the Twitter Data Visualization Wall Day 1 of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland to discuss the event and the impact of social media on this election cycle.

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    • Plenty, as is likely you know things that I don’t. I know that in some ways
      they are out of touch because of my perspective. At the least with regard
      to the effect of social media on politics and their partial fueling of
      trumps campaign, I know that they are incorrect. I agreed with many other
      things they said, but at this point I’m not going to re watch it to
      remember all of it.

  1. Rather interesting flood of mindless trollage from Trump’s little Brown
    Shirts. Too bad they can’t think of interesting to say. As much personality
    as raindrops, but they have the delusion they are part of Noah’s flood
    (that never happened).

    • +JustMyStyle
      Are you going to say that you believe in Noah’s ark? If so, I have a simple
      question. Actually, I have many questions for such simpleminded people, but
      the first simple question is “Why does it take ANY effort to understand the
      Bible?” Of course we pitiful human beings didn’t discover the math of clear
      communication until last century, but you’d think gawd would have known
      already, eh? A bit of information theory could have avoided SO much

  2. Wait what? Isn’t Hillary’s untrustworthiness higher than Trump’s right now?

  3. Twitter = mob mentality, people enjoying an emotional high of imagined
    influence who trend toward angry or spiteful rhetoric without concern for
    dialogue. Also, a yuuge collection tool for your identity.

  4. This just reminds me of how much I am disappointed with Elizabeth. Why did
    she support Hilary If she’s not even going to be on the Hilary ticket?
    Dammit warren why?!

    • TYT is in the bag for Clinton too as well. republicans will have the edge
      for winning, democrats all line up to endorse a grossly negligent,
      careless, reckless liar–with a long history of corruption/massive
      conflict-of-interest issues. while many republican leaders have actually
      shown resistance to trumps awfulness.

      There is still an option. we can all work to demand clinton resign from
      seeking the presidency.

    • +Woodsie L Ben Shapiro was having basicially the same conversation about
      the republican side. if you refuse to support the candidate you don’t agree
      with on principle you almost guarantee the other side wins. if you ignore
      principle and support a candidate you hate just to win, that candidate
      could damage the party’s future and cost your side future elections. it’s a
      really hard choice. pretty sure Shapiro chose to stand on principle. time
      will tell..

    • You shouldn’t accuse people of sounding drunk. She sounds like she has
      nasal passage problems. People with multiple sclerosis are also known to
      sound ‘drunk’, when in fact they’re just dealing with a debilitating

  5. This is or was an intelligent discourse, appreciated and gives pause to
    consider where do we get our information from. I could only wish that
    everyone would listen to TYT, instead of watching and listening to made up
    sound bites from the likes of FOX. Well done TYT.

  6. These “reporters” are the reason I watch tyt and not msnbc, cnn, etc. Ben
    is the exception.

  7. How many drinks in do you think they all are? I think maybe Jim Warren is
    the only sober one because of the gum chewing. I love this though, don’t
    get me wrong. I’d want to drink as well if I were down there.

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