Rebel Diaz Raps Against Police Brutality & Media Propaganda

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ) covered the Stop Trump March on the RNC on July 18th blocks away from the convention building. SUBSCRIBE to TYT Politics:

Rapper Rebel Diaz spoke to Jordan about police brutality and economic inequality.


    • Yes it is . But you pleaded with tyt to cover the story and at the same
      time if the victim was white you admit to only “probably” being interested
      . It’s this type of biased media coverage that fuels racial tensions and
      the next thing you know some nut job is out there murdering innocent
      policemen .

    • It’s newsworthy. Is relevant to the recent climate of police going too far,
      especially when it comes to minorities. That’s mainly why I posted it.

      I agree it should be just as important of a story if it happened to anyone
      else, but considering the state of things in the US, that’s a lot less
      likely to happen to non-minorities.

    • I don’t care what skin color you are, if you are shot by the police, you
      deserve justice.

      It just so happens that a disproportionate rate of blacks are being shot,
      and receive no justice.

    • They do sell music. They also help struggling communities. They taught kids
      how to record and composite music at Bronx Music Heritage Center
      Laboratory. They’ve also rebuild parks, raised money for community centers
      like El Maestro, Inc Boxing gym.

    • It takes money to organize, help people and communities right? T-shirts,
      signs, buttons, speakers, equipment in general?

      How do you feel about politicians making money by taking bribes and
      manipulating laws to keep the middle class and poor in the dirt?

  1. it’s funny how white people are commenting that blm is a terrorist
    organization when all they are doing is asking for justice lol, I had no
    idea protesting for equality is now considered terrorism 😁 😂 😁 if you
    wanna know who is racist just look at the people who are against blm. this
    is good ole America yall smh

    • BLM is encouraging violence and only increasing tension between races to be

    • +Johnson “Modest” Pernesky I have a boyfriend who does that.. but in any
      case you are a racist I could respect you if you could only stand in your
      truth and just admit what you are.

  2. Well I mean gentrification to some extent is not necessarily the worst
    thing on the planet.

    • Well, I guess that means that we must be all a bunch of lefties. Sorry, FOX

    • +Shinji Kurosaki Not really, buddy. Only FOX is actually
      conservative….which explains, in part, why they are so popular. It’s the
      only viable outlet for conservative types.

  3. Professional victims,Black lives don’t seem to matter to Black people
    judging by amount of Black people that murder other Black people.

  4. The king of cucks says “I’m not cool enough to know who you are!”

    • Look an idiot kid from /pol is here. I have a prediction for you, failed
      life in a trailer house because you don’t get with history…

  5. I like how he pretty much says,”I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but 9/11 was
    an inside job.”

    • Yup……that was hilarious, all right. Not surprising, given what else
      this guy was spewing…..but still hilarious.

    • +MrJJ6640

      Lol! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. I think it’s because he’s a tool
      for them to use. It’d be 100% different if he was a Trump Supporter! That’s
      for sure!

  6. Hey look another democrat. Look how intellectual they are. Do you know what
    he’s saying?

    • Lol sorry dude but anyone with a brain can tell that your comment is just a
      little troll. But hey ( ^ -^)/ at least you tried.

    • propaganda is suppose to get to you emotionally and sway your veiws. its
      not always wrong.

    • +Reed Bradshaw why not I watch both just to see the two extremes of right
      and left and honestly both are great and awful at the same time just don’t
      be an ignorant bafoon

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